How to use Commbank cardless cash and reviews

Commbank Cardless Cash is a convenient way to withdraw cash out of a Commonwealth Bank ATM without a card. It is a smart and light way to use an ATM. I personally don’t like a …


Commbank Cardless Cash is a convenient way to withdraw cash out of a Commonwealth Bank ATM without a card. It is a smart and light way to use an ATM. I personally don’t like a wallet full of all sorts of cards, membership, credit and debit cards, and point cards. They just make them my wallet fat and thick.

If you prefer to use cash for your everyday transaction, using cardless cash will be a right choice for you. You can take advantage of Commbank ATMs that run 24/7 and that exist over 3,000 across the country. All you need is the latest Combank app. Let’s first start with how to where we can find the app.

Download Commbank App

Go you the Android or iOS app store and find the Commbank App. You may have already had this app because this is the basic Commbank app where you can check your balance and transfer money. To use the Cardless feature, there are some prerequisites. You should have CommBank Everyday account and the latest version of the CommBank app that I just mentioned.

Once you log into the app, choose ‘Get Cardless Cash’ from the left menu. Choose if it’s you or someone else who will collect the cash. Wait, someone else? Yes, you can even control it to let someone else to collect the money at an ATM. What a handy app! Then, select your amount and the app will generate 8 digit Cash Code. They will send you an SMS a Cash PIN.

You have to use both the 8-digit Cash Code and the Cash PIN for confirmation. Use them within 30 minutes otherwise they will go expired. If you or someone else can arrive at an ATM, the amount will automatically be deposited again to your account.

You can withdraw up to $500 per day.

Don’t Worry about Mistakes

Cancel a Cardless Cash request

People can make a mistake, but don’t worry. It looks like the CommBank system deals with some mistake situations for you. For example, let’s say that you realised that you entered a wrong amount. Can you cancel it? Yes, you can cancel a Cardless Cash transaction anytime before the cash being withdrawn.

How about more annoying situation like you sent the Cash PIN to someone else? You need to notify them of ignoring the number. When the funds have not been withdrawn at the ATM, the amount will come back to your account right after the Cash Code id cancelled or gets expired.

Left/Lost Your Wallet

Have you lost or left your wallet somewhere? When this happens, it becomes harder to withdraw cash from ATM. With cardless cash, you can just use your mobile phone. You will have to freeze your credit and debit card for security when you lost your card. And you will no longer be able to use it. What a hassle! It could be good to get prepared for that situation just by activating your cardless cash function.


There are many positive reviews on cardless cash of Commonwealth Bank.

Actually my favourite bank as you have cardless cash and I always get notifications on my spending, I prefer commonwealth bank, with replacement cards I’ve always relieved them on type I think there’s a few trolls on here”  – from

“I was very impressed by the cardless cash facility provided by Commonwealth Bank. I didn’t have any money on me nor did have any debit/credit cards. I was almost worried I would have to go without lunch today, but cardless cash withdrawal helped me! It is such a straight forward and simple process from getting the pin on your mobile to using it for cash withdrawal from any nearby ATM. Made my day.” – from

These reviews show us that Commbank’s cardless cash has given a lot of convenience to its customers, and customers are loving it.


Cardless Cash of Commonwealth Bank is easy and handy. It will also make your wallet lighter and slimmer. Even if you are not going to use it right now, I think it is a good idea to have it on your phone just in case.