How to Delete Venmo History

Venmo is a great app that has both social and financial features. Using the app, you can easily split the bill among your friends or you can transfer money with a few taps. Your transaction …

Venmo is a great app that has both social and financial features. Using the app, you can easily split the bill among your friends or you can transfer money with a few taps. Your transaction history with your contacts is recorded so that you can keep the memory. But, sometimes you may want to hide your Venmo history.

In this post, we will learn if and how we can delete Venmo history.

Can we delete Venmo history?

The short answer is no. You cannot remove your Venmo history. But, you can hide it by changing your settings – switching from public to private. Although this only option will still show your history to your friends, you can prevent it from being exposed to the random people.

Let’s find out how to do it step-by-step.

Change your setting to private

The following method applies only to your past transactions. To turn your future transaction to private, you need to follow separate steps. So, first, if you want to limit your past transaction to private, follow these below. I include the setting change for future transactions right below the section.

For past transactions

  1. Open your Venmo app.
  2. Find the setting icon that looks like below.
  1. When you see the menu showing up, find the Settings menu.
  2. Within the settings menu, find the “Privacy” menu.
  3. In the Privacy menu, find “Past Transactions” under the More section at the bottom.
  4. In the Past Transactions menu, select “Change All to Private“.
  5. Tap “Change All to Private” again when you see the confirmation message.

For future transactions

This method will block your future transactions from appearing in public.

  1. Go the Settings menu again.
  2. Go to the “Privacy” menu.
  3. Find the Default Privacy Setting and choose the Private option as below.
  1. In the confirmation message, select “Change Anyway“.

That’s it. From now on, your transaction will become private.

Hide specific transactions

The options above become effective for all your past and future transactions. What if you want to change the privacy setting for an individual transaction? There is a way.

  1. Go to the payment or purchase itself.
  2. Select the privacy setting in the transaction.
  3. Change the privacy setting to private.

Changing the privacy setting for a transaction is quite easy.

Things you should know

Venmo lists several tips for you about the security setting change.

  • When you make a transaction with someone on Venmo, you and the counterpart may have different privacy settings. In that case, the more strict privacy setting between the two will be applied.
  • Any purchases made by your Venmo card or purchases from approved merchants using Venmo are private by default. But you can change the privacy setting to share purchases.
  • Changing the privacy settings into private does not mean all of your transactions to be hidden from you. They will still appear in your personal feed to let you track your transactions.
  • The counterpart of a transaction will still be able to see the dollar amount even if you change your privacy settings into private. The funding source will only be visible to you.

Venmo is a platform that puts more focus on interactions with people. You might not be able to find these features in other finance platforms such as PayPal. In my post, PayPal vs. Venmo, I compared the two platforms. The post will help you better understand Venmo.


We learned how to delete Venmo history. It turned out there is no way to completely wipe out your Venmo history from your account. As an alternative, you can consider to change your privacy setting to private so that other people cannot see them. These options are always reversible. If you don’t like the private settings, you can change it back to public.

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