What is HEB Netspend and what are benefits?

In this post, we will discover HEB Netspend and its major features. Also, we will find out the benefits you can gain by using HEB Netspend. HEB and Netspend are two different companies. So, let’s …

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In this post, we will discover HEB Netspend and its major features. Also, we will find out the benefits you can gain by using HEB Netspend. HEB and Netspend are two different companies. So, let’s first talk about HEB.

About HEB

H-E-B is a Texas-based American supermarket chain. According to Wikipedia, the grocery retailer owns 350 stores in Texas and in northeast Mexico. The firm also operates Central Market that is focused on high-quality organic and fine foods. In 2017, its revenue exceeded USD$25 billion. H-E-B was named as No. 12 on Forbes’ 2019 list of “America’s Largest Private Companies”. If we use their 2014 revenues, HEB is the 20th largest retailer in the United States. It is also a socially responsible firm that they donate 5% of pre-tax profit to charities.

About Netspend

TSYS is a global payment company that processes 27 billion transactions per year in 80 countries in the world. That global payment giant is the parent company of Netspend. In addition to individual customers, TSYS has more than 50 percent of the world’s largest financial institutions as customers. Netspend was established by Sosa brothers in 1999. In 2011, PayPal and Netspend signed a partnership. And, TSYS has acquired Netspend in 2013. The payment firm has a wide range of industry-leading customers such as Walmart, United, WesternUnionWU, PayPal, ACE Cash Express, 7 Eleven, Brinks Money, MLB, and more.

HEB Netspend

HEB and Netspend are giants in a different domain. What does one of them have to do with another? A line that ties them together is a prepaid card program. According to this BusinessWire article, in 2012, Netspend announced that they have launched a prepaid card program with three giant firms including HEB Grocery Stores, PayPal, and 7-Eleven. Since then, the two companies have been able to manage their good partnership for almost 8 years now. Let’s find out more about this topic.

Major Benefits of HEB Netspend

Then, what are the major benefits you can gain by an HEB Netspend Visa prepaid card?

No credit check required

Since this is a prepaid debit card, you will not have to go through any credit check. But, this does not mean that they do not ask any personal information. To open a debit card account, you will be asked for personal details such as name, address, DOB, and your government ID number. Netspend might ask to check your driver’s license or other identification detail. In spite of these requirements, it will still be less cumbersome to get an HEB Netspend card.

Earn points upon purchases and get more points at HEB

A next benefit you can have is earning points when you purchase items and get 2x points at HEB stores. The HEB Netspend website says that if you enroll now, you will earn 100 points for getting started.

Free reloads

When you reload your prepaid card at HEB, you don’t pay any recharge fees. You can reload it at the checkout counter or store Business Center. In addition to loading at HEB, you can reload your Netspend card in various ways.

Great for money management

You can select to receive all of your paycheck deposited into your prepaid account or only part of it. You can get a notification by Anytime Alerts when your fund gets deposited into your account. Getting an alert is free of charge. Since your salary is directly deposited into your account, you don’t have to manage any paper check and wait on long lines on payday. In addition, you can create Direct Deposit for many government benefits such as Social Security. This also means that you can set up a direct deposit for your tax refunds into your card account.

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There are great benefits to use HEB Netspend
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How to get a new card

We discovered the major benefits of having an HEB Netspend card. To open a new account, visit this link and find the “OPEN A NEW ACCOUNT” button.

HEB Netspend Trend

A type of analysis I often use for a product review is using Google Trend. It is an extremely helpful service by Google that gives you a historical Google search trend. The idea is that if a product or a company can maintain or can increase its search volume over many years, it supports the quality of the product. If a product is bad, people won’t show their interest and eventually will never search for the product anymore. Then, how is the trend of HEB Netspend? Plus, how has people’s interest in the debit card in general been changed?

The blue line shows the level of interest in HEB Netspend over the past 5 years in the United States. As you can find, since late 2016, people’s interest spiked, and it has been able to maintain the base level. This is the indicator of popularity and even the quality of the product. This looks quite positive.

Things You Should Know About H-E-B

As I researched this post topic, I found an interesting article about H-E-B. I will dedicate this section to talk about the Texas grocery chain. The article explains that the chain started in 1905. The founder, Frances Butt, opened the first store in Kerrville, Texas, on the bottom floor of her house. She named it C.C. Butt Grocery Store. After that, Howard E. Butt took over the family business in 1919. Frances had three sons, and Howard was the youngest. His name still appears and it is abbreviated as H. E. Butt. HE Butt!

The grocery giant focuses only on Texas with 300 stores across the state. It did try to expand to another state such as Louisiana, but it didn’t work well. You can find many products that symbolize the state. Although they don’t have a store in another state, he has in Mexico. The article mentioned that the first store in Mexico opened in Monterrey in 1997. Currently, the country has around 50 stores. The expansion is noteworthy because there are only a few US supermarkets that successfully expanded into other countries.

This Texas chain sells its products to other states through online shopping. You can check their website to browse products. The blog points out that HEB’s food samples are better than Costco. The author recommends visiting on a weekend because that is when beer and wine firms let you taste samples to talk about their products. Many of the products on their shelves are produced within the state from corn, fruits, meat, dairy, and more.

One of the most popular products is the condiments of Whataburger, a burger joint opened in 2017. Customers started loving it and looked for Whataburger products both on their website and in an H-E-B store. Lastly, they do combo deals. For example, if you buy a product in combo promotion, you might get another product for free.


In this post, we found out what HEB Netspend is and the great benefits you can gain by using an HEB Netspend prepaid card. If you are a frequent shopper of H-E-B, I think that an HEB Netspend card can give you a lot of conveniences and benefits.

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