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Destiny Review & FREE Bonus

Affiliate Robots + Free Traffic = Cha-Ching!

For a long time, marketing has been the backbone of any relationship between the brand and the customer and of course has a close relationship with Sales.

At the start of a new business, however, the dominant relationship will be between the founder and the salesman – the boss creates the product, the seller takes full responsibility for connecting to the customer.  Then, the company grows, the marketing program becomes so large that it makes it difficult to manage everything through Outlook, Word or Excel. That’s when  marketing automation comes out.

But in this article I will not go too deep. I want to talk about automation in Facebook.

>>>> It’s Chatbots

Chatbot is an extension function for your site. Each chatbot will link to a facebook page. So if anyone chat with bot then it means they are chatting with your facebook. Instead of being a conversation between people, the conversation between the bot and the person


Today, I introduce with you a brand new training will be released at July 26th that will help you CRUSH affiliate marketing WITHOUT an emai list (believe it or not this is actually better) or the need to have your own following.

DESTINY is a revolutionary new training that teaches you to get insane conversion rates with… robots? These little chat robots that creators has been setting up can be used to sell a variety of products, without ever having to deal with the complicated coding skills you usually need for these.

Keep tracking on my Destiny Review !!!

Destiny Review – Overview

  • Creator: JayKay Dowdall
  • Product: Destiny
  • Release Date: July 26th,2018
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $13
  • Guarantee : Of course, you got 30-day no questions asked MONEY-BACK
  • Sale page : CLICK HERE
  • Niche: Tranning Course / Case Studys
  • Recommend : Highly

What Is Destiny About?

Chatbot’s are a BIG PART of the future of Internet Marketing. Unlike other training that preach chatbots as the “replacement to email marketingDestiny will teach your tribe that chatbots are an excellent addition to an any kind of email marketing, or even as a great stand-alone method to earn affiliate commissions.


Destiny will teach your tribe how to setup a white-hat chatbot that engages with traffic, promotes affiliate products, tags and segments users based on their engagement with the chatbot, and even adds new chatbot subscribers to their autoresponder – on autopilot.

Basiclly, Destiny is a UNIQUE piece of training that will immediately put an end to the expensive costs

that are traditionally associated with successful affiliate marketing

Keep reading my Destiny Review to get more surprising!

Destiny’s Creators

The man behind Destiny product is JayKay Dowdall


JayKay Dowdall is a young talented digital marketer and also the software creator with many achievements. Although he hasn’t worked in this field for a long time, he has succeeded with many product launches such as Auto Profit Daily…. and many more.

With this recent launch, he has spent much time and energy to create and develop it. He desires to bring a new game changer for affiliate marketers and help people to succeed with the least effort as well as budget.

Now Don’t miss out on the next part of my Destiny Review as I will further explain its features.

Destiny Review – The Feature. This Is What Makes Destiny Different


Destiny includes 3 COMPLETE case studies showing your tribe how JayKay Dowdall has used chatbots with 100% free traffic to make $160 in 24hrs, $417 in 24hrs, and $396 in 24hrs on 3 seperate occassions.

One of these case studies is also recorded and update LIVE as the Destiny chatbot sends out messages for JayKay and sales are made consistently over the first day of the promotion – totaling $396 in the first 24hrs.

Destiny includes over 30 videos, PDFs, cheatsheets, FB Mastermind Access, and more explaining WHY Chatbots work, HOW your tribe can create one themselves, WHAT to do with them once they’ve created one, and WHERE to promote their chatbot for free for maximum engagement and subscribers.

JayKay explains free traffic strategies from a beginners perspective, paid traffic from an intermediate perspective, and advanced paid traffic strategies.

How To Make Destiny Work?

It takes just 4 simple steps to start generating sales & getting recurring leads with Destiny :

  • STEP #1

Select a product or offer you want to promote, in any niche – whether it’s an affiliate offer, CPA offer, eCommerce product, etc.

  • STEP #2

Use free or low-cost software to develop your first chatbot using a simple drag n drop interface without touching a single line of developer code.

  • STEP #3

Deploy your chatbot to whatever page you want – a blog, ecommerce store, landing page or use a free drag’n’drop page builder recommended in the training.

  • STEP #4

Use our completely free traffic strategies to send clicks to your web page and let your chatbot do the rest; engaging with traffic while selling them your product of choice from Step #1

You Are Still Hesitant. Here Is Why You Need To Buy Destiny?

I know you still hesitant but…4 REASONS you absolutely need destiny :

  • Only 3 videos into the Destiny training you’ll be able to make your first chatbot!
  • No previous SKILLS required, no previous marketing EXPERIENCE required, no CODING required!
  • The included swipe files make copying our chatbots as easy as a few simple clicks!
  • Right now you can get Destiny at a massive DISCOUNT!

buying Destiny

My Personal Experiences About Destiny

Ok I wait for this section. After 2 week work with Destiny, I can summary some benefit down here:

  • You don’t need to be a expert to understand this. It’s 100% newbie friendly training
  • Above all, NEVER before seen applications.
  • Without emails, you still build leaderboard winning promos
  • With real case studies, Video training video, autoresponder, bot. Easy to get VIRAL traffic.
  • On ANY NICHE without download anything.
  • Totally success by free traffic ( I appreciate this )
  • Not yet, you will surprise when you can see the bonuses packages go with it.

The doors open at 10:00 AM EST on July 26th,2018 (Thursday) so please activate your copy of Destiny the minute the doors open, to ensure you get in at the lowest possible price.

The price will be super low for the first FIVE hours. Then there will be a price increase, and I wouldn’t want you to pay that!

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Destiny Review – Prices & OTO

Destiny will be released by JayKay Dowdall on 10:00 AM EST on July 26th,2018

Jason will be offering a special discount at the beginning of the launch and for a limited time you can purchase this product for $13.  I am also giving away the FREE Bonus products listed below when you purchase through my page >>> CLICK HERE




Use this checklist before launching any free traffic or advanced campaigns and make sure you’ve got everything setup correctly. I’ve been creating these chatbots for over 1yr and I still use this checklist every time I setup a new one.


This is a very unique bonus that will give you tasks to complete over the next 7-days after you pickup your lifetime membership to DESTINY. These tasks are designed with the beginner in mind to structure small assignments after completing each section of videos and PDF training.

Use this challenge and follow the steps to lead you to your first $100 profit using the DESTINY system.


Access to the private 10x Mastermind Group to learn from chatbot insiders, beginners, veterans and more. Get bonus training, seminars, units, and more in a completely spam-free environment where your success is the #1 goal of the community.


Get access to the chatbots designed inside DESTINY! Simply grab these chatbot swipes for yourself and use them as inspiration or just drop this copy directly into your own chatbot and upload our pre-made chatbots to promote your own products!

Destiny Review – Summary

In summary, I hope that all of the information in my Destiny Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. If you’re ready to start making a real online income in the most passive way possible then click the button below before the price rises. I am look forward to seeing your success.

Thanks for reading my Destiny Review!

See you !!

Destiny review -get-access


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