ClickMSG Review – Powerful App to Create The Profitable Graphic Message Ads

ClickMSG Review: Are you using Facebook Messenger?

Yes. Have you ever received the advertising messages from the strangers who are not your friends and always felt very uncomfortable about them? Yes?



Okay. Today, I want to introduce to you about a tool which helps internet marketers and online businesses send the advertising messages containing the texts, images, Call to Actions, Coupons, and even Sales pitches.

It can create the attractive and high-converting advertising messages with Facebook Messenger; and of course, it will not cause trouble for people.

It is called “ClickMSG” which was created by Brad Stephens. Now let’s learn more about this tool through my honest review post!

ClickMSG Review – Product Summary

  • Vendor: Brad Stephens
  • Product Name: ClickMSG
  • Launch Date: January 6th, 2017
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: Software

So What Exactly is ClickMSG?

It is a brand new software which allows you to send profitable, graphical, eye-catching new type of personal messages into your prospects’ FB inbox quickly with ease on any click and even if you are not any of coding buff, you can exploit it because it is very easy to set up.


clickMSG review-buy-now


What are The Outstanding Features of ClickMSG?

  • Type and Create The Graphical Messenger Ads

You just type out the essential details and create your messenger ad in minutes without any programming knowledge or knowing JSON. With JSON programming, you can create the rich, graphical ads with images, call to actions and responses quickly and easily.

  • Live Preview

With this feature, you can see how your ad will look on the screen of your prospects so you can customize the elements like the images, Call to Actions or responses property. It is the plus-point which helps you have a visual outlook before publishing any ad.

  • Save and Retrieve Ads Anytime

You can save all the ads which you create and retrieve them whenever you would like. Moreover, you also modify them or generate JSON from them in seconds.

  • Easy To Use SAAS

Using this is a piece of cake so a 10-year-old child can use it easily. You don’t worry about creating the effective and high-converting messenger ads. I make sure that you will be up and run in no time at all.

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How Does ClickMSG Work?

  • Step 1: Create Graphical Messenger Ad on ClickMSG
  • 2: Export to JSON
  • 3: Paste & Run Your Ad

If reading makes the difficulties to understand about how to use ClickMSG, walk through the following demo video right now!

Which Plan Does ClickMSG Have?

There are two options for you to choose which is suitable.

  1. ClickMSG Annual – $17/month or $27/year

You can create up to 30 ads a month and I think that this option is suitable for small businesses.

  1. ClickMSG Lifetime – $37/lifetime

With this, you can create as many ads as you want because the number of ads is unlimited.

ClickMSG Review- Why Should You Buy It?

Using the advertisements on Social Media, especially, Facebook is very popular today because online businesses and internet marketers have gotten the amazing results.

Perhaps, you have ever seen many people using the method of Facebook messenger marketing but not effectively. The reason for this failure is very simple; they just use the normal messages with 100% texts so they make receivers boring and even take them as spam.

That is why Brad created ClickMSG – A game changer.

ClickMSG is very Facebook-friendly so your message ads will be considered as spam and it also gives you a lot of the great benefits including:

  • Whenever someone clicks on your ad, they see a personal message on Facebook with anything you want.
  • 100% Inboxing and delivery. Your message is seen 100% of the time.
  • People can choose from the preset responses to your ad message.
  • Your prospects can type in any query and you can answer it in the exact same chat.
  • The only way you can actually find out who the people clicking on your ad actually are, and now you have a direct line of communication with them.
  • Carry on the conversations with the people who have clicked on your ad and turn every prospect into a buyer.

You know, Facebook Messenger Ads are really powerful and bring you the amazing results. If you are not using them, you will be caught napping by the speed of the opposition.

It is totally ideal for those who run their online business on Facebook or get traffic to their website and the customers who are using this app say that the conversion increases a lot when they create the message ads with ClickMSG.

So what are you waiting for without grabbing your ClickMSG today and get the special discount as well as valuable bonuses from both Brad Stephens and me?


Finally, thank you for reading my ClickMSG review and if any question asked, please leave me in the comment or contact me through support@hakireview.com, I am willing to answer every your question.


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