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 Covert Shirt Store  Review  

The Most Powerful WordPress Theme Ever Made!

Covert Shirt Store Review

Welcome to the T-shirt business, a form of online money is very HOT in the world today. Maybe before reading this article, you never know how to sell T-shirts in foreign markets, even do not know what to make money online again. But after reading this article, you will have to think differently.

There are many ways to make money online, most people will choose the less capital, but many people love the business will spend advertising costs and use marketing skills to bring benefits. Selling T-shirts is a very popular way to make money online in the last two years in the world. Many sellers have implemented this method to bring online income from several hundred, several thousand dollars to several tens of thousands. USD per month. Now you may not believe it, but when you find out, you know who they are.

I used to have time to sell Tshirt. It’s true.

There is one thing not everyone tells you, Selling T-shirts is really suitable for those who are Calm And Persistent. And one more thing. Those who are good at selling T-shirts often do not share what they know. They only tell you a small part of their knowledge.

You are imagining in the head: IT’S TOO HARD, DON’T WANT TO DO IT

That’s why I will give you a solution, a advice. To help you have full preparation to start making money with T-shirts.

My suggestion is to learn about the Covert Shirt Store.

Let’s read : Covert Shirt Store Review and See Covert Shirt Store theme really worth your money, time or not?

Covert Shirt Store Review – Overview

  • Vendor: IM Wealth Builders
  • Product: Covert Shirt Store
  • Launch Date: 09 April , 2018
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Early Bird Price : $27
  • Sale page: CLICK HERE
  • Niche: Software / WP Themes & Plugins

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Covert Shirt Store Review – What Is It?

Covert Shirt Store

To easy  to understand: Covert Shirt Store is a WordPress theme that turns your blog into a profitable T-shirt selling machine. It allow you to make money in on the T-shirt platform without designing your own T-shirts or spending money on Facebook advertising. It makes it super easy for people to build great looking t-shirt stores to promote their own shirts or for selling other people’s shirts as an affiliate.

Keep reading my Covert Shirt Store Review to get more surprising!

The Author Of Covert Shirt Store

Covert Shirt Store is created by IM Wealth Builders Ltd. (The Internet Marketing Wealth Builders) – a limited company registered on Cyprus within the European Union. The company is owned and operated by Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye.


The company was founded in October 2009 and primarily creates software and information products for small to medium online businesses and for independent internet marketers and affiliates. They have created so many valuable digital marketing products in recent years, such as Covert Shirt Store 1.0, Covert Action Bar 2.0 Review, Covert Social Press 2.0, Covert Messenger 2.0 Review, Covert Gawkr,… and many more successful digital products. You can find more information about them on imwealthbuilders homepage

All The Features & Benefits Of Covert Shirt Store Can Bring To You

Covert Shirt Store really is a very hot product in the selling T-shirts. Since created last year, it has helped thousands of marketers get rich from selling t-shirts. Great !!

Covert Shirt Store Package

No more discussion of its features. It’s too great. But because this is Covert Shirt Store Review, I’m going to revisit some of the key features and great features that will appear in version 2.0.

  • What I like about Covert Shirt Store is that every step you take on Covert Shirt Store has detailed instructions for setting and customization any part on website. So even if you are newbie. Or even if you don’t know working on computer, what you need is follow step by step wizards. Easy, right?
  • In the admin area, there will be small videos that show you how to set them up Tutorial
  • The reason for the Covert Shirt Store has a very high conversion rate. The “Covert Shirt Store” has self-optimizing features. Will show you the Best T-Shirts,Follow The Trends & have very High Conversion Rates.
  • The next feature, Covert Shirt Store can completely link to ALL THE POPULAR SOCIAL NETWORKS today like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and even Facebook, of course
  • And most of all, it generates thousands of automated visits from the social networks mentioned above.
  • If you are an email marketer, this feature will make you feel excited. Covert Shirt Store can build your list automatic & suitable i with all major auto responders
  • Covert Shirt Store integrates with Teespring, Skreened,. So… You can sell your own t-shirt or sell it as an affiliate marketer


The market for selling T-Shirt in worldwide has been quite volatile since the Covert Shirt Store was launched.

We continuously support all of our products (at no extra cost to our existing members) and this theme has already gotten 9 updates to keep it up to date with all the new developments.

This Covert Shirt Store 2.0 version is the result of a lot of feedback and requests from our members, plus a desire to expand the theme to work with more t-shirt and social media sites.

Covert Shirt Store Price

The new features include :

  • Members of the current Covert Shirt Store 2.0 can Expand Their Market To Europe. Covert Shirt Store 2.0 can integrate with Teezily so that members can diversify their products.
  • Or even expand to the EU, allows all the members with the integration to work with Fabrily.
  • Last updated this time no stranger to those who work on selling T-shirts. That is Sunfrog. Allows you to sell your own T-shirts or act as an affiliate marketer

Really the updated features in Covert Shirt Store 2.0 gives marketers A LOT OF OPPORTUNITIES.

Covert Shirt Store Platform

If you are a T-shirt marketer or simply a beginner, you want to start with selling T-shirts.

Then my advice is: take this opportunity.


