How to Make Money on Minecraft: A Comprehensive Guide

Minecraft is an incredibly popular game, with millions of players worldwide. While many people play Minecraft purely for the joy of creating and exploring, there are also plenty of opportunities to make money from the …

Minecraft is an incredibly popular game, with millions of players worldwide. While many people play Minecraft purely for the joy of creating and exploring, there are also plenty of opportunities to make money from the game. In this guide, we’ll explore various ways to make money on Minecraft, from Minecraft server hosting to Minecraft YouTube channels.

Successful Minecraft YouTube Channels and Influencers

Let’s start from learning five successful Minecraft YouTube channels or influencers that have been able to earn a good income through their Minecraft-related content:

  1. PewDiePie: PewDiePie is one of the most well-known YouTubers and has a massive following of over 110 million subscribers. While he covers a wide range of topics on his channel, he has a dedicated Minecraft series that has garnered a lot of attention. His Minecraft videos include gameplay, tutorials, and collaborations with other popular YouTubers.
  2. Dream: Dream is a Minecraft YouTuber who has become incredibly popular over the past few years. He has over 23 million subscribers and is known for his Minecraft challenges and collaborations with other YouTubers. He also creates Minecraft mods and has a successful Minecraft server.
  3. Mumbo Jumbo: Mumbo Jumbo is a British Minecraft YouTuber who has over 9 million subscribers. He is known for his Minecraft tutorials, where he shares tips and tricks for building in the game. He also showcases his own Minecraft creations and collaborations with other players.
  4. Grian: Grian is another British Minecraft YouTuber who has over 8 million subscribers. He is known for his Minecraft building tutorials, where he showcases his own unique style of building. He also creates Minecraft mods and collaborates with other YouTubers on Minecraft projects.
  5. StampyLongHead: StampyLongHead is a Minecraft YouTuber who has been creating content since 2012. He has over 9 million subscribers and is known for his Minecraft Let’s Play series, where he shares his adventures in the game. He also creates Minecraft mini-games and has collaborated with other popular YouTubers on Minecraft projects.

Ideas to Make Money on Minecraft

To get inspired and started with your journey to becoming the next success story, check out these ideas.

Minecraft Server Hosting

One of the most popular ways to make money on Minecraft is by hosting your own server. With a Minecraft server, you can create your own game world and invite other players to join you. There are several ways to make money from a Minecraft server, including:

  1. Charging players a fee to join your server
  2. Selling in-game items or resources
  3. Offering VIP memberships or other perks for a fee

To get started with Minecraft server hosting, you’ll need to find a reliable hosting provider. Some popular options include Apex Minecraft Hosting, Shockbyte, and BisectHosting. Once you’ve set up your server, you’ll need to promote it to attract players and start making money.

Minecraft Marketplace

Once you become a content creator on the Minecraft Marketplace, you can start uploading your creations for sale. The marketplace offers a great platform to showcase your creative skills and monetize them. For instance, you can create custom skins and textures for the players to enhance their Minecraft gameplay experience. Besides, you can also create unique maps and sell them to players who are looking for new and exciting worlds to explore.

The Minecraft Marketplace is an excellent way to make money if you have a knack for creating custom Minecraft content. It provides a vast and engaged audience that is always looking for something new and exciting to add to their game. Moreover, selling your creations on the Minecraft Marketplace is relatively easy, and you get to keep a significant portion of the revenue generated from your sales.

However, keep in mind that the competition on the Minecraft Marketplace can be fierce. You need to create unique and high-quality content to stand out from the crowd and attract buyers. Moreover, you need to ensure that your creations meet the marketplace’s guidelines and follow the Minecraft’s terms of service. Failure to do so can result in your content being removed from the marketplace, and you may even face legal action.

Minecraft Mods

There are countless Minecraft mods available, covering everything from new creatures and items to whole new game modes. Some popular Minecraft mods that can help you make money include:

  1. Economy mods – These mods add virtual currencies to the game, allowing players to buy and sell items and services with each other. You can charge players real money in exchange for virtual currency, allowing you to make a profit.
  2. Custom item mods – If you’re skilled at 3D modeling or graphic design, you can create custom items or weapons and sell them online.
  3. Adventure mods – Adventure mods are custom maps that provide players with a new Minecraft experience. You can create your own adventure mod and sell it on platforms like CurseForge or the Minecraft Marketplace.

It’s important to note that while creating and selling Minecraft mods can be profitable, it can also be time-consuming and requires some technical expertise. Before diving into mod creation, make sure you have a solid understanding of Minecraft’s programming language and modding tools.

