How to organize Legos (41 creative ideas!)

As a dad of two boys, lego bricks are something I have to deal with quite often. I sometimes step on a tiny lego brick at night in bare feet, and that’s really hurt! I …

how to organize Legos

As a dad of two boys, lego bricks are something I have to deal with quite often. I sometimes step on a tiny lego brick at night in bare feet, and that’s really hurt! I often asked my kids to clean and organize their lego blocks. But I believe I need to make a good lego organization system first so that they can easily put their bricks into the right places. But, this article is not just for your kid’s lego. Legos are not only for kids but also for adults so you will find a comprehensive list of lego organization ideas!

Here, you can have four large sections:

Let’s first start with organization ideas for your kids. I recommend reading through the whole list since you can combine two or more solutions to have a good result.

Organization Ideas for Kids

For your kids, a simpler way would be much better than a complex one. If you create a difficult organization system, you and your kids can get bored and tired while putting small pieces into small compartments.

1. Lego Mat

This is the simplest and fastest way of organizing your legos. When you open it, it becomes a play mat and when you close it, it becomes a big bag storing Lego bricks inside. When kids want to play with their legos, you just need to unzip the bag and pull them all out. When they finish playing, you can just put all kids’ Legos inside the swoop bag and just zip it. This is one of the easiest ways to organize all the big and small pieces together.

2. Cardboard Boxes

If you are looking for a free solution, consider to reuse your delivery boxes. I know that those boxes are not very pretty to sit around your living room or kids room. But, it’s free and you or your kids together can decorate those boxes, which can be a fun family activity.

3. Plastic Bags

Another possible free option is to use plastic bags that you already have at home. If you don’t like how they look, consider hiding them inside cardboard boxes or a Lego mat. You can sort Lego bricks by putting them into different plastic bags that will work as a compartment inside a box or a bag. 

4. Large Plastic Box (Plain)

Simple as the Lego mat, one large plastic box can hold all of your Lego bricks. You can consider mixing the cardboard box or/and plastic bag with a plastic box. By using smaller boxes and bags, you can sort and find bricks more easily. A larger plain plastic box can be also more affordable than buying smaller and more plastic boxes.

What’s good about a plain plastic storage box is affordability. When you can afford to buy a box per a Lego set, you can also put a manual together with original pieces. When kids want to disassemble, you can store the bricks from a Lego set in a dedicated box with a manual. 

5. Lego-Themed Box

If you want to add a bit more Lego touch to your plastic box, check a product like this. By adding a Lego feature to the lid, you can instantly find a Lego storage box. Also, this product is transparent, which makes it even easier to find your Lego pieces.

6. Lego Storage Head

Lego understands that organizing bricks can be a demanding job. If you are willing to make a little investment, a Lego storage head can be a good option. This product is designed and made by Lego. The storage looks like a giant head of the Lego miniature that will trigger curiosity of your kids. The large size is 10” (27 cm) high and 9 “ (24 cm) across. You can choose either boy or girl for the head appearance. As you can do with normal Lego bricks, you can stack up more heads. There is no compartment inside so you just put all Lego bricks together. 

7. Lego Desk Drawer

Having a Lego theme in a storage makes your organization solution perfect. First of all, it looks great and can harmonize with your interior design of your house. This desk drawer is designed and made by Lego, and you can stack them like Lego pieces. The size of 8 knots is 31.6 x 15.8 x 11.3 centimetres and you can choose a different color. Since you can assemble, you can add creativeness to your organization system.

8. Lego Cinch Bucket

This is also designed and made by Lego. This Lego storage bag is similar to the Lego mat except you can not unfold it to a mat. It is basically a cinch bag covered in a Lego design. It has small convenient features such as a handle and a transparent bottom so that you can quickly check what’s inside without opening the bag. The size is 20.32 x 20.32 x 21.59 cm and you can choose either red or blue.

9. Lego Storage Brick

This Lego storage has a similar design with the Lego desk drawer. This storage is designed and made by Lego A difference with the drawer is that it has a lid instead of having a sliding drawer. The size is bigger than the drawer as it is 50 x 25 x 18 cm or 19.7 x 9.8 x 7.1 in. The product has more color options including red, blue, bright pink, green, yello, and many more.

