About Me & Haki Review Mashup

I started this blog in February 2019. My aim was to share unbiased reviews and provide accurate information to the visitors.

When people want to buy a product, they will want to know the experience of those who have already purchased it. I do too. Before making a final purchase decision, I refer to the reviews from actual customers and experts. When the reviews are negative, I forget about the product and move on.

This behavior is universal and we are always affected by this. We see this everywhere – restaurants, cafes, hotels, online services, digital devices, and even human relationships. Companies also require references for candidates.

Unbiased Reviews

People see a certain thing differently. Some people like a cat but some don’t. Some people love strawberries but some have an allergic to the fruit. There are avid fans of iOS or Android. What I’m trying to tell you is that we have to step back and see a broad picture to evaluate a product.

Let’s say one expert has a negative review but 80% of the customers had a positive experience with a product. How will it affect your purchase decision? For me, I trust the 80% side. I believe in the power of collective wisdom. If the majority of the actual buyers have positive feedback, there would be a higher chance for me to be happy about the product.

Then, how do we know if a product has positive or negative reviews in overall? The answer is data.

Use data to draw a broader picture

If we can compile all reviews and analyze them, we can find out if they are positive or negative. Yes, it is hard to find an online store that does not provide an overall rating. For example, Amazon shows an average review rating in five stars – zero-star being the most unsatisfied and five-stars being the most satisfied.

But, they don’t tell you how people liked or disliked about the product. Do people like what they bought because of design, size, speed, or customer service? There also should be some reason for hating the product. To understand the sentiment of the customers, we can use data.

The use of data is related to my career. I currently work as a Machine Learning engineer – an occupation that requires data skill. I love what I am doing and I want to let people experience a new angle when they see a product. This is a new approach that I haven’t found a review expert doing this. I believe that how they review products is important and meaningful. I hope that mine can add more information to your product research.

With that mission, Haki Review Mashup was born.

Haki Review Mashup

I’ve acquired this domain in February 2019. You might still see some legacy profiles and works done by the previous owner on the Internet. It seems to me related to affiliated marketing. I decided to take over the domain because the domain name has “review” in it, and I could see some domain authority.

Since early last year, I kept writing reviews and how-to guides to provide useful information. Traffic kept growing gradually. And I will keep writing and improving contents.

If you have any feedback – positive or negative, please email me at [email protected] Your feedback will be very important to improve this website.

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