Article Genie Review – Unlimited Content For Your Sites is now a Reality

Article Genie Review & Bonus

Powerful Software Creates Unique Content That You Can Sell For Huge Profits!

The more content you have, the more traffic you can get..

The content is one of the most important keys to win in the competitive market.

As a matter of fact, improved and fresh contents have the ability to keep your visitors engaged, as well as push the site to rank higher on Google search engines. Moreover, updating fresh content on a regular basis makes it easier for readers to come back to your site. In contrast, customers are not likely to return to a site if it is full of outdated information about services and products.

Now hiring writers to create unique content for you from scratch – is very expensive. You’ll end up paying anywhere from $5 to $25 per article. That’s $1000+ in average costs if you want 100 articles on your site. I don’t have to tell you – that looks expensive.

However, we waste much time, energy, and money on building it but cannot get the beautiful content like many big sites.

So the million-dollar question is… Is there a Faster, CHEAPER, more effective way to build profitable content for your sites?

Article Genie is a brand new software that just went LIVE which lets you create custom & unique content that you can sell for HUGE profits on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and many more…

Let’s find out in my Article Genie Review below!

Article Genie Review – Overview

  • Creator:Luan Henrique
  • Product: Article Genie
  • Release Date: Jun 03,2018
  • Release Time:11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $17
  • Guarantee : Of course, you got 30-day no questions asked MONEY-BACK
  • Sale page : CLICK ON HERE
  • Niche: Software 
  • Recommend : Should have it on “must-have” list

What is Article Genie about?

Article Genie introducing

I know content is a huge problem for all bloggers. It can be really boring to write new content yourself and expensive to hire writers. But not anymore.

Article Genie is the powerful tool that allows you to create unique content. Moreover, you can sell them on sites like Freelancers, Upwork, and Fiverr. Of course, you also utilize them to your sites and your business.

With this software you can create unique content every day in the easiest way possible, with the push of a button!

This is the best way to create money making autoblogs without ever having to write a single word of content. No matter what niche you are in – this works for any kind of site in any category out there. If just one site like this could make you $100 per month – how many such sites would you create?

Later in this Article Genie Review, I will clearly explain this tool’s features and details.

Article Genie’s Creator – Luan Henrique

Article Genie creator - Luan Henrique

Luan Henrique is the man behind this Article Genie software. He is one of the most successful online marketers as well as software creators. He has succeeded with many product launches such as WP Secure, Vidiz, VideoSync Elite, and Headline Birds, etc. All of them are highly recommended by many experts in the marketing.

For that reason, I strongly believe that Article Genie is another outstanding application from this vendor. From his years of experience in this field, he has the ability to predict what site owners really need, so Article Genie would be a huge success just like its predecessors.

Article Genie Review – Features and Benefits

As a usual user, you must be wondering how this software can help you. This part of my Article Genie Review will show you the answer immediately:

  • Creates Custom & Unique Articles with One Click

Imagine being able to press a button and have a unique article written for you – this is now a reality. Article Genie spins and rewrites any article you want and make a new one 100% unique, with copyscape pass guaranteed that you can instantly sell to any client or person. Just press the button execute and Article Genie will spin out a unique article for you!

Regular content writers charge $10+ per article – and now you can output BETTER content than they can write, 100% unique, within SECONDS. This lets you charge less than your competition in order to DOMINATE the market – and make thousands a month while barely lifting a finger!

  • Content Curator to All Your Needs

Now you can write content to all niches, all websites, and to any client – heck! You can even use this in your own advantage… With Curator Module, you can quickly find 100s of articles in any niche you or your client want! Just insert your keyword and you’ll have content at your fingertips, then just rewrite with Article Genie – and you’re all ready to go!

  • Instantly Transform Any Youtube Video Into an Amazing Article

Videos are playing a huge role on our market right now – what about to turn any video into an amazing article? Just insert the video URL and Article Genie will create an amazing article by transcribing all the spoken words, then you can just rewrite with one click to make even more unique!

