How to Find and Use FlashPay Id

How to Find and Use FlashPay Id

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If you are looking for ways to find and use FlashPay Id, you’ve found the right spot. This blog post will cover from a general explanation on Netspend to, more specifically, how to find and use FlashPay Id. Let me explain first Netspend and its relationship with Paypal.

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About Netspend

Netspend is a payment company owned by TSYS which is also a payment firm. TSYS processes whopping 27 billion transactions per year in 80 different countries. TSYS serves more than 50% of the world’s largest banks and provides solutions to merchants and businesses. Netspend, however, was not part of TSYS from the beginning.

Netspend was founded by Sosa brothers in 1999. In 2011, Netspend signed a partnership with PayPal. It was 2013 when the firm was acquired by TSYS. Netspend has two mainstream products – prepaid cards and business solutions.

Prepaid Cards

Netspend has very simple and fast process to sign up. Since it is prepaid cards, they will not check your credit and will not charge activation fee. However, to start using a prepaid card, you should activate your card and verify your identification. So, to simply put, order a card, activate and verify identification, and add money to spend. It is the whole process that you go through.

Netspend prepaid cards provide three convenient features.

  • Direct Deposit: You can set up a direct deposit to add money to your Netspend prepaid card account. Netspend says that if you use this option, payment will arrive up to 2 days faster. You can link your Netspend account to various payment sources as below.
    • Paychecks from work
    • Tax refunds
    • Social Security benefits
    • Pensions
    • SSI, or Supplemental Security Income
    • Railroad Retirement Benefits
    • Defense Finance and Accounting Service Payments
    • Unemployment benefits from state (different by state)
    • and more
  • Mobile Account: Just like any other online banking, you can use your mobile phone to access your Netspend account. The mobile app will allow you to check your balance and see account information. Also, you can send and receive money on your mobile phone. The app can find you the nearest reloading locations. A recently added feature is adding your check into your account by taking a photo of it.
  • Anytime Alerts: You can get notified about transactions via email or text message. There are more scenarios. You can configure it to receive an alert when paycheck becomes available. Or, you can set it to inform you when a spending limit is reached. In addition to these event-based alerts. What’s more interesting is that you can interact with Anytime Alerts. Do you want to quickly find your balance? Then, you can simply send a message back with “BAL”. If you send “RELOAD”, it will let you know the nearest reload locations.

To start using a prepaid card, you need to select one of the two pricing options – Monthly Plan and Pay-As-You-Go Plan. Depending on your use cases, you may fit more into one of them. If you want unlimited transactions, get paid by Direct Deposit, or/and use the card often, Monthly Plan will be suitable to you. If you don’t use your card often incurring fewer transactions, Pay-As-You-Go will be better for you.

Use Netspend Prepaid Card for Everyday Expenses
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Business Solutions

If you are a small business owner, read through this section since Netspend has many good features.

  • Small Business Prepaid Mastercard: I think that one of the merits that prepaid cards have is controllability. When you run a business and want to use a card that has a limit, a prepaid card can be a great option for you. If you have more than one prepaid card, don’t worry about management. All transactions can be seen in one place, which is a convenient feature for tax time. In addition, you can accept your customers’ payments – checks, credit and debit cards, and cash – and load them into your account.
  • Incentive: There is no more rewarding method than paying out to people. Using a single access point, you can load the same or different amounts to prepaid cards. You can even design prepaid cards with your company’s brand on it.
  • Tip Network: This allows companies to distribute tips to your employees without having to pre-fund a master settlement account. Netspend will take care of the money for that day’s tips, and you pay back the amount within 2 days.
  • Paycard (Skylight PayOptions): Paycard allows you to simply manage payroll payment and removing the need to write paper checks. You can centrally control payroll by using the Skylight Corporate Portal.
  • Expense Management: One of the conveniences that prepaid cards have is that you can control expenses by topping up a limited amount of money. By this, you can prevent your business expenses from going out of control.

Find and Use FlashPay Id

Netspend owns a service called FlashPay. The feature allows you to receive funds to your Netspend prepaid card account and send money to other Netspend accounts. So, it is like an identification number of your account. You will automatically be assigned with a unique FlashPay Id. Go to the Netspend website and log into your account to find the id. If you want to receive fund from other Netspend account holder, just simply send your FlashPay Id.

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