How to Invert Colors on Chromebook into Comfortable Colors

When you watch a bright screen for a while, your eyes easily get tired and you cannot stay with your computer for a long enough time. If you use Chrombook, there is a way to invert colors on your Chromebook, which can make the colors darker. This post explains step-by-step how to invert colors on Chrombook.

How to Invert Colors on Chromebook

To invert colors, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the icon at the bottom right and tap on the Settings icon that looks like below.
  1. On the page, scroll down to the bottom and select “Advanced”.
  2. Find and select “Manage accessibility features”.
  1. Find the “Use high contrast mode” option and enable it. The option is located in the “Display” section.
  1. Once the “Use high contrast mode” option is enabled (turned blue), the colors of your screen will become inverted.
  2. If you like the inverted colors, click the X button at the top right corner to apply the change or “Ctrl” + “w” to exit.

As your colors get darker, your eyes will feel more comfortable with the screen.

What if you don’t like the inverted colors?

If you find the inverted colors uncomfortable and rollback to the original state, you can simply revisit the steps above. At step 4, find the “Use high contrast mode” option again and disable it (turned grey). Then, the colors will return to the prior state.

Darker Colors Good for Eyes and Battery?

This optical article points out that dark mode can reduce eye strain in low-light conditions. So, we cannot blindly believe that dark mode will always make our eyes comfortable. The post also stated that a 100% contrast mode – white letters and numbers on a black background – can make it harder to read and lead to more eye strain. Thus, it can be more difficult to read for a long time in the light-on-dark theme.

The optical expert recommended to use a dark them when you are in low light or when you don’t have to read for a longer time. If you plan to read long, the original state (before the inverted mode) can work better for you. You might want to change the background color to gray and adjust your screen’s brightness.


In this post, we learned how to invert colors on Chrombook. I hope that the steps above are straightforward and easy to follow. Plus, refer to the “Darker Colors Good for Eyes and Battery?” section since a dark them is not always good for readability and eye strain. If you don’t like the change, don’t worry, you can always go back to the original mode.