Live Event Blaster 2.0 Review – Get TOP RANKING with this Method

Live Event Blaster 2.0 Review & Bonus – Creator By Tom Yevsikov, Stoica & Vlad

 It’s New YouTube Software – An Unfair Advantage

Video is the MOST powerful marketing tool today.

70% of marketers are using YouTube to promote their products and services. You know that. Right?

In countless ways to make money online, making money on YouTube is becoming a great option for young people. There are thousands of people who make a few hundred thousand dollars from their videos. If you follow the review  in this article, you will be able to find the way and start making money with your own Youtube channel.

But if anyone can making money from that, I will not write this review yet!

Doing “YOUTUBE” is not as easy as you think. You will handle a lot of problems :

  • Raise the rating for the video ( as : SEO, Backlinks…etc )
  • Find hundreds, thousands of quality backlinks
  • Or about index the videos
  • More …

Scrolling down, i’ll show you something New And Fresh! That Will Deliver Real Results To Your List!

Continue reading the Live Event Blaster 2.0 Review and get your solution

Live Event Blaster 2.0 Review – Overview

What Is Live Event Blaster 2?

Live Event Blaster 2.0 Review

Live Event Blaster 2.0 allows you to instantly create, schedule and live stream hundreds of Live Events with the push of 2 buttons!

So let me explain again how Live Event Blaster 2 works… It will allow you to create and schedule multiple events and stream a pre recorded video at a later time.

You won’t have to worry about starting the stream, about being online at the time the stream starts…

Live Blaster will take care of that! After you schedule your event, the software will check your rankings and views!

Creator Of Live Event Blaster 2.0

Live Event Blaster 2.0 was created by Tom Yevsikov – Founder of Hire Your Boss LTD and his partners Stoica & Vlad.

Live Event Blaster 2.0 Creators

Tom has been doing online marketing since 2011 but unlike other marketers, he’s not going to claim he’s been successful since. In fact, he only went full time and quit his job at October 2013. But look at him now! Talking about himself in 3rd person and stuff.

Well anyway, now he’s helping people cut the B.S online and get results faster. Plus he released over 30 products, many of which were WSOTD/JVZOO POTD. Integrity & Smoothness above all such as: Auto Profit System, Vidinflux, Flexy, Live Suite Pro, Easiest System Ever, Rankcipher, Madsense Reborn, Tube Jammer,… and many more.

Now, let’s look at the next part of this Live Event Blaster 2.0 Review and find out its features.

Live Event Blaster 2.0 Review – Key Features

Continuing from the version 1.0 , Live Event Blaster 2 have more advanced features than the first one

Below I will list the main features of Live Event Blaster 2.0 And the tremendous benefits that you will get from it !!!

Basic Features Advanced Features
·         Stream local video files

·         Youtube API Compliant

·         Schedule stream date

·         Check Youtube Ranking

·         Update Details of event

·         Delete events from Youtube

·         Auto start streaming

·         Spyntax support

·         Free auto update

·         Auto hashtags generator

·         Auto authority link insert

·         Mass import live event

·         Check Google ranking

·         Mass publish events

·         Linkwheel backlinks

·         Loop stream, 24/7 streaming

·         Dynamic thumbnail creator

·         Persistent ranking technology


Main Interface

Main interface


Take a look Live Event Blaster 2 setting

Add account

Guide to add account so detail

 Help section

Even you’re new guys, don’t worry !! Just follow what the training video say

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 How To Make Live Event Blaster 2.0 Work?

The thing I like most in this product : You can operate it easily. You do not need the in depth knowledge such as SEO, Backink, Ranking..

With just a few simple steps. like the products I usually review.

I often review these products have unique features and can easy to use, even if you are new. That Is The Motto Of Hakireview.Com

Look at the guide below, you will see what I say is true

  • Step 1 : Simply fill in the blanks in Live Event Blaster 2 and be prepared to get Instant Indexing on Search Engine – Google
  • Step 2 : Publish the event on Youtube & Profit from the unfair advantage that live event have over regular videos
  • Step 3 : Your event is now on youtube and Live Event Blaster 2.0 will make sure it maintains the Google Page #1 Ranking
  • Step 4 : Auto stream a local video file to the live event, without ever needing to record yourself or go in front of a camera!!!
  • Step 5 : Get your profit. I mean: a lot of profits

Live Event Blaster packaged in 5 steps, very simple

But…you will be surprised about how it is operating and efficiency it brings.

Let see it in action :

Find out how even a non-seo guy like me can rank on the first page of google in minutes
>>>> SEE WHY <<<<

Give Me A Few Reasons To Live Event Blaster 2.0 Become Software In My Must-Have List

I don’t know what you’re thinking but…I will say this :

You will be taking this product FOR FREE… why do I say so?

Agree that you will buy Live Event Blaster 2.0, but you will have 30 days for a refund. If you are not satisfied, then Tom ( a.k.a Live Event Blaster author ) who will refund the money to you without any requirements. This is the first reason I recommend you try the amazing features of the Live Event Blaster and make a decision for yourself !!!

Live Event Blaster 2.0 Proof

2nd reason that you should make a decision quickly : Live Event Blaster 2 will simplify the work on your Youtube. Few people on the internet ( more specifically in my country ) usually jokes:  “Do less – enjoy the result more”
I see now it was true when you own Live Event Blaster 2.0 in hand.

I know many people don’t want to have to appear on video.
Me too !!! You don’t have to do that when there is Live Event Blaster here
And will NOT NEED to purchase and manipulate on the support tools more complex !!!

Next, Live Event Blaster 2 will bring to you huge advantage. your opponent will NOT BE ABLE to pass you.

Take a look :

Live Event Blaster 2.0 comparation

and, most of all, the reason is important: right now, YOU WON’T HAVE TO PAY $500 FOR LIVE BLASTER

$500 is the value of the “Live Event Blaster 2.0. The reason I write review post this to inform you “Live Event Blaster 2.0” is at only $27



Live Event Blaster 2.0 Review – Evaluation and Price

In April this year, Tom Yevsikov and 2 is Stoica & Vlad will release Live Event Blaster 2.0. After the outbreak of the Live Event Blaster 1.0. This occurrence of the Live Event Blaster 2.0 will really make marketers community and Youtube to blow-up.

Live Event Blaster 2.0 Funnel

This launch in 10 April, 2018 with many great offers and rewards attached. My advice, go get yourself a copy and test what I say in this review.

Live Event Blaster 2.0 Price



Live Event Blaster 2.0 - Bonus 1 Live Event Blaster 2.0 - Bonus 2 Live Event Blaster 2.0 - Bonus 3



Live Event Blaster 2.0 Review – Summary

In nutshell, I hope that all of the information in my Live Event Blaster 2 Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. If you’re ready to start making a real online income in the most passive way possible then click the button below before the price rises. I am look forward to seeing your success.


However, in case you are in need of any advice, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime. Regardless, thank you for reading my Live Event Blaster 2.0 Review

Goodbye, and see you again!

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