Ultimate InboxDollars Review

Ultimate InboxDollars Review

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InboxDollars is one of the best-known paid survey sites in the world. The platform is especially popular in the U.S. Unfortunately, it is not available in Australia where I live currently. As I researched this topic, I’ve found that more than 6,500 people left great reviews. I have compiled all of those reviews and summarized them in an interesting way.

It is true that collective opinions beat one person’s opinion. If more than 6,500 people talk about something positively, then, it should be good. And, that was what I found with InboxDollars. I have pulled customer review data out of TrustPilot, and I checked how most of the people think about the website. The result was surprisingly positive.

Overall Ratings

The customer overall ratings gave the website 4 stars out of 5. This means that almost 80 percent of the participants gave 4 or 5 stars for InboxDollars. These positive ratings can prove that InboxDollars is really working and many people, at least 5,200 people (80% of 6,500), benefited from the website.

Considering that this website is based in the U.S., people won’t leave positive comments if they just threw away several cents per survey. There were some other websites that pay very little rewards per survey. I believe that InboxDollars pays good amount of compensation for each survey completed.

Word Cloud

Have you heard about word cloud? We can use this interesting and simple technique to learn the general feeling of people toward certain things. In a word cloud, you can see specific words in different sizes. The larger it is, the more people used that word to describe it. To find out how people think about InboxDollar, we will use this interesting technique to let you know what words people used in their review.

I have collected all the review titles of the customers from TrustPilot. And, I wrote some code to count words. Look at the encouraging result below.

InboxDollars Review by Word Cloud

Can you see the most frequently used word? It is “love”. If many people hated the money making website, the large words could have been “hate”, “bad”, “scam”, or some other negative words. But as you can see, top frequent words are all positive terms. What other words can you see? There are “great”, “love”, “good”, “awesome”, “like”, and many other positive terms.

Just by looking at the word cloud result, we can learn that InboxDollars is trustworthy. Now, let’s go one layer deeper.

Customer Sentiments

As the last part of how people think about the paid survey website, I categorized the reviews into types of feeling by using data analytics technique. Don’t be scared! You will just see a very simple graph and see what emotions people have had over this website. The word cloud was created by all of the review titles. For customer sentiments, I have used the contents of the reviews.

InboxDollars Review by Customer Sentiments

As expected, the top sentiment from the actual users was positive. The next biggest is negative, but other positive sentiments including trust, anticipation, and joy follow negative next.

Using the data from TrustPilot, I was able to prove that many people trust and like the website. And, it is not a scam if you are worried. Then, let’s find out how the website works, and how you can earn money.

How Does InboxDollars Work?

There are three main ways that the website pays you cash – survey, video watching, and games playing. You will be given a simple task, and when you complete it, you get your reward. Let’s have a look at how each category works.


It is quite simple. InboxDollars will give you surveys and short polls, and you can use your laptop or mobile phone to finish those surveys. These surveys are not what InboxDollars create for its users. There are always big companies and even governments out there wanting to know people’s opinions. They pay money to InboxDollars, and InboxDollars pay part of it to the survey takers.

Those companies and organizations will collect the opinions and apply them to their products and policies. So, when you answer surveys, you are an influencer. So, from where you can start?

Build Your Profile

The companies using InboxDollars want to target specific groups of people for their surveys. This means you will not be suitable for all surveys offered from InboxDollars. You also will not want to participate in surveys that are not related to you at all. To avoid this, you have to complete profile survey. This procedure is nothing particular to InboxDollars.

When I tried other survey websites, they all asked me to complete my profile survey. So, I will recommend you to finish answering profile questions first. After that, InboxDollars will find you more relevant surveys for you.

Start Your Surveys

Now that you have completed your profile survey, you can start your surveys. The InboxDollar website explains that each survey can pay you up to $5 and sometimes much more. So, if you keep your consistency, you will be able to accumulate good amount of money.


If you are a game lover, you can earn money while playing games. Most of their games are simple puzzle games that anyone can play. You can play it on your laptop or mobile phone as well. InboxDollars will pay you when you complete free games and puzzles. They also have casino type games, and they will pay more for those types of games.


Among the options, this could be the easiest option. You just watch videos and ads to earn money. Types of videos include movie previews, TV shows, news, and others. Just like other options, you can watch them on your computer or mobile phone. If you have completed your profile, you will have videos that are matched to your interest.

They have a wide range of video topics including food, entertainment, celebrities, and more. Since the type of the task is very simple, you may earn less than paid surveys. But, you are a multiplayer, you can listen to the videos while completing paid surveys.

Perfect Choice to Revive Your Dead Time

I personally use other paid survey websites during my commute to work or while waiting for someone or something. People may underestimate this type of website, but it could be better than just watching TV shows on your couch. It could be even better than Game of Thrones! The TV shows will never pay you a dime. But, you can, at least, earn some money for gifts and bottles of beer.


Based on my review analysis from actual users, I can tell that InboxDollars is a great website that allows you to earn real cash. Their survey rewards, compared to other paid surveys, are also relatively higher. So, with InboxDollars, you can turn your time into productive and profitable one.

For Those Living Outside the U.S.

I have been living outside the U.S. which doesn’t allow me to join the website. If you are looking for other paid survey websites, you can check my other blog posts following. They are also great ones, and I have used them and earned real cash.

Check Qmee if you are looking for no minimum threshold for withdrawal.

Check ValuedOpinions if you are looking for a relatively higher paying survey website.

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