Smart Funnelz Review & Bonus – Generate Leads With Zero Budget

Smart Funnelz Review & FREE Bonus

Instant Profit With Done-For-You Lead Funnels

And as marketers, we try to get our hands on the most sustainable content that not only increases sales but also gives us the competitive edge in the industry.

The problem many of us face is figuring out which form of content is worth investing our time and money in that’s had the most success with other brands.

So… Are you ever thinking of adding quizzes in your marketing strategy, but don’t know if they are worth it? Quizzes have always been very popular in print media and on the web because the average consumer enjoys seeing the result they get in the end.

>> Using quizzes in your marketing can be extremely fun…Right?


And very profitable way to interact with your audience. This is because when you use quizzes correctly they generate highly targeted traffic and leads.

>>> That’s where the incredible Smart Funnelz app comes in.

Let’s move to next section of my Smart Funnelz Review to see more interesting.

Smart Funnelz Review –  Overview

  • Creator: Glynn Kosky
  • Product: Smart Funnelz
  • Release Date: September 16th,2018
  • Release Time: 9:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price:$27
  • Guarantee : Of course, you got 30-day no questions asked MONEY-BACK
  • Sale page : VISIT HERE
  • Niche: Software
  • Recommend : Highly

What Is Smart Funnelz?

Smart Funnelz is a cloud based web app that allows you to generate leads, sales and commissions through the power of interactive quizzes and polls.


With Smart Funnelz you’ll be able to generate quizzes that are guaranteed to get you opt-ins and generate a profit.  You see, there are two important elements to this app.

Firstly you have the quiz builder, and secondly you have the “Money Pages”. The Money Pages are where you’ll instantly be able to generate sales and commissions the minute someone has completed the initial quiz.

Keep reading my Smart Funnelz Review to get more surprising!

Smart Funnelz’s Creators

Glynn Kosky іѕ a Іntеrnеt marketing expert, who is thе author of mаnу apps such аѕ Instant Product Lab, The Соmmіѕѕіоn Toolbox, Іnѕtаnt Traffic Jacker, and Hijacker.

Glynn Kosky

This experienced marketer hаѕ helped thоuѕаnԁѕ of entrepreneurs іn their traffic саmраіgn.

With thе newest invention – Smart Funnelz, Glynn wаntѕ to deliver а simple yet еffесtіvе software tool tо create more leads аnԁ sales with the power of interactive quizzes and polls.  .. Now lеt see in thіѕ Smart Funnelz Review іf thіѕ tool can асtuаllу do what hе has always wаntеԁ.

Smart Funnelz Review – The Feature. This Is What Makes Smart Funnelz Different

Smart Funnelz is a unique piece of software that allows you to generate unlimited leads through the power of interactive quizzes and polls.  Inside the cloud based app, you’re going to be able to generate a powerful quiz in seconds, and then either embed it on your own site or use the hosting included inside Smart Funnelz.

Although there are other funnel builders out there that use quizzes, you’ve never seen anything like this…

>>> As the magic really happens once a user has gone through the initial quiz funnel.

After someone goes through the initial quiz funnel, you have total control of what happens next.  Have the visitor Opt-In to your list, before or after seeing the results, OR send them to what we called “Money Page”.

And here’s what included Smart Funnelz :

  • 100% Newbie Friendly Cloud Based Web App
  • Nothing To Download – Securely Hosted In The Cloud
  • Never-Before-Seen Technology
  • Create Profitable Quiz Funnels With “Money Pages”
  • Create Simple Lead Funnels In Under 60 Seconds
  • Create “Money Pages” To Generate Instant Profit
  • Use “Money Pages” To Giveaway Products, Offers Discounts & Coupon Codes
  • Money Pages Allow You To Sell Products & Services With One Click
  • Monetize Your “Money Pages” With Adverts
  • Beautiful Drag & Drop Funnel Builder
  • Build Your List Whilst Driving Profits
  • Instant FREE Viral Traffic With 1-Click Social Sharing
  • No Website, List or Existing Products Required
  • No Tech Skills Required – Training Included

How To Make Smart Funnelz Work?


Smart Funnelz also helps you generate traffic because the app allows you to share you quiz via social media with ONE CLICK!

This is as close as it gets to 100% Zero-Cost traffic on demand.

And all it takes is a few steps to get your funnel started:

  • Step 1 – Login to the Smart Funnelz dashboard and click ‘Start’ to create a campaign
  • Step 2 – Easily customize your funnel, add your autoresponder, and add a “Money Page” to generate sales and commissions
  • Step 3 – Sit back as you get massive engagement, hordes of traffic, collect leads and generate sales and commissions from your money page!

That’s it – three simple steps!

You Are Still Hesitant. Here Is Why You Need To Buy Smart Funnelz?

Smart Funnelz is the REAL DEAL and something you need right now.At now, Smart Funnelz  is LIVE

This breakthrough new software guarantees to drive you unlimited viral traffic and sales… This traffic can be sent anywhere online, including your affiliate links, blogs, websites, eCom stores…

>>> Literally ANYWHERE!

This unique never before seen software has the potential to change your life for the better, just like it has done for the creators!

This is the best software I’ve ever seen that drives you hordes of traffic and sales on complete autopilot. What’s so good about this one, is that the traffic it sends is VIRAL TRAFFIC

>> Which means 100x your EARNINGS!

buying Smart Funnelz

My Personal Experiences About Smart Funnelz

Here is it !!! In a nutshell the software allows you to setup unlimited traffic magnets that work 1000x BETTER THAN you traditional landing page.

I can look a little benefits in here :

  • Smart Funnelz is a BRAND NEW unique method
  • Incredible software (cloud based)
  • Superb traffic secrets training
  • It’s have step by Step case study
  • Also got email marketing training
  • Don’t worry if you 100% newbie (fantastic)
  • 100% easy to use
  • Can turn a profit immediately

Smart Funnelz  has been beta-testing this one all week and we’ve managed to add 1,500+ new subs to our email list and we made over 2k in profit with that list…

If you’ve ever struggled with traffic and getting commissions then this software is going to be a game changer for you and your biz!

And last but not least, This one’s on an early bird till midnight…

It will double in price, so we highly advise you jump in as soon as you see this email.

>> This really is the one for you.

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Smart Funnelz Review – Prices & OTO

Smart Funnelz will be released by Glynn Kosky on 9:00 EDT / September 16th,2018

Jason will be offering a special discount at the beginning of the launch and for a limited time you can purchase this product for $27. I am also giving away the FREE Bonus products listed below when you purchase through my page >>> CLICK HERE


Smart Funnelz Review – Summary

In summary, I hope that all of the information in my Smart Funnelz Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. If you’re ready to start making a real online income in the most passive way possible then click the button below before the price rises. I am look forward to seeing your success.

Thanks for reading my Smart Funnelz Review!

See you !!

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