Minecraft Resource Packs

Additionally, you can also offer customization services for Minecraft resource packs. Some players may want a personalized resource pack that reflects their personality or interests, and they may be willing to pay for this service. You can advertise your customization services on forums, social media, and other online platforms where Minecraft players gather. This can be a great way to make money on Minecraft while also showcasing your artistic skills.

It’s also worth noting that creating Minecraft resource packs and mods can be a fun hobby in itself, even if you don’t make a lot of money from it. It allows you to express your creativity and contribute to the Minecraft community in a meaningful way. So, even if you don’t make a fortune from your Minecraft creations, you can still enjoy the satisfaction of making something that other players can enjoy.

Minecraft Plugins

Minecraft plugins can be a great way to make money on Minecraft, especially if you have experience in programming and server administration. To create and sell Minecraft plugins, you’ll need to have a deep understanding of the game mechanics and be familiar with the Minecraft server API. You can create your own plugins from scratch or modify existing ones to create new features and functionalities.

To sell your Minecraft plugins, you can list them on online marketplaces such as SpigotMC or Bukkit. These marketplaces provide a platform for developers to sell their plugins and earn money from their work. To increase your chances of success, make sure to create high-quality plugins that are in demand and offer great support and documentation to your customers.

It’s important to note that there are many free plugins available for Minecraft servers, so you’ll need to offer something unique and valuable to attract paying customers. One approach is to target niche markets, such as specific types of servers or game modes, and create plugins that cater to their specific needs. Another approach is to create a plugin that solves a common problem or pain point that many server owners face, such as performance optimization or anti-cheat measures.

Minecraft Tutorials

Creating Minecraft tutorials is a great way to share your knowledge and skills with other players while also earning money. You can create tutorials in various formats, including written guides, video tutorials, or live streaming. Some popular Minecraft tutorial topics include beginner’s guides, advanced building techniques, redstone tutorials, and modding tutorials.

To make money from Minecraft tutorials, you can monetize your content through various platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, or Patreon. You can earn revenue from ads on YouTube, receive donations or subscriptions on Twitch, or offer exclusive content or early access to your tutorials on Patreon.

To create successful Minecraft tutorials, you need to provide high-quality, informative content that is tailored to your audience. You can engage with your audience by asking for feedback, answering questions, and creating a sense of community around your tutorials. This can help you build a loyal following and establish yourself as an expert in the Minecraft community.

Minecraft Gameplay Tips

Creating a successful Minecraft gameplay tips video or written tutorial involves a few key strategies. First, you need to identify the specific areas of the game that players struggle with the most. This could be a challenging level or boss fight, a particular crafting recipe, or even tips on how to efficiently gather resources.

Once you’ve identified your target area, it’s important to create content that is easy to understand and follow. Use clear and concise language, and include plenty of visuals or demonstrations to help players see exactly what you’re talking about.

Another important factor is to stay up to date with the latest updates and changes to the game. Minecraft is constantly evolving, and new updates can often bring significant changes to gameplay mechanics. By staying on top of these changes, you can provide valuable insights and tips that other players may not be aware of.

Finally, it’s important to promote your content effectively. Share your videos or tutorials on social media and gaming forums to reach a wider audience, and engage with your viewers by responding to comments and feedback. By building a strong community around your content, you can create a loyal following and increase your chances of monetizing your Minecraft gameplay tips.

Minecraft Community Building

Minecraft players often look for servers that have an active and engaged community, so by building a community around your Minecraft server, you can attract more players and potentially increase your revenue. To build a successful Minecraft community, you’ll need to have strong social media and networking skills, be able to engage with players and foster a positive community spirit, and have a deep understanding of the Minecraft game and its community culture. You can also host events and contests within your community to encourage engagement and attract more players.

Minecraft YouTube Channels

Minecraft YouTube channels have become a popular way for players to make money from the game. By creating content that is entertaining, informative, and engaging, players can attract a large audience and monetize their channel through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

To create a successful Minecraft YouTube channel, you’ll need to have a strong understanding of the game and be able to create high-quality videos that viewers will want to watch. You can create gameplay videos, tutorials, or other content related to Minecraft, but it’s important to find a niche that sets your channel apart from others.

One way to attract viewers is to create unique or unusual Minecraft builds or challenges. You can also collaborate with other Minecraft YouTubers to create joint content or participate in multiplayer challenges. Engaging with your viewers through comments and social media is also important for building a community and growing your channel.

Once your channel has a substantial audience, you can monetize it through ads, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing. YouTube offers a partner program that allows eligible channels to earn money through ads that are placed on their videos. Sponsorships and affiliate marketing can also be lucrative, as companies may be interested in partnering with Minecraft YouTubers to promote their products or services to a targeted audience.


There are many ways to make money on Minecraft, whether you are a player or a content creator. By exploring different monetization strategies and building a strong community, you can turn your passion for Minecraft into a profitable venture.