10 Tips to Avoid Email Going To Junk

Improve your email marketing campaign

With respect to the email sender, junk emails are the email messages filtered by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) within junk folder rather than recipient inbox. If you are going for opt in marketing with start of an online marketing email program or you already have an established program but you want your emails to go to the inbox directly, then this article will help you improve email marketing campaign.

So, how to prevent your mail going to the junk folder?

One of the big problems faced by the online marketing companies is that their emails are transferred to the junk folder instead of inbox. And it is completely true that no one of us check our spam or junk folder regularly. So, here we have come up with the best tips that will help you in sending direct mail to user’s inbox.

  1. Get Your Name in The List:

Yahoo and Hotmail have the lists of the approved senders so, once you have approved yourself within the list, their email software will directly transfer your mail to the inbox always. But if they find that, you are sending something suspicious then they will remove you from list.

  1. Drop Your Message:

The spam filters usually focus on number of messages you are sending at a point of time. If your target is a larger list due to efficient email software or you are using an inbound marketing tool, then try to allow it to drip your message slowly. If you want customers then you have to target few people in an hour rather than thousands.

  1. Split Your List:

A large number of reasons exist to split the larger list of emails within the smaller one but the biggest reason lies in the benefit that you will not receive spam complaint once you use opt in email. This is quite expected that sometimes even your existing customers mark you spam. So, if you are going to send the larger list within small sections, you are less likely to see spam complaints.

  1. Clean Your Bad Accounts:

Most email providers actually penalize you with greater spam score if you are sending emails to the accounts that are disabled, have full inbox or don’t exist. Such accounts must be removed from the email marketing list regularly.

  1. Provide Unsubscribe Link:

We know it’s quite hurtful when someone is unsubscribed from your marketing list. But, if you are giving them a clear unsubscribe option then it means that your user will less likely to be frustrated from your marketing automation. So, this is the best way to prevent spam complaints and your emails will directly go to user’s inbox.

  1. Be the Contact:

Once a user uses opt in marketing and is added in the contact list, you will directly go to their inbox. Try to put all the efforts so that your email recipients add you within their contact. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure your customer that he is going to get quality information from you once you are added in his contact list.

  1. Test the Email:

Before sending your email to the entire list, simply send it to the big email providers including Gmail, MSN etc. So, send your email with similar information and server to yourself and you will get to know that whether it is going to junk folder or direct to inbox. This will help you improve email marketing campaign.

  1. No Slack HTML Code:

Spam filters prevent the inbound marketing tool by recognising the bad HTML code as if it was first done within MS word and then transferred within email. So, it is recommended to use professional coder software or a template which is just about perfect in this.

  1. Never Use Big Image:

Including images within email is not the worst idea but if you are only sending one big image then it is. Spam filters usually look for such image based emails and sometimes, big image files have unseen messages so it is always recommended to use the real text within marketing automation emails.

  1. Don’t Act Like a Spammer:

When you are going to send more text and phrases resembling spam messages, you are less likely to enter the inbox. Words like ‘free’, coloured text, lots of exclamations, lottery offerings should not be used repeatedly as these are generally considered spam by email providers.


Harneet Bahri

Harneet is an Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering and MBA graduate from IMT Ghaziabad. He has worked with banks across various domains and is now the founder of The Buzz Stand. It is a one stop solution which helps businesses learn “how to do it” themselves across every field like digital marketing, web development, taxation, legal and finance.

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