About This Website

I created this website to provide a genuine review of digital products. I will try each product by myself, and talk about if it works or not. I hope that many people visiting this website can get useful information and help you plan how to use a digital platform. I have a day job as a data/software engineer, but because of my interest in trying and learning something new, I have not been able to help myself but stepping into new domains. Starting this blog is part of my expansion journey.

In addition to digital platforms, I am interested in money, finance and investment. As a dad of two little boys and a wonderful wife, money has always become a problem. I’ve tried and will try different methods to add income stream. Most of them failed. I will not stop until I find a good source of extra income, and I hope you can join me during this journey. For this, I will review digital platforms and books related to investments and money making.

The Earn Online and Online Platform does not include and affiliated marketing in the contents under Earn Online and Digital Platform. All of the posts under them will be my genuine review.

Thank you.

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