eMeals Review, Make Your Meal Plan Easy

Preparing a meal needs a lot of creativity and good planning. You have to come up with good meals every day considering nutrition and tastes. Especially if you are a parent, you will want to …

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Preparing a meal needs a lot of creativity and good planning. You have to come up with good meals every day considering nutrition and tastes. Especially if you are a parent, you will want to consider your kids. People make a weekly meal plan because if daily, you will have to go to the grocery every day. The weekly plan will create a long shopping list. This post reviews a smart mobile app, eMeals, that makes your meal and grocery plans extremely easy and simple.

As you read through this post, you will learn the story that led to the foundation of eMeals. Of course, I will introduce the main features and subscription plans. And, lastly, I will share my customer review analysis and Google Trend result to tell you if eMeals is really a good product.

Story of eMeals

As I reviewed many other good products, I learned that there is always a good story behind the success of a product. This rule applies to eMeals as well. Jane DeLaney and Jenny Cochran founded the firm to solve the problem that every parent experiences on a daily basis. They always have to think about what to eat and what to buy for the meal. Quite often, this duty falls into the hand of a mom who is also very busy at work.

So, the founders created a solution that makes preparing meals and shopping groceries easy and fun. Using the eMeals app, you can browse through a comprehensive menu list and find a shopping list for each meal.

Main Feature

To use the app, you don’t have to be a technical expert or a chef. As I looked at the app, I found that the user experience is smooth and easy. What you only need to do is to decide your diet and menus. After you choose your meals, you can see a grocery list that contains ingredients to make the meals. As you check the list, you can either just use the list to do your grocery or send the list to one of the grocery retailers for pickup.

Grocery Stores Supporting eMeals

In this US, you can send your grocery list to large grocery retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, Amazon, Instacart, and Shipt. You can pick up your groceries at the store or can make them delivered to your home. It is very convenient. You can use the eMeals app to check the closest retail stores.

Well-Designed Meal Plans

eMeals designed its meal plans considering various needs. If I list the meal plans that the firm lists on their website:

  • 30 Minute
  • 4-Week Keto Diet
  • Budget Friendly
  • Clean Eating
  • Diabetic. Gluten Free
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Heart Healthy
  • Kid Friendly
  • Low Calorie
  • Low Carb
  • Mediterranean
  • Paleo
  • Quick and Healthy
  • Slow Cooker
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Breakfast Plan
  • Dessert Plan
  • Lunch Plan
  • Occasions Plan

As you can see, the meal plans are quite complete and thoughtful, and I cannot think of any other meal plan. In addition to these meal plans, you can also see breakfast and lunch plans. eMeals subscription will let you access all the meal plans.

Subscription Price

eMeals has one subscription option, but you can save subscription cost by selecting the 12-month option that is equivalent of $4.99 a month. The 3-month subscription plan is $9.99 a month. eMeals has a free trial option for 14 days. So, you can try the service before actually paying your money.

Smartphone App

The eMeals smartphone app is free and compatible with iOS and Android phones. To use it, you will first have to sign up on their website.

How Users Think About eMeals

When you see product introduction from a firm, you will always hear great things about it. No company will reveal any weaknesses or any defects of their products, obviously. So, as a consumer, it is wiser to doubt what they say and do your own research before making a final purchase decision. In this section, we will learn how actual users think about eMeals. How can we measure these? We can do this by using data analysis techniques called sentiment analysis.

You don’t have to be scared by the technical term. I did the technical part and you can just look at pretty graphs. In this section, I will show you two types of graphs – word cloud and customer sentiment chart. For the analysis, I’ve compiled more than 750 customer reviews from TrustPilot and conducted analysis to summarize them. I will show you the result in a word cloud and a customer sentiments chart. And, lastly, I will share an eMeals Google trend result that shows the level of interest from people.

Word Cloud

Word cloud is one of the great and fun ways to understand customer sentiments toward a product or a service. In a word cloud, you can see specific words in different sizes. The larger it is, the more people used that word to describe the product. For this word cloud, I used the titles of the reviews, since people put the essence of their opinions in the title. The 750+ reviews allowed me to generate an interesting word cloud that let me reach a positive conclusion. Have a look!

eMeals Word Cloud
eMeals Word Cloud

Understanding the word cloud is easy. Just follow your eyes and see what you see. You will see that most of the big words are all positive. This means that customers have had a positive experience with the service. People used words like “love”, “easy”, “great”, “good”, and more positive terms to describe eMeals. You can also see “meals” and “recipes” As I researched, these words were used in the context of “easy meals”, “friendly meals”, “great recipes”, “recipes are great” and more.

This word cloud alone may have already given you a good impression since the result was quite positive. To give you a bit more details, I will share another sentiment analysis.

Customer Sentiments

In the word cloud, we were able to observe what descriptive words people used to talk about eMeals. As mentioned, the word cloud is based on the titles of customer reviews, but the sentiment analysis graph was generated by the contents of the reviews. In the sentiment analysis, we will see more specific types of feeling that people showed in their review. In the analysis, you can see 10 different sentiments such as positive, negative, trust, anticipation, joy, fear, sadness, anger, surprise, and disgust.

The technology behind the chart is straightforward. The analysis algorithm holds 10 different lists – each list containing words that are mapped to one of the 10 sentiments. When this algorithm runs, it checks and matches with one of the sentiments. When matched, it is counted as one and is categorized in one of the 10 sentiments. My analysis on the positive reviews appears as below.

eMeals Customer Sentiments
eMeals Customer Sentiments

The chart is also not difficult to understand. You can see that the positive sentiment is ranked number one. The first rank is followed by “negative”, “trust”, “anticipation”, “joy” and “sadness”. It does have negative opinions, but most of the people had positive sentiment toward the service that the positive sentiment took the first rank.

eMeals Trend

As the final chapter of analysis, let me share the trend of eMeals. I used Google Trend to check how frequently “eMeals” is searched on Google over the past 12 months. Google Trend is a useful tool to measure the interest of people. The more frequently people search on Google, the more popular or trendy it is. The Google Trend result for eMeals below shows that people have increasingly shown an interest in the service.


Considering my review analysis result, the great features that eMeals promises seem to be real and positively reviewed by its users. If you are struggling with meal planning or wanting to try new meals, I think eMeals can be a great option for you.