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New App turns newbies into a 5 fig eCom store owner

Are you struggling to generate sales on your eCom stores?

Are you start getting frustrated trying to attract your target audience but it is all in vain?

E-Commerce is a hot topic in recent years and there is a good chance: it will only grow in the next couple of years. Many people, including experienced marketers and starters as well, have switched their career to become a full-time online entrepreneur: they run online businesses.

But what will happen if there are too many people competing? One possible scenario is that it would be much harder and harder to drive sales and make profits, especially when you have nothing special to offer.

Doing eCom through Facebook requires us skills to choose the excellent products. We have to select the one that is high-demand, so our page gets more visitors.

Now you can forget this complicated thought. I was stuck in the same situation before, but after I trust in Uduala eCom, I got better results in a short time. Today, I intend to introduce you this platform to share the information and experience I have. I how it is useful and can bring you the solution.

Let’s take a look at my Uduala eCom Review to know more details.

Uduala eCom Review – Overview

  • The author : Victory Akpos et al
  • Product: Uduala eCom
  • Release Date: 2018-Apr-27
  • Release Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Product’s Price $37
  • Sale Page : http://uduala.com/
  • Niche: eCommerce

What EXACTLY is Uduala eCom about?

Uduala eCom introduce

Uduala eCom is the cloud-based dominance platform which allows you to access the ultimate ecom-winning products plus advertising on Facebook. Everything is done for you just copy, paste and profit.

For each winning product, you get product descriptions, high converting images, suggested pricing & markup, spy competition, affiliated with dropship supplier accordingly (will supply product quality and ship on time to avoid refunds). You just need to think out strategies. You do not have to learn anything, or put the pieces together.

By utilizing Uduala eCom, you will become a successful marketer with every Facebook Ads campaigns that you run.

This amazing software helps you know more about the winning products and audience.

In case you want to find out more about the details, do not forget to keep up with the following segments of my Uduala eCom Review.

About the Author – Victory Akpos

Uduala eCom author - Victory Akpos

You may know Victory Akpos or not, but I am sure you know one of his product launches. They are AdSmartly, Targeting Academy, FBEngagr, VidZio, Reach Influencers and Video Cloud-based App, etc. As you see, most of his achievements are about affiliate marketing and Facebook Ads.

Of course, he is very famous in affiliate marketing. He is very talented and worked hard to get six figure. After a long time of working with the help of partners – successfully online marketers, he created and developed Uduala eCom for us.

This brand new Uduala eCom platform is expected to be another success this year. People are looking forward to its release, and you should consider it. This Uduala eCom Review will tell you more about it.

Uduala eCom Review – Features and Benefits

Thanks to Uduala eCom, we now can get the best-selling and high-demand products from. Why can it do that? Of course, it is developed with many advanced features to grow your online business at a higher level. Look at the key features here:

Facebook DFY Ads

DFY Facebook ADs

To get ads for the products and target the correct facebook ads for those products. Customers just copy, paste and profit, very simple. Uduala eCom supports 100 products and more than 100 winning ads each time new products are launched, and the ads are added weekly.

Shopify & Woocommerce With 1 Click

Integration With Shopify & Woocommerce

With one click, you can enter any bestseller into your retail stores and stores.You can also post the post to the store’s Facebook page. In particular, you can turn the comments on facebook into revenue with the automatic comment feature on all products.

Uduala ClickFOMO

Uduala ClickFOMO

This feature helps ecom shop owners harness the psychological principles of herd effects, social proofs and fomo. They can double, triple or even quadruple their store conversions. This is suitable for shopify, woocommerce and can work well with other shopping cart platforms.

How to use Uduala eCom ?

The creators have manually handpicked 100+ winning ‘can’t fail’ products, and will continue to add more products every week for life. Their expert ad copywriters write bespoke, proven-to-convert, Facebook ads for EVERY single recommended product. Each one of the 100+ handpicked products come with a corresponding Facebook ad. These are the EXACT ads their Ecom tycoon used to pull in $2 million last year from just ONE of his stores! And they will continue to create new ad copy every week for each new product added…..for life.