10. Play and Storage Desk

If you’re willing to spend more than $100, consider this unfoldable desk with dedicated storage boxes. This desk also has a Lego panel where kids can stack and build Lego sets above. One more thing I liked this about is when you unfold the top, it becomes two separate play areas. When you have two kids, this can be very helpful for your kids and you as well. The product is 90.17 x 48.26 x 39.12 cm and weighs 12 kg.

11. Display Shelf

You can use this display shelf to sort Lego bricks and let them reachable by kids. Since they are open, you can easily tell which bucket stores particular types of bricks. Of course, you can use it to store other toys and have one bucket dedicated to Lego manuals for example.

12. Lego Minifigure Display

When you want to display Lego mini figures, check this display case made for it. This case, designed by Lego, can be stacked onto other display boxes. It has holes at the back so that you can hang them on the wall. This can be a good addition to your kid’s room.

13. Stepped Minifigure Display

If you want to put many minifigures in the same place, consider this layerable minifigure display. You can put a group of figures that have the same theme in the layered box. This can be a more suitable Lego storage solution than the minifigure display above if you want to display many more figures.


IKEA has this simple but smart-looking box that’s designed to organize Lego bricks inside a box. Its white color will go well with any surrounding and will make colorful Lego brinks stand out. There is a small section where you can add a label outside the box. The lid can be used as a Lego panel where kids can build something on it.

15. Lego Duplo Play Wall

You might have seen this before at a kids cafe or play room. Lego wall can be a great idea to let your kids build and display their work to people. Because it is a wall, you can use it as if it’s a white board. Kids can assemble alphabet letters or draw a picture with Lego pieces. This product comes with a bucket so kids can just put all the pieces there.

Organization Ideas for Adults

Lego is no longer just for kids. Adults buy and build Lego sets as a hobby. Washington Post reported that adults use Lego to relieve their stress from their work. When you finish building one, you can display it for an interior design purpose. In this section, we will have a look at Lego organization ideas for adults.

1. Acrylic Display Box

Once you finish building, you would want to display your Lego collection instead of breaking them into pieces again as many kids would do. This acrylic box is a great way to display Lego sets. It is transparent so people can see the Lego inside. In Amazon, there is a side range of selection depending on the size of your Lego you want to display. 

2. Acrylic Display Cabinet

When your Lego collection gets bigger, you will also want a bigger solution. This layered display cabinet can accommodate and display multiple Lego sets in a big transparent acrylic container.  

3. Lego Storage Drawer Cabinet

This type of storage drawer may be suitable for a pro hobbyist. If you want to build a serious Lego building area, for example, inside your garage, this type of cabinet can be a perfect fit. You can sort out your Lego pieces by sizes and colors and attach a sticker on each drawer to easily find a piece.

4. Plastic Nesting Shelf Bin Box

If you have a big shelf to fill, you can consider this plastic bin box. These multi-purpose boxes can store your Lego bricks and match their colors. You can choose colors such as red, blue, yellow, green, and white. If you have an idle shelf, these storage bins can revive the unused paces.

5. Plastic Storage with Removable Dividers

If you are looking for a more compact solution, this storage case can serve your purpose. This case can be great to store small parts. Plus, this has removable dividers, which allows you to adjust compartments for different shapes and sizes. 

6. Multipurpose Display Shelf

If you are looking for a display shelf for your Lego combined with books and other items, a display shelf like this can accommodate them. This display shelf offers various colors and sizes to fit your interior needs.

7. Floating Shelf

You can utilize wall space at various height levels using this floating shelf. The shelf design looks simple but you can install at various height levels and in different arrangements. You can bring your Lego sets to decorate your wall.

8. Zigzag Wall Mount Display

Mountable shelves have numerous different designs. This zigzag-shaped corner shelf can be an interesting way to display your Lego sets. Thanks to the design, you can utilize an idle corner space and put not only Lego sets but also other decorative items.

9 Two-tier Corner Wall Shelf

This corner shelf is a simple but multifunctional storage for your own creations of Lego. This is also designed to fit into a corner and to mount on the wall. The two-tier shelf may not be big enough so check if it would fit your Legos. The board size is 12.4 * 12.4 * 0.5 inch. 

DIY Organization Ideas

We have discovered various organization methods using already made products. If you want to design your own storage solutions, watch this section. When you design your own, you can make one that perfectly meets your needs and may be able to save cost. Plus, it can be a good activity with your kids.

