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How To Create Stunning WP Themes WITHOUT coding…

If you like to build your own WordPress themes, whether you’ve only just started doing it or whether you’ve been doing it for years, it can always be good to get a second opinion or have another pair of eyes check out your theme to make sure that it holds up the best practices and meets the high standards of WP theme development. If you don’t have time to have another person look over your theme, or if you don’t know anyone who can, you can use ThemeMaker.

This product takes WordPress site design to another level…

  • You can make your own WordPress themes from scratch… but that’s not all…
  • You can use pre-made drag & drop elements so you DON’T have to build stuff from scratch
  • You can create your own content blocks saving you time designing stuff again
  • You can even use a ready made theme framework saving you 95% on design time
  • It literally turns WordPress site building possibilities on it’s head…

But the best bit is you can build Agency Quality Themes without coding

So if you’ve ever wanted to build a theme from scratch, this ThemeMaker Review is for you.

Let’s jump in.

ThemeMaker Review – Overview

  • The author : Mikey “ProStyler” Formby
  • Product: ThemeMaker
  • Release Date: 2018-Apr-23
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Product’s Price $67( Before it’s GOING UP )
  • Sale Page :
  • Niche: Software

What is ThemeMaker about?

ThemeMaker introduce

If you haven’t heard of ThemeMaker, think of it as a template for building WordPress themes. As the ThemeMaker’ website says, it is not meant to be a parent theme that you can build a child theme upon. It is meant to be a theme in and of itself.

ThemeMaker allows you to quickly and easily build your own unique WordPress Theme without ever having to mess about with code.

You can build everything from bespoke blogs right up to full blown custom membership sites with the plugins you love (DAP, wishlist, etc), e-commerce stores & more! If you can imagine it, you can build it with ThemeMaker without ever hiring a coder!

Most of the team who has contributed to the ThemeMaker project are Automattic employees and who have built many of the default themes that come with WordPress,

So you know it was built with the highest quality code.

Keep reading my ThemeMaker Review to get more surprising!

About the Creator – Mikey “ProStyler” Formby

ThemeMaker creator

The man who has come up with ThemeMaker is Mikey “ProStyler” Formby. He has been working in the niche for many years.

He is the founder / owner at He wants IMTV Live to be a community were everyone can join in, somewhere you can openly engage and talk about your experiences and successes. This business is all about paying it forward and helping people when they need a leg up while leaving over inflated egos at the door.

During this time, he has equipped for himself a huge amount of knowledge and skills that not many people can master at. Until now he has launched many products such as Facebook Live Mastery, WP Quick Offers, and WP Loyalty Card.

Now let’s move onto the feature part of this ThemeMaker Review to see how it is special.

ThemeMaker Review – Features and Benefits

ThemeMaker features

Inside this amazing product, not only do you got the detailed training but also the materials for your work. Let’s explore this with me in this ThemeMaker Review:

  • ThemeMaker Template Creator

ThemeMaker Template Creator

With a traditional WordPress theme you create your page and you select a template, they might give you a few options on styling but that’s about it. With the Theme Maker Template Creator you can create your own completely custom templates and use them on any pages or posts you want, created and styled to perfection!

  • Theme Maker Element Builder

Theme Maker Element Builder

With a WordPress page builder, they give you a pre made selection of elements for you to use and that’s it. Theme Maker Element Builder allows you to create your own completely custom elements made up of other core elements, that you can re-use over and over again when creating your design and drop in with 2 clicks of the mouse.

  • Theme Maker Content Blocks

Theme Maker Content Blocks

With traditional WordPress themes and page builders you either have to modify the content areas they have created or create your own from scratch… With the Theme Maker Content Blocks you can instantly add pre-made content sections in to your site quickly and easily so all you have to do is customize exactly how you want them to show. Want a row to show of your team? Drop in a content block row that contains all of the elements and just customize!

  • Theme Maker Page Wizard

Theme Maker Page Wizard

With traditional wordpress themes you import the demo and then have to dig through the sections you like and delete the ones you don’t just to get the basics of your page. With the Theme Maker Page Wizard you can instantly create your pages exactly the way you want them to look by simply dragging the sections you like on to the page. Once you’re happy with how it looks just click GENERATE!

  • Theme Maker Page Builder

Theme Maker Page Builder

Our page builder has been going for over 4 years and over this time we have refined it to perfection. Giving you the options you need to create perfect pages designed exactly how you want. From headlines to video mock-ups inside Laptops and Phones…Video backgrounds to sliding carousels. Navigation menus to embeddable pages it’s all there ready and waiting!

  • Theme Maker Options Panel

Theme Maker Options Panel

When you start creating a custom design there is a few basics you want to setup as a default before you jump in. The colors you want to use so you can easily select these quickly and easily while building. The default font and size, your logo and more. With our powerful options panel you can do just that so you can jump straight in and starting creating without having to remember colour codes or keep doing repetitive tasks like setting the font!

