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FastEye Pages Review

World’s #1 Landing page and website builder with Copywriting packages!

Marketing webpages are one of the most important things in promoting sales. It is the thing make the first impression to customers. Sometimes an eye-catching webpage can create curiosity and excitement from customers. And therefore it encourages them to buy products.

For those online marketers who are struggling with sales and leads out there or quite new and inexperienced in online marketing, I am sure that you are making great attempts to finding out a supportive tool immediately so that you can reduce your stress.

As a result, I am going to introduce an incredible software that can allow all of the users to generate your leads and sales at the same time without spending much time and money.

This popular, magical tool is the only answer for those who have yet to find their own approach or do not have a creative mind in creating landing pages.

I have made full use of this tool, and that is why I want to share my opinion with you right now. If you are still inspired by my words, please read my FastEye Pages Review for more discussion.

FastEye Pages Review – Overview

  • The author : Daniel Adetunji
  • Product: FastEye Pages
  • Release Date: 2018-Apr-20
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Product’s Price $47( Before it’s GOING UP )
  • Sale Page :
  • Niche: General

Let Find Out What FastEye Pages Is?

What is FastEye Pages

Do you want to get a step ahead of your competitors? If yes then you should have a look at our recommended product called FastEye Pages. Most of the marketers waste time and money in creating landing pages for their website and somehow they ended up with nothing. But here with FastEye Pages, you can easily save your time, effort and money in creating stunning landing pages easily.

With FastEye Pages you can easily create more stunning landing pages in just a few minutes without paying expensive fees, I mean it’s really very cheap. And when you will be using this, you will have full control over all your sales funnel.

So What is FastEye Pages about?

FastEye Pages is a fully cloud based software that lets you create stunning Landing Pages and websites in minutes…

…and it also saves you from running after Copywriters to get the content written.

You can now simply swipe and use proven to convert Headlines, Sub-Headlines, Openings, Closings, P.S.s etc. written by a team of 7 figure copywriters.

So you can create your own website and landing pages without spending a lot of money to hire designer. FastEyePages has some unique features that will make you think more about it.

FastEye Pages also includes features such as APIs, tools that allow Google Maps API maps. Embedded YouTube, Vimeo, Email Marketing. Logo icons, shortcut menu suitable for mobile users. Multiple mode support, module support, Iframes and Html styles.

FastEye Pages is quickly becoming the Go-To tool for every marketer out there!

In short, FastEye Pages is the most surprising software I have ever seen, which can help you build tons of landing pages with just a few clicks. I’m sure you’ll have a great experience with the product and I will show you everything I know about it in this FastEye Pages Review.

About the Author – Daniel Adetunji

FastEye Pages creator

Daniel Adetunji is one of the co-founders of XerOneIT. With many years of experience working on IM, he now works as a Moonpixlar and Digital Publishing Expert. This guy is also a trustable web consultant.

In addition, he’s a popular vendor on JVZoo with effective and creative products such as SociLiveStream, FlexsocialSociOfferSociClicks, InstaFunnel Formula, or Video Sales Letter,… They are all very popular with good comments from the users over the world!

To develop this product, he has the supports of his partners who are the experts in marketing field. With the investment of time and energy in FastEye Pages, he want to make you amazed at this new brand software.

So, let’s move on to next parts of this FastEye Pages review to see the result of his effort.

FastEye Pages Review – Features and Benefits

  • Component Based

Component Based

FastEye Pages is a tool that is fully component based, every design and feature of the app is made with modular component blocks that blends with your design without any hassle, making editing content and designs on your website very easy. The component based approach of the tool accentuates the design and development tool with reusable software components that skyrockets it’s efficiency and quality.

  • Launch Ready​

launch ready

One of the most unique features of FastEye Pages is the it comes with a wide selection of ready to use designs. Regardless of your industry or niche, the structure or feel you want your website to have, there is a ready to use template that is exactly what you need. These ready to use designs makes the process of designing your website as easy as editing a word document.

  • Easy Drag and Drop​

Easy Drag and Drop

With our easy to use drag and drop editor, you can build your website just the way you want. You want an image somewhere, just drag the image and drop it where you want it to appear. You want a text box, a custom menu or a slider all you need to do is just drag the item, drop it where you want it to appear, drop, edit and save. That’s all! You have your awesome website!

  • Tons of Stock Images​

Tons of Stock Images

While designing your website with Fasteye Pages, you don’t need to go hunting for high resolution images to use on your site. FastEye Pages have over a Million high resolution images from, that would give your website just the look and feel you want.

  • Responsive DNA​​

Responsive DNA

With FastEye Pages you don’t need to worry about how your site would look on a tablet, mobile device, or any other device with smaller screens as templates designed are completely responsive and work perfectly on devices of screen size without fear of losing content or distortion.

  • DIY Designer​

DIY Designer_

With lots of customizable settings, including fonts, colors, and page layouts, every FASTEYE design can be made to look unique with just a few clicks. Layouting of entire page is just matter of few clicks.

  • Carefully Optimised

Carefully Optimised

We have carefully crafted each component with performance in mind. So you can have a seamless experience throughout.

  • Icons Pack

Icons Pack

1000+ icons, filter and select icon from the best icon pack. From line icons to filled icons, we have entire sets of icons, to match your needs.

