Does ANZ Do Cardless Cash?

Yes, ANZ does offer a way to withdraw cash without a card. However, the bank does not call it Cardless Cash, but Digital Wallet. Two other big banks in Australia, Commonwealth Bank, and NAB, call …


Yes, ANZ does offer a way to withdraw cash without a card. However, the bank does not call it Cardless Cash, but Digital Wallet. Two other big banks in Australia, Commonwealth Bank, and NAB, call their equivalent service as Cardless Cash.

Why ANZ does not call it cardless cash? That’s because they do require their customers to use a card but not in a physical form but in a digital wallet (app). That’s contrary to the rest two banks that allow their customers to use just an app without a digital card to withdraw cash.

This post will explain how to use ANZ Digital Wallet and share some tips.


To use ANZ Digital Wallet, you should meet certain criteria.

ANZ Customer

The basic condition of using ANZ Digital Wallet is you have to be an ANZ customer. You should have a bank account and an eligible card to be used in the Digital Wallet. The eligible cards can differ depending on the smart device you are using.

Smart Device

You also need to have a smart device that supports contactless payment feature. To check the eligibility of your cards by smart device, check the ANZ Card Eligibility By Smart Device table below.

Apple Pay

If you have an Apple device that supports Apple Pay, you may be able to use the Digital Wallet. In addition to the usability at ATM, you can pay in iOS apps and websites on Safari using Apple Pay. As of today, Apple Pay supports the largest range of ANZ cards.

Google Pay

Do you use an Android device? If your device supports Google Pay, check the eligibility table below to see if your card can be used for the Digital Wallet. Google Pay also supports the largest range of cards.

Samsung Pay

If you have a Samsung smartphone or watch, check the eligibility table. Samsung Pay supports fewer ANZ cards for Digital Wallet.

Fitbit Pay

Fitbit is a smart device that tracks your workout, and you can use it for payment.

Garmin Pay

Garmin is also a wearable device that similar to Fitbit. You can use Garmin Pay for Digital Wallet.

ANZ Card Eligibility By Smart Device

Use this table to check your card’s eligibility for Digital Wallet. This table was created using the information from ANZ website in May 2020.

ANZ CardApple PayGoogle PaySamsung PayFitbit PayGarmin Pay
ANZ Access cardOOXXX
ANZ Access Visa DebitOOOOO
ANZ Balance VisaOOOOO
ANZ Business Visa DebitOOOOO
ANZ Business OneOOOOO
ANZ Business One BlackOOOOO
ANZ First Low InterestOOOOO
ANZ Frequent Flyer GoldOOOOO
ANZ Frequent Flyer VisaOOOOO
ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa BlackOOOOO
ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa Black (Private Bank)OOOOO
ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa PlatinumOOOOO
ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa Platinum (Private Bank)OOOOO
ANZ Rewards VisaOOOOO
ANZ Rewards Visa BlackOOOOO
ANZ Rewards Visa PaycardOOXXX
ANZ Rewards Visa PlatinumOOOOO
ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures VisaOOOOO
ANZ Visa PaycardOOXXX
ANZ Corporate CardOOOOO
ANZ Visa Purchasing CardOOOOO
ANZ Cards eligibility for digital wallet by smart device

Interest Fees for Cash Withdrawal at ATM

This convenient feature is not free. According to the Digital Wallet disclaimer, it will incur interest and you may have to pay a Cash Advance Fee. The ANZ Credit Card Conditions of Use document explains the definition of cash advance.

A cash advance refers to cash withdrawal from an ATM selecting “credit” as the account type. This will always charge interest even though you are in the interest free periods on your credit card account. The interest will generally be charged from the cash advance date until you pay off that amount in full. During that period, interest will keep being charged.

You may prevent from being charged interest if your credit card account is in credit (by at least the amount of the cash advance) upon the cash advance.

How to Use Digital Wallet at ATM

Using the Digital Wallet at an ANZ ATM is straightforward.

  1. Open your digital wallet app and choose your ANZ card.
  2. Tap your smart device at the contactless symbol that looks like below.
  1. Enter your PIN.

With these steps, you can withdraw cash without a physical card from your wallet. You can use your Digital Wallet at any ANZ ATM across Australia.

Once you completed withdrawal from an ATM, you may receive notifications for your transaction if you have turned on notification for your Digital Wallet.


Although ANZ does not have “cardless cash”, the bank provides the digital wallet feature. While cardless cash is only for cash withdrawal at ATM, ANZ’s digital wallet can be used to pay at an online or offline store. Check the requirements and note that it can incur fees. With these in mind, you are now ready to use Digital Wallet.

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