The Features Of The “Covert Shirt Store” Are Many But In A Nutshell, What Is The Benefit?

  • Minimize the cost of selling T-shirts and business risks. You no longer have to pay for expensive designs and leave the costs to run facebook ads.
  • Covert Shirt Store is designed to maximize traffic to your site. and increase the chances of making the articles more viral.
  • You can fill up the site with T-shirts, in just a few minutes. Without writing any words or designing T-shirts.
  • Full auto responder integration, Build up a huge email list and increase the number of followers on social networks.
  • It’s the world’s first intelligent self optimizing t-shirt store theme, automatically maximizing your commissions and profits

Covert Shirt Store Can Work?

Customizing the  Covert Shirt Store  is easier than you think, with just a few clicks you can customize the  Covert Shirt Store  as you like.

Search products Choose products

Choose category

  • Just a few clicks you can get the shirt samples from CafePress, Teespring, Teezily, SunFrog … etc and automatically put them in your store. No need to design anything.
  • And next you should find keywords for your product. Next you should find keywords for your product. (and choose how many results you want to show)

A table of clothing will appear, what you need is to choose your own shirt. Select which category to import too – and whether you want to import as drafts (for later editing/publishing) or as posts that go live immediately.
This way, you can fill your website with the most potential shirt. Have the ability to make money for you.

When you install the Covert Shirt Store for the first time, there will be video tutorials. Even if you are a newbie, Covert Shirt Store  is perfect for you.

The Covert Shirt Store tutorial I will write in a nutshell. I will leave the video of Covert Shirt Store guide for you. So you will understand better.

Some Reasons You Should Choose The Covert Shirt Store

Obviously, the market for T-shirts is still very hot. But spending money designing a T-shirt and promoting it. These factors are why many marketers have to give up.

  • That was the first reason why the Covert Shirt Store was so important. No cost to design and promote. That makes the Covert Shirt Store more special than all other products.
  • Covert Shirt Store creates a great opportunity. I say “great opportunity” for marketers, including new marketers.
  • Next up, the Covert Shirt Store can give people a central front store. Where to show all the T-shirts. Help maximize ROI on paid advertisement.
  • Build huge list and number of followers from the system closely linked to social networks.Cutting down on the cost of customer acquisition.
  • Covert Shirt Store is built on the wordpress platform. Create free access system, no worry about paid advertising. And above all, increase conversions when users find keywords and visit websites.
  • Increase monthly sales, based on the affiliate extension of the Covert Shirt Store with other t-shirt platforms
  • And many other reasons I can not list them all….Sorry 😀

Get Covert Shirt Store

Bottomline… Covert Shirt Store will convert to just about any internet marketing list

If you have a list of active t-shirt marketers who want to take their t-shirt business to the next level, this theme is perfect to them.

The theme is also great for people who, for whatever reason, never got their t-shirt business of their ground. Many of our members have reported using our theme to sell their first t-shirts!

And it’s perfect for the vast majority of your subscribers who are curious about the t-shirt business, but have not bought into it yet because they don’t want to design shirts or spend money on advertising.

P/s : YOU GOT FULL 45 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – You will be ordering with confidence and this eliminates any kind of risk on your part.

Covert Shirt Store Review – Advantages & Disadvantages

Any product, too, will have strengths and weaknesses.

I will try to summarize the strengths of this product in the shortest way and summarize the weaknesses honestly.

Advantages :

  • It’s a perfect WordPress theme to make the sale more for those interested in selling t-shirts online
  • Price of Covert Shirt Store quite reasonable when compared to some commercial ecommerce expensive “E-commercial WordPress Themes”
  • Easy to install and setup. If you do not know anything, it should not be a problem.
  • It is designed to suitable with all popular social networks.
  • Your visitors can browse through your stores and search for T-shirts they want
  • Visitors can join your newsletter and automatically be added to your autoresponder.
  • Allow visitors to comment on your post using Fb comments

Disadvantages :

  • There are no expensive features like Yootheme, WooCommerce, Ecwid, Elegant and Estore.
  • Crawling directly from the links, from the t-shirt platforms will have a little effect on your ranking on the search engine.

Covert Shirt Store Prices & OTO’s

Covert Shirt Store will become available on 09 April, 2018 on 10:00 EDT. At that time, IM Wealth Builders will be offering a limited discount for each of the products in sale funnel. Right now you can grab it at the the special low early bird price. But in less than 24 hours the price will start going up… FAST!


Covert Shirt Store Price

Join Covert Shirt Store

And right now this new Covert Shirt Store theme is available at a special launch discount, and it’s still dirt cheap.


I recommend that you check it out now – it’s really good – and you’d want to get in before the price goes up!


Covert Shirt Store Review – Conclusion

After reading the review Covert Shirt Store. I think it’s time to make a decision. My review is just for you to make decisions wisely and easily.

In summary, I hope that all of the information in my Covert Shirt Store Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. If you’re ready to start making a real online income in the most passive way possible then click the button below before the price rises. I am look forward to seeing your success.

However, in case you are in need of any advice, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime. Regardless, thank you for reading my Covert Shirt Store Review.

Covert Shirt Store Order

Goodbye, and see you again !!!

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