  • Rank Your Sites to The First Page by Posting Unique Content

As you know, Google loves unique content, now more than sell and create your online business from scratch, you can use Article Genie in advantage of your own websites, having unlimited unique content to post every day – getting multiple page one rankings in the way Google will love to reward you!

  • Automatic Video Curator & Poster

Article Genie only needs keyword and website info to curate videos and articles, then turn them into unique content, then post BOTH on your or your client site automatically, getting traffic generating content immediately. More importantly, this enables you to sell monthly packages of content to any client you want!

  • Works on PC / MAC!

Do you have a PC or MAC? Don’t worry, this will works on both! It’s 100% compatible either with PC & MAC!

Many More Features Like:

  • Integrated Copyscape Checker
  • Multiple SEO Optimization Options (Meaning you can create SEO optimized articles)
  • Spintax ready
  • 100% Unique & Human Readable Content
  • Newbie Friendly
  • Turbo Spinner App Included

How does Article Genie work?

As I have mentioned earlier in this Article Genie Review, this software is incredibly easy to use. Neither require technology experience.

That’s why it is such a powerful tool!

Watch out the guideline here:

  • Step 1. Login into the software
  • Step 2. The software will do all the hard work for you
  • Step 3. Collect the money

I am sure you this is enough for you. In case you want more visual instruction, have a look at the demo Article Genie video below:

Article Genie Review – Who should use it?

I hilghly recommended Article Genie to any website owner. It would be most beneficial for affiliate marketers or bloggers.

The importance of new content cannot be overlooked, it is crucial for your site and your business; from search engine optimization through to lead generation.

The functionality and the affordable packages mean it is far superior to using marketplaces such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork,….  You will find all the tools you need to take your sites content to the next level and save you time, money and effort in the process.

Article Genie Review - click here

Personal Experience

In my opinion, Article Genie is a powerful software tool via which you are capable of generating automated blogs and making massive profits.

According to the experience that I had with Article Genie over the last two weeks, I strongly believe that this software can serve as an automated money-making strategic system. I also suggest that you should take action as soon as possible with a view to building passive incomes sites today.

If you are searching for a incredible software which lets you create custom & unique content that you can sell for HUGE profits, this tool is what you should choose. I’m sure you will not be disappointed!

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Article Genie Review – Pros and Cons


[+] Creates Unique Content with the push of a button

[+] Insert your keyword -> get a unique article out of it

[+] Instantly Transforms Any Youtube Video Into an Amazing Article

[+] Helps you to rank your sites by posting unique content

[+] Launch your biz in a few seconds

[+] Works on PC / Mac


[+] There is none so far

Evaluation and Price

We have already known what Article Genie can benefit you, so now let’s talk about its price. As you can see, normally, the producer of the software will charge you $37 for each copy. But from now on, for three days only, its price will be lowered to $17! This kind of opportunity does not pop up every day so please make sure you do not miss it.

What’s more, Article Genie users will be equipped with thorough training materials. As a result, you do not have to worry about anything because the training materials will lead you from A to Z on how to leverage the platform in an appropriate way. Also, you can ask for your money returned within 30 days from the day of your purchase.

Beside, Article Genie has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs:

Enables them to create unique content with the push of a button!

A full training and extra features that will take Article Genie to the next level!

1,900 HD & 4K Stock Videos that they can sell for huge profits!

Reseller Rights to Article Genie

Article Genie bonus

Article Genie Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, thank you guys for making it to the very end of my Article Genie Review. All of the opinions I mention in this writing is subjective, but I believe that it has been a reliable channel for you to make your final decision. Remember that you can contact me whenever you want if you have any concern or question.

After all, Article Genie will not stay cheap forever. Besides, the software is free-risk so it is not like you are going to actually lose anything.

Article Genie Review -get-access


Anyway, the decision is yours to make. Good luck with running your business!

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