How to use ThemeMaker?

Well, although ThemeMaker is easy to use, it has so many features that it can be overwhelming where and how to start…

Luckily the creator, Michael Formby, created all necessary videos and the best part…

You can start at your own level!

How does ThemeMaker work

What’s your level?

Inside the members area, you can do a 2 minute quiz where after answering these questions, you are advised to start with either the beginner, intermediate, or with the advanced training.

As beginner, you can start with one of the 11 ready-to-go templates. Just select one and import the template, use the ThemeMaker Page Wizard, and follow the steps from start to finish.

But for more intermediate users, you can skip the WordPress basics and move straight into building a custom website from a ThemeMaker Framework.

Finally, for advanced website builders, you can custom build a complete website from scratch using only a Photoshop PSD file (for the overall layout of the website).

Step 1 General Settings

But no matter your level, for each new website, you’ll first start with installing ThemeMaker (as a regular WordPress Theme).

And as ThemeMaker can be used the best “top-down”, it’s best to start with your General Settings, and define your Layout, Main Colors, Typography, Buttons, uploading your Logo’s, etc.

Of course, you can always change these later, but now at least you have the basic default settings properly set up, and the theme colors will be used on every page/post.

Step 2 Creating your Templates

For each page type (Home page, single page, 404, Archive, etc.), you can create your own template with the Page Wizard.

Now, you just select the elements you want to use as Header, Footer, Content, Pricing Table, Testimonial, Opt-in Form, Blog Posts, and more…

and drag these elements on the page wherever you want.

Luckily, you won’t have to do the same tasks over and over again as you can save (part of) the Template as “Page Presets” for usage on other Templates as well.

Treat them as your own building blocks together to use with the 40+ elements you get access to.

Instead of building from scratch, you can choose out of 11 ready made Themes/Templates.

But you can also use the user-friendly Page Builder.

Step 3 Change the content

If you have created your pages with all the selected elements, it’s time to change the text, icons, images, font sizes, colors etc. for your own preferences.

Watch the demo ThemeMaker video below to get the whole picture:

ThemeMaker Review – Who should use it?

Although you can setup new websites and pages really fast if you are getting used to ThemeMaker and did experiment with it, there is a learning curve…

Hence, only buy ThemeMaker if you are going to create (and sell) multiple Themes and websites.

If you have just one website, it only makes sense if you really want/need specific Page templates that you can’t create with another (regular) Theme.

Furthermore, I would first create your templates and website on a new blog before installing it on an existing WordPress site.

I mean, first try to get used to the Templates and Page Builder, then save the templates and import them in your existing blog.

Finally, if you are a web designer and create website for others, I would definitely buy the first 2 upgrades…

As you want the extra 80+ elements and get rid of the branding.

ThemeMaker Review - click here

Why should you buy this WordPress Theme?

This product takes WordPress site design to another level. You can make your own WordPress themes from scratch… but that’s not all… You can use pre-made drag & drop elements so you DON’T have to build stuff from scratch. You can create your own content blocks saving you time designing stuff again. You can even use a ready made theme framework saving you 95% on design time, It literally turns WordPress site building possibilities on it’s head…

You can build ecom stores, blogs, local business sites, minisites, marketing pages, sales pages more. This product has great heritage too… it comes from a 5 STAR elite vendor with over 150 five star reviews. And the cool part is… whatever you design in this product cannot be used by your competitors like regular themes as the designs you make are bespoke and not subject to GPL.

This is a great selling point if you are designing for clients – you can make up to 5 times more profit than conventional themes as people pay way more for bespoke designs.

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ThemeMaker Review – Evaluation and Price

Is this product what you are seeking for? I think you have known clearly after reading my ThemeMaker Review right? So if you are looking for a tool which allows you to create WordPress themes easily, I highly recommend you to give this product a try.

Also, ThemeMaker offers you a special discount time which means you can purchase it at its lowest price of $67. I believe it is a really good deal. Nevertheless, you need to hurry up now since its price will increase to regular pricing after two days.

Now do not wait for no reason, you can pay it online now by using Paypal, Visa, or Master Card. Remember you can ask for a refund instantly during the first month of using it in case you feel miserable about this product. So its company showed the confidence of the company in its product, do not hesitate to grab this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Remember that ThemeMaker has 1 Front End & 5 OTO’s:

Drag & Drop Wizard For Beginners, Or Build Your Site From PSDs For Pros

The content block pack gives customers 3 x more ready-made content blocks

This addon lets you brand Themeaker with their logo and company name

5 x Live Sessions With Me Building Custom Sites Like Members Area/ E-Comm Stores etc…

Now it is the end of my review. In conclusion, I hope that everything in my ThemeMaker Review can help you to you make a right buying decision. I am looking forward to your success. In case you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading my review patiently. See you in my next review!

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