  • Add your Custom Domain Name

Add your Custom Domain Name

Make a great impression on your visitors with a custom domain. Connect your domain with website designed by you.

  • Site Analytics

Site Analytics

Find out how many page views you have, where visitors come from, and how well you rank with competitors.With google analytics integration.

  • Hardware Accelerated Parallax

Hardware Accelerated Parallax

Easily add new dimension to your site with the cool parallax effect. It’s sure to impress your guests.

  • FastEye Pages


Is also built to seamlessly integrate numerous APIs and tools such as Google Maps API enabled maps, Custom Youtube and Vimeo embed modals, Mailchimp Integration, Centered logo and offscreen menu types – all responsive for mobile users, Multiple colour schemes included, Light and dark skins by adding easy-to-use classes, Modals to support forms, iframes or any HTML.

Keep reading my FastEye Pages Review to get more surprising!

How To Use this FastEyePages software?

FastEye Pages provides a simple interface that anyone can use to landing any pages they want. If you are not so proficient at designing templates, FastEyePages comes with more than 20 pre-designed for you to consider.

These templates are created by many professional marketers around the world, so you don’t have to worry about its effectiveness.

That is how FastEye Pages is designed primarily for beginners. With just drags and drops, pre-designed templates and many done things, users just need to get access to the software, choose the templates, customize it just as how they want and they will have a perfect landing page in just a couple of minutes.

If you have some talons in building landing pages, I believe that you will have the most amazing sites just by drag-and-drop.

Watch the demo FastEye Pages video below:

FastEye Pages Review – Who should use it?

FastEye Pages is a brand new software that is totally newbie friendly. Anyone regardless of experience, regardless of age, regardless of skills can all benefit from FastEye Pages.

As long as you want to build the professional and attractive website as well as the landing page, you should own it. It guides newbie step by step to succeed, and it helps the veteran to save time and money in the way to create sites. I suggest it for:

  • Business owners
  • Site owners
  • Offline and online marketers
  • Consultants

By using this tool, you will no longer have to waste time learning from A to Z how to generate pages, or burn money on those website designers.

User Experience

Overall, I don’t think I should have any second thought on rating this software as “Highly Recommend” in my FastEye Pages Review. I believe this software is a must-have item in any marketer’s toolbox. It allows for instant creation of any page, and more importantly, its features do not restrict for any niche.

However, it’d be better if FastEye Pages  includes a training series for its users. As far as I know, FastEye Pages now still comes without this feature. Thus, it may take you a while to understand all of its features. However, again, this should not be a big deal. With some trials and errors, you’ll figure out how it works. This software is 100% foolproof.

FastEye Pages Review - click here

Why Should You Buy this software?

Save Time And Effort

The first point I’d like to tell you in this FastEye Pages Review is that FastEye Pages helps save time and effort tremendously. Before I started to use this, I almost did not have enough effort and patience to land every page for my marketing plan. And even if I did have, the webpage I designed also looked terrible.

FastEye Pages has become a very important companion in my digital career. Less work for more time, what more could I ask for?

Beginner friendly

As I stated earlier in my FastEye Pages Review, this amazing product is a really good start for beginners who may not know exactly what landing pages is. Everything from A to Z has been pre-designed or given detailed instruction for you to get your work done.

I am not so fluent with designing stuff. Usually, it takes me a week to find out everything I need to do with my landing pages. Since I discovered FastEye Pages, I can get more work done in a shorter period of time. I have FastEye Pages to do all the hard work for me. Isn’t that amazing?

I almost forget this point. If you are not in favour of pre-designed templates, you can use FastEye Pages to create your own templates. FastEye Pages gives you many tools to make your pages stunning and impressive.

Support unlimited pages

Also, regardless of your business model, FastEye Pages will be able to maximize your satisfaction in the long run. You can use this wonderful software for optin pages, sales pages, webinar pages, launch pages, review pages and so on. There is no limit for FastEye Pages in my opinion.

Increasing Leads And Sales

This is my ultimate purpose when I began to use FastEye Pages and I did it. I can’t believe having an attractive webpage can earn me tons of leads and a huge rocket in profit. It’s really possible.

The reason why I fail increasing my sales is because my previous website was too boring and sometimes complicated. But with FastEye Pages, things has changed and it really saves my life.

This package is made for many types of pages such as webinar pages, launch pages, review pages, bonus pages, training series, e-commerce site and much more….Get this product and make your business grow easier and faster

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FastEye Pages Review – Evaluation and Price

All in all, FastEye Pages is indeed a necessary tool for those who just start their online marketing career, those who are not quite good at designing or those who simply do not have much ample time in designing on their own. FastEye Pages gives you a practical solution to do that within a short amount of time.

With FastEye Pages, you would not have to worry about wasting time on designing stuff anymore.

Particularly, FastEye Pages is available with an affordable price: $37. I do believe this price would not be a problem to the majority of us.

FastEye Pages has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs:

  • Front-End : FastEye Pages – $37 >>> See Details <<<
  • Upsell 1 : FastEye Pro Upgrade – $47 >>> See Details <<<
  • Upsell 2 : FastEye Agency – $47/$67 >>> See Details <<<
  • Upsell 3 : FastEye Messenger – $47 >>> See Details <<<

Thanks for spending time on my FastEye Pages Review and I hope you like it. Goodbye!

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