They will find the perfect drop shipping supplier for each recommended product, and hook you up with them for hassle-free set up. They will only hook you up with reliable suppliers, who have already supplied our Ecom millionaire, so have complete confidence that they will deliver a quality product, and deliver on time (the 2 main issues that cause refunds).

This software is 100% newbie friendly so that you can use it efficiently with no pro technical skills or experience required.

All it takes is these three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Add the products you have selected carefully into your inventory with one click.
  • Step 2: Perform basic registration procedures with the carriers for prior approval.
  • Step 3: Put everything you have prepared on the targeted FB ads

And that’s it. That’s all you have to do. Super simple, isn’t it?

Watch the demo Uduala eCom Video below to get the whole picture:

Uduala eCom Review – Who should use it?

If you are an affiliate marketer or eCom marketer, you should not ignore Uduala eCom. It will help you take advantage of the market.

Newbies in this field will find this platform extremely useful. Since they are likely to have no experience in harnessing Facebook as a social marketing platform, especially in creating polls for accelerating engagement, Uduala eCom is definitely a must-have weapon in your toolboxes.

Also, due to its easy-to-use and high functionality, there is no rational reason for you to not have it improve your business. After a while, you would be able to dominate your niche with the help of Uduala eCom.

Besides the application, you are capable of participating in an over the shoulder training course, where you can learn multiple ways to enhance your sales performance in the most economical ways.

The next segment of Uduala eCom Review is going to analyze its strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Nothing to install or download
  • Step-by-step training videos
  • No technical skills or experience requirements
  • Result quickly
  • No ridiculous fees for app
  • No complicated tool
  • Reasonable price
  • Refund policy
  • Work anytime you want


  • Not any.

User Experience

I am sure you still have lots of questions concerning this product. Therefore, in this part of the Uduala eCom Review, I am going to note some small points I realize while using this product.

First of all, Uduala eCom does not guarantee your results. It is totally up to you how much you are going to earn. However, if you are the one who is devoted and dedicated, then a 4- or 5-figure ad campaign is not a dream, isn’t it? Besides, results will not show up overnight. It takes time!

Second of all, this software is suitable for all types of marketers including newbies. No experience or knowledge or background required.

The reason why this tool is considered highly recommended as it fits almost all niches in the market. It is definitely not the kind of scam you usually find on the Internet, with Uduala eCom, your business will actually grow

What’s more, as you can see, most of the features of Uduala eCom is automatic, which means you can save a whole lot more time for other things. Spending less time for better results, I don’t think you can miss out this product for any reason.

Uduala eCom Review - click here

Uduala eCom Review – Comparison

Uduala eCom has covered more than 90% of the work for you; just point, click, copy and paste to run your lucrative Ecom business almost passively. And with new products being added on a weekly basis, together with corresponding proven Facebook ads, you can scale up your business in no time.

Finding success is EASY when you’re standing on the shoulders of an Ecom giant, right?

There are other platforms out there that use human experts to do all the grunt work for fledgling Ecom marketers, but they are usually accessed via an expensive monthly subscription (that costs anything from several hundred to several thousand dollars!) For the first time ever, get unlimited access to our experts for just a small one-time fee!

If you’re already started a Shopify or WooCommerce store, you can import detailed listings of our recommended products into your store with just one click.

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Uduala eCom Pricing

So in your opinion, is it great enough? I believe that you know clearly the answer after reading my Uduala eCom Review, right? I personally consider that Uduala eCom is by far the most useful revolutionary newbie-friendly software that will be released in 2018.

The good news for you is that Uduala eCom gives you a chance to open access to Uduala eCom at the special launch price with 50% off. So it costs you $37 only. But the bad news is that today is the last day of discount time. Thus, do not wait for any reason, do not hesitate to ignore the chance of improving your living standard.

Uduala eCom has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs:

Uduala eCom funnel

Uduala eCom Review – Conclusion

It comes to the end of my Uduala eCom Review. In the end, I want to say thank you for your reading. From the information and experience I shared, you can see the advantages of Uduala eCom. Unfortunately, not everyone can get the chance to own it with the big deal in 24 hours. When the launch date goes, the price will increase gradually.

To sum up, I really hope that I gave helpful information to make the right decision. Thanks for reading my review patiently. See you in my next review!

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Uduala eCom bonus

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