How to Retrieve Archived Messages on Facebook Messenger + 7 Useful Tips

On Facebook Messenger, there is a way to recover the old messages you archived. You might miss your old friends and want to see the old messages you exchanged with them. Or you need to …

On Facebook Messenger, there is a way to recover the old messages you archived. You might miss your old friends and want to see the old messages you exchanged with them. Or you need to retrieve the old messages that hold important information. This post explains how to retrieve archived messages on Facebook Messenger step-by-step.

To retrieve them, you can use either Facebook Messanger app or Facebook website.

Use Facebook Messanger to Retrieve

Let’s first find out how to retrieve the messages on your smart phone.

  1. Open Facebook Messager app.
  2. Find the search input and type the person you had the conversation with to search. If you try to search the person by scrolling down, it may not appear since you’ve archived the messages with the person.
  3. Tap on the person’s name you searched. All the messages with that person, including archived ones, will now appear automatically. When you send a message, the person who was previously hidden will now appear in the message list.

Using the Facebook Message app to recover the messages is straightforward. Please note that once you send a new message to that person, the whole thread will be recovered, and it will reappear in the main message inbox.

Use Facebook Website to Retrieve

If you want to unarchive the messages on your computer, you can use the Facebook website.

  1. Go to and find the Messanger icon at the top right corner. It looks like the one below. If you cannot find it, this link will guide you to the Messanger website.
  1. Find and click “See All in Messanger”. If you used the link, you will be already in the full messanger screen.
  2. Find and click the setting icon that looks like a gear as below. It’s located at the top left corner.
  1. In the settings menu, click “Archived Chats”. It will bring all the archived chats in the left pane.
  2. Same as using the Messanger app, send a message to the person to bring that thread to the main list.

Delete vs. Archive Messages

You learned that you could retrieve messages that were archived without losing them permanently. Facebook Messanger, of course, has a function to delete messages. What are the differences between deleting and archiving? It is as the name says. When you delete a message, it will be permanently gone. There is no way of retrieving it. In contrast, archiving a message is like hiding it for now. The conversation thread will not appear in your main message list as if it’s gone. However, by using the methods above, you can still recover them whenever you want.

Thus, if you don’t want some messages ever to be viewed by yourself (or someone else too!), deleting them can be a good option. If you just want to have an organized look in the main messanger list, archiving them can be a good choice. The conversations with your good friends can be precious.

Facebook Messanger Tips

We have learned an important tip that allows you to recover archived messages. To help you to make good use of the messanger, I added more tips here. I hope that they are useful.

1. Send Voice Messages

Sometimes you don’t want to type lengthy sentences and just want to talk to that person. If a phone call doesn’t work for you, try to send a voice message. It’ll be faster and easier to deliver longer messages. To use this feature, go to the