1. Lego Base Plates

These Lego base plates can be a great way to turn a table or a wall into a Lego play area. These plates have an attachable sticker behind. You just need to peel it off and attach a plate. These plates can be essential pieces for your DIY project. Build now your first time DIY Lego table!

2. Lego Figure Display on White Block

This is a great way to display your Lego figures on the wall. The Lego plates, when you attach them on the wall, you can stack horizontally, which is not ideal for Lego figures. By installing the white blocks (or any color you want), you can make the wall a Lego figure display.

3. IKEA Lego Storage Cabinet

The cabinets at the top and the bottom are from IKEA. By assembling the cabinets like the image, you can expand Lego storage. Using the Lego plates, you can also turn the table surface into a Lego building area if you want. This is a great idea to store and display Lego sets. This person went even further by painting the wall in a Lego theme.

4. Complex Drawer System

Source: flickr

This complete set of drawers is a pro-level organization system that can accommodate all Lego pieces in different sizes. WIth a combination of large bottom drawers and small ones at the top, you can systematically sort out Lego pieces by size and by color.

5. Transparent Stand Storage

These transparent storage compartments allow people to quickly find what they need. As a stand-alone storage, you can add extra space to store more Lego pieces by utilizing the wall space.

6. Drawer and Lego Wall for Display

Souce: flickriver

You can use a drawer cabinet with multiple containers. This person displayed Lego figures on the top and on the dedicated Lego block wall. Also, by attaching a label on each drawer, the person made it easily distinguishable.

7. Multiplex Cabinets with Smaller Plastic Containers

When you combine and stack multiple cabinets, you can build a larger storage system. With smaller plastic containers, you can flexibly use their spaces. Some compartments can be used to store bricks while others are for displaying built Lego sets and boxes.

8. Cardboard Boxes within Drawer

Source: flickr

By cutting a cardboard box, you can make small compartments in drawers. This can be useful when you have to sort out small Lego pieces. It is a smart way to repurpose unused items and to reduce waste.

9. Lego Studio

Souce: flickr

If you don’t like making your Lego pieces visible outside, you can consider putting them in normal drawers. Some people might prefer this way since it hides all Lego pieces. If you like sharing what you built, how about building a Lego studio like the photo?

10. Lego Home Office

Souce: flickr

Many people work from home these days. Because of that, people are interested in making their home office. If you are serious about Lego, how about having a Lego home office? This person has a dedicated room to build Legos and has a perfect storage system.

11. Lego Desk with Lightings

Source: flickr

The design of the storage system looks similar to others. But, this person installed lighting that illuminates Lego drawers and the working station. This can add a nice touch to your Lego working space and this may look greater at night.

12. Lego Garage

Source: flickr

You don’t have enough space to build a Lego storage inside your house? How about taking advantage of unused space in your garage? A small garage can turn into a nice Lego workstation. A good thing about this is that you can have a separated space so that you can focus more on building without anyone’s interruptions.

13. Built-in Display

This built-in display space is a perfect solution to harmonize with surrounding interiors. It does not stand out and does not take extra space. This natural way of storage can be a perfect choice to display your Lego sets.

14. Lego Block Desk

This Lego-themed desk and wall storage are an inspiring design. Although it has a Lego concept, you can just use it as a normal desk when you don’t want to store Lego sets.

Lego Instruction Booklet Organization Ideas

When you open a new Lego box, you not only have Lego blocks but also Lego instruction manuals. When you want to rebuild your Lego sets, those manuals will be needed. In this section, we will find out how we can effectively store Lego manuals.

1. Scrapbook

You can use a scrapbook to store instructions. Since they are transparent, you can easily find a manual. You can find scrapbooks that have the right size for manuals.

2. Plastic Folder

This plastic folder is another type of organization folder. It has a button that can prevent paper instructions from falling out. With this, you can securely store paper manuals.

3. Instruction Hanger

This simple hanger can be a multi-purpose organization hanger. With a simple ring, you can hang Lego instructions and also other items such as keys, accessories, and other small items.

Wrapping up

We’ve just learned lots of Lego storage ideas. As you build your own Lego storage system, you can not only clean up the mass but also show off your Lego masterpieces. Each person will have different ways and preferences in how they want to organize Legos. There is no right or wrong answer. What’s important is to take your first step and take actions.