Convert Searches into Sales with the help of Local SEO

Your organisation knows the need for regional search marketing in order to generate leads…reaching the very best possible clients. Your site may rank locally in the SERP results, but how well is your site converting to sales?

List building services can bring visitors as traffic rises and help turn those visitors into your most devoted consumers who eventually bring quality referrals as well. This happens only if your site is effective in encouraging those leads over into sales.

The following tips and ideas will help make sure your site is set up in a way to encourage visitors to stay on your site longer (further increasing your rankings), contact you and ultimately buy your products and services.

Creating Accurate Business Listings

Creating Accurate Business Listings

Since Local SEO is all about making use of geo-specific searches, the first thing to do is to make sure that your service listing is precise, accurate and consistent. A misplaced apostrophe– Bobs’ instead of Bob’s– can reroute result in another business.

Your business should be listed on all the popular business directories such as Google, Yelp, Yellowpages and more. Make sure that your NAP(Name, Address, Phone number) listings are the same across all your online platforms. Having a consistent and accurate NAP helps twofold- one by giving you are higher trustability from search engines increasing your search rank position and secondly, and more importantly- none of your customers ever land up at the wrong location or call a bad number, leading to loss of business.

Start by running a free online scan to see how your business is listed online across 50 major business directories. Once you know where your business is listed incorrectly, you can go and manually correct these business listing inconsistencies or you can choose to use an automated listings service.

Attain Trustworthiness Through Reviews

Trustworthiness Through Reviews

Aside from capturing the best location-specific keywords, developing trust with your visitors and future customers is also a big part of making regional SEO work for small companies. Gathering reviews improves your local search ranking.

You’ll want to motivate consumers to offer reviews, first by giving them excellent service and later by how easy you make the process for them. You can put guidelines on your site or one click mechanisms to make it easy for customers to leave evaluations. Another way is to provide discounts or complimentary items on their next purchase.

Responding to these evaluations, whether they’re excellent or bad, is a must too. Keeping up with this type of communication not only leaves an excellent impression towards loyal clients but also presents a chance for getting brand-new ones. Here are a set of review response templates that will help you in responding to negative and positive reviews.

Remember, the more reviews you gain, the better google will rank your business(positive reviews are preferred but even the negative ones count) and whenever someone finds your business, they’ll also see a star rating below your business listing – a higher star rating is much more likely to make potential customers click and come to your website or page.

Collaboration is Key

Collaboration is Key

Since local SEO is still relatively new, working together with SEO experts to establish a method without losing your brand’s values, is an economical investment. Especially for small and medium size businesses who desire greater reach and better sales conversion within their budgeted plan.

If you’re a small or medium business that’s aiming to benefit from the power of local SEO as a cost-effective medium to engage customers through their searches, it’s worth your time to seek advice from a SEO professional in your area in order to get the best outcomes.

Highlight the Benefits Your Company Adds to the Mix

On your landing pages, help your visitors see immediately why you’re their best choice as you highlight the benefits of you and your products. Make good use of video and images to add diversity to your written words. This helps visitors connect mentally with you on a more engaged level.

Help bring about a connection to you, your brand and your overall business by using language that helps bring about a feeling of trust. Think about how you’d speak to a family member or close friend. Use that same type of language on your site’s benefit copy.

Make Contacting You a Simple Process

Most folks won’t be ready to buy immediately. Make it easy to contact you through your site. If they have questions, you want to encourage them to ask rather than hitting the back button to the local search results so they can find a competitor.

Make it simple to find your email, phone number and also include a web form they can fill out with the best time for you to make contact with them. You might want to consider adding a live chat option to your site so they can instantly “speak” with someone and get their concerns or questions addressed. This one simple add-on can do wonders for your conversions.

The Call to Action

On your landing pages, using a specific call to action allows your visitors to quickly and easily convert to leads and sales. You don’t want visitors to hunt for the way they either sign up for followup info or buy from you. You’ll only leave them feeling frustrated. Here’s a bunch of amazing call to actions that you can take inspiration from.

If you get creative in the way you word your copy, you’ll increase your chances to successfully get your visitors to take you up on the call to action. Balance out the salesy language in order to get it noticed without seeming overt.

Always Think “Lead Generation”

Use a newsletter, coupons or other types of incentives to encourage visitors who are “on the fence” to opt-in for further contact from your company. Most people who leave your site without buying will never return. It’s vital that you capture them as a prospect so you can convert them to a sale tomorrow, next week, or next month.

Don’t be afraid to prominently display your lead capture forms. Use a capture form on your home page, on the side bar, and even use pop-ups. Although many people say they don’t like pop-ups, they are quite effective. Test these, of course.

One pop-up that’s less intrusive is the exit pop-up. If it looks like your visitor is about to close out your page, this is a great way to offer them some value in exchange for their email before they leave the site. There is of course a lot of negative sentiment towards this approach – it works for some while others swear against it. Like all other conversion optimization techniques, it’s about trial and error- set up a few pop-up and see how your audience responds over the next week or 2 and then take a call.

It’s the same for your call to actions, your lead forms, experiment and test everything!

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Thank Them for Checking “Being Here”

As you follow up through email, make it a point to be professional and thankful that they’re now a part of your community. Provide them special discounts or coupons they can use on their next purchase from you.

Showing them special benefits and revealing how thankful you are for their patronage goes a long way in getting first time and repeat buyers. Make them feel special for being a part of your business.

Local SEO isn’t something that was defined like SEO originally was, simply a function of improving your website to rank higher. With Local SEO you’re trying to do more, the idea is to make a sale and not just get your potential customer to visit your site but to visit your store(whether online or offline) and make an actual purchase. To do this you need to be supportive of your customers during their entire journey of product discovery-

  1. Starting from a simple search
    1. Ensure that your business is found for important keywords and brandname.
    2. Ensure that your business is listed correctly and consistently on business directories.
    3. Work hard and earn business reviews.
  2. To the Landing Page
    1. Ensure your landing page has all the information relevant to what the customer is looking for. For eg. if you are a clothing store, and a person searches for “jeans”, your landing page must show “jeans” and not other clothing.
    2. Your landing page must have clear CTA’s pushing them to fill a lead form or make a purchase
  3. To Your Lead Funnel
    1. Every lead should have information which shows your sales team, what the lead originally searched for and how they landed up to your product. This will give insight into the customer’s problem and how best they can be sold to.
    2. Every lead must be reprocessed into an email marketing drip where you send constant updates and information to the potential customers.
  4. To the Actual Sale
    1. The sale is not the end, customer happiness is paramount. You don’t have to give freebies – but provide outstanding support and earn back in upsells. Once a lead becomes a customer, he/she is much more likely to buy from you again – it’s low hanging fruit.
    2. Remember to set all customers on a different email marketing drip campaign, educating them on your product/service and constantly sharing new features and updates.

If you can manage to follow these simple tips, which cost little or nothing, you’re bound to see a considerable uptick in your sales. Getting from searches to sales is a slow and steady step wise process, keep at it and you will start seeing the results in a couple of months.

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