Stand Out in the Crowd: How to Bold Comments on YouTube

When it comes to engaging with content creators and fellow viewers on YouTube, leaving a comment is a fantastic way to join the conversation. But what if you could make your comments stand out from …

When it comes to engaging with content creators and fellow viewers on YouTube, leaving a comment is a fantastic way to join the conversation. But what if you could make your comments stand out from the rest? Adding bold formatting to your comments can help you grab attention and express your thoughts more effectively. In this guide, we’ll show you how to bold your comments on YouTube, allowing you to shine in the midst of discussions.

The Power of Bold Comments

Enhanced Visibility: Bold comments are hard to miss amidst a sea of text, making them more likely to catch the eye of content creators and fellow viewers.

Express Emphasis: By bolding certain phrases or points, you can emphasize your thoughts and opinions, adding weight to your comment.

Create a Personal Touch: Bolding helps you infuse a personal touch into your comments, allowing you to stand out and be memorable.

How to Bold Comments on YouTube

Follow these simple steps to make your comments bold in the YouTube comment section:

  1. Open the Comment Section: Scroll down to the comment section of the YouTube video where you want to leave a bold comment.
  2. Format Your Text: To make a portion of your comment bold, enclose the text within double asterisks (**). For example, **This text will be bold**.
  3. Preview Your Comment: Before posting, take a moment to preview your comment to ensure that the formatting appears as intended.
  4. Post Your Comment: Once you’re satisfied with the formatting, go ahead and post your comment. Your bold text should be visible to other viewers.

Tips for Effective Bold Commenting

  • Use Sparingly: While bold comments can be attention-grabbing, using them too frequently can become distracting. Reserve bold formatting for important points.
  • Emphasize Key Information: Bold formatting is perfect for emphasizing crucial details or key takeaways from the video.
  • Be Respectful: Even with bold comments, maintain a respectful and constructive tone when engaging in discussions.

Italicizing and Underlining: Adding Depth to Your YouTube Comments

While bold formatting can help your comments stand out, YouTube offers even more ways to emphasize your thoughts and engage with other users. In addition to bold text, you can also italicize and underline text within your comments. In this section, we’ll explore how to leverage italics and underlining to create dynamic and visually appealing comments that captivate attention.

Why Use Italics and Underlining?

Emphasis: Italicized text draws attention and adds emphasis, similar to bold text, but with a more subtle touch.

Variety: Utilizing different formatting options like italics and underlining enhances the visual variety of your comments, making them visually interesting.

Expression: Italics can convey nuances in tone or mood, helping you communicate your thoughts more precisely.

How to Italicize Text in YouTube Comments

  1. To italicize text in a YouTube comment, enclose the desired text within single asterisks (*). For instance, *This text will be italicized*.
  2. Preview your comment to ensure the italics appear as intended.
  3. Once satisfied, post your comment. Your italicized text should be visible to other users.

How to Underline Text in YouTube Comments

  1. Unfortunately, YouTube’s native comment system does not support underlining text directly.
  2. You can, however, achieve a similar effect by using alternative formatting, such as surrounding the text with underscores (_). For example, _This text will appear underlined_.

Combining Formatting Styles

Experiment with combining different formatting styles to create comments that truly stand out. For instance, you can use a combination of bold, italic, and underline formatting for maximum impact.

Consideration and Balance

As with bold formatting, moderation is key when using italics and underlining. Reserve these formatting styles for important points, and avoid overusing them, which could dilute their impact.

Using Combined Formatting: Crafting Striking Comments with Bold, Italics, and Underline

While individual formatting styles like bold, italics, and underlining can make your comments stand out, combining them takes your engagement to a whole new level. By skillfully integrating these formatting options, you can create visually captivating comments that truly catch the eye. In this section, we’ll show you how to combine bold, italics, and underline formatting to craft comments that leave a lasting impression.

Why Combine Formatting Styles?

Visual Impact: A combination of formatting styles adds a visually appealing and attention-grabbing aspect to your comments.

Enhanced Expression: Different formatting styles can emphasize different aspects of your message, helping you convey complex thoughts more effectively.

Creative Expression: Combining formatting styles allows you to express your individuality and creativity within the comment section.

How to Combine Formatting Styles

  1. Select Your Text: Decide which portion of your comment you want to format with a combination of bold, italics, and underline.
  2. Layer the Formatting: To combine formatting styles, layer them in the order you want. For instance, to create bold and italic text, enclose the text within double asterisks (**) and single asterisks (*) simultaneously: ***Bold and italic text***.
  3. Experiment with Variations: Feel free to experiment with different combinations. For instance, you can use _, *, and ** together to create a comment that’s bold, italicized, and underlined: ___Bold, italic, and underlined text___.
  4. Preview and Post: Always preview your comment to ensure the combined formatting appears as intended. Once satisfied, go ahead and post your comment.

Balancing Combined Formatting

While combining formatting styles can create visually stunning comments, striking a balance is essential. Overusing multiple formatting styles in a single comment can overwhelm the reader and dilute the impact. Reserve combined formatting for key points or when you want to convey a strong message.

Emojis and Special Characters: Elevating Your Bold Comments with Visual Appeal

While formatting styles like bold, italics, and underlining can make your YouTube comments stand out, the addition of emojis and special characters can take your engagement to the next level. Emojis and special characters not only add a dash of visual appeal but also enhance the overall impact of your comments. In this section, we’ll explore how emojis and special characters can complement bold text, allowing you to create comments that are both attention-grabbing and visually engaging.

The Role of Emojis and Special Characters

Visual Enhancement: Emojis and special characters add a visually dynamic element to your comments, breaking up the text and making it more appealing to the eye.

Expression and Emotion: Emojis are excellent tools for conveying emotions and reactions succinctly, enriching the context of your comments.

Personalization: Using emojis and special characters allows you to infuse your comments with a personal touch, making your engagement more relatable and human.

Complementing Bold Text with Emojis

Creating Contrast: Combining bold text with emojis creates a contrast that draws immediate attention, making your comments pop.

Enhanced Emphasis: Emojis can further emphasize the points you’ve made in bold text, reinforcing the significance of your message.

Using Special Characters Creatively

Decorative Dividers: Special characters like dashes, asterisks, and symbols can be used as decorative dividers between sections of your comments, adding structure and visual interest.

Symbolic Enhancements: Special characters can enhance the symbolic meaning of your comments. For example, using a star (*) alongside bold text can symbolize importance.

Crafting a Visual Impact

  1. Select Relevant Emojis: Choose emojis that align with your message and amplify its meaning.
  2. Placement Matters: Integrate emojis strategically within your comment, perhaps alongside bold text to create a cohesive visual effect.
  3. Balance with Text: Ensure a harmonious balance between bold text, emojis, and regular text for an overall polished appearance.

Balancing Visual Elements

While emojis and special characters can enhance your comments, moderation is essential. Overusing them can clutter your comments and reduce their impact. Strive for a harmonious blend that contributes positively to the conversation.

Comparing Different Platforms: Exploring Formatting Consistency Across Devices

As you delve into the world of bold comments on YouTube, it’s important to understand whether the formatting options remain consistent across various platforms. While the bold formatting technique we’ve discussed so far is applicable on YouTube’s desktop site, it’s valuable to explore whether it translates seamlessly to the mobile app and other platforms. In this section, we’ll compare the consistency of bold formatting across different devices and platforms.

Bold Formatting on YouTube’s Desktop Site

As detailed earlier, you can easily make text bold in YouTube comments by enclosing the desired text within double asterisks (**). This formatting technique is widely supported on the desktop site, allowing you to create attention-grabbing comments.

Bold Formatting on YouTube’s Mobile App

The good news is that the formatting options, including bold text, are typically consistent on YouTube’s mobile app as well. You can use the same technique of enclosing text within double asterisks to make it bold in your comments. This consistency ensures that you can apply the same bold formatting across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Exploring Beyond the Official YouTube App

While the official YouTube app maintains formatting consistency, it’s worth noting that third-party apps or platforms might interpret formatting differently. If you’re using an alternative app to access YouTube, test the formatting options to ensure they function as expected.

Rich Text Editors

Some platforms, like comment sections on websites or forums, use rich text editors that resemble word processors. In such cases, you might have access to a toolbar with formatting options like bold, italics, and underline. These platforms make it even easier to format your text, and you might not need to use markdown-style formatting.


Bold comments on YouTube offer an avenue for expressing your thoughts in a more eye-catching and impactful manner. By utilizing simple formatting techniques, you can stand out from the crowd, engage with content creators and fellow viewers effectively, and contribute meaningfully to discussions. Remember, moderation is key – use bold formatting thoughtfully to enhance your comments without overwhelming the conversation. So, the next time you leave a comment on your favorite YouTube video, consider adding a touch of boldness to make your voice heard in style!