How To Earn Money on Qmee

There are too many paid survey websites. Anyone who tried to make money online and search for online earning methods, the person should have come across this paid survey option. At first, people will doubt …

There are too many paid survey websites. Anyone who tried to make money online and search for online earning methods, the person should have come across this paid survey option. At first, people will doubt on if they can actually make money using it, if so, how much? I’ve tried many paid survey websites, but there has been only a few that actually worked for me and brought me real cash.

One of the websites that I have had a good experience is Qmee. Remember this article is not related to affiliate marketing and is my objective review. Then why is the website recommended? But before that, let me first tell you why I use these few paid websites to give you some context.

Better than Game of Thrones

I’m not talking about the excitement and fun. It’s about how you spend your time. I don’t watch TV. I don’t play video games. Well I love them, but I always feel like my time gets wasted when doing them. Also, I have long dead time like waiting for a bus, commuting to an office, just stay next to my children watching TV and more. We all will agree that those hours will never bring us money. Not even a cent.

Many bloggers and people said that using paid survey website is a waste of time because each reward is so small. Then how about watching Youtube? By this, I believe you would get my point. I keeping using those sites, and my goal is earning enough money for Christmas gifts for my family. My first time using it was late last year and turned my dead time into $100+. it’s small, but if you sit on your couch watching TV, no one will give even a dime.

I keep adding more. I am pretty sure that by the end of this year of 2019, I will not have to spend my salary on those gifts. Let me first talk about the things I liked about Qmee along with two more websites that I will introduce in other posts.

About Qmee

Let me talk about Qmee. The company started in 2012 by two business persons, Jonathan Knight, and Nick Sutton. They built the company with the aim of connecting businesses and people. What does connection mean here? Companies are always looking for feedback from customers. But collecting customer’s opinions is not easy especially if it’s not directly related to products in the market.

That is where Qmee steps in. By sharing rewards from their clients, Qmee attracts the right population to each survey. They have been doing it successfully for 7 years, and I think that they can further expand into other countries. Currently, they support the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. So, if you live in one of the countries, you can try Qmee.

No minimum threshold

The number one reason why I liked about the website is that its policy does not have a minimum cashout. I have looked into other survey sites like Swagbucks, Valued Opinions (I recommend this website though), Toluna, and others, and all of them has a minimum threshold from $5 to $25. That means that if you don’t accumulate more than a certain amount, you cannot turn the amount into anything useful whether it’s cash or a gift card.

Qmee, however, allows you to transfer any amount of money into your Paypal account. Yes, an amount even less than a dollar can be transferred. I tried it, and it worked! It is very important. When you have to keep trying surveys to exceed a minimum limit, you easily get tired. It is much more fun to see your cash balance going up and up. You will never get tired of this!H

Chrome extension

Qmee has a Chrome extension that alerts you when a new survey is available. But, more importantly, by installing the app, you can earn as you search on Google. However, Qmee does not tell you the rules for a cash reward. So, if you don’t mind installing an extension, you can do it and forget about it. Personally I will just use their surveys rather than using the extension, since I have not been able to grasp what’s going on in the addon.

Qmee also has screening

I know that this happens to other surveys as well. They first take you to a screening survey upon each start. If you are not qualified, you will be rejected from the survey and not able to earn any cash. The reason of any rejection is when the survey has already had enough respondents in a certain age bracket and your age is in that range.

When a pre-screening survey is long, however, they do compensate you with a small amount. Before actually starting a survey, I recommend finishing more than 50% of their profile survey. They will use it to understand who you are and find right surveys that are less likely to be rejected.


I like Qmee the best so far mainly because I can withdraw cash as I earn. The UI and how to use it are quite straightforward to me. Please refer to the image above, “My Cashout History into Paypal”, to get an idea of how much you can earn per survey. In general, the longer a survey is, the more cash you get. Don’t let your dead time be gone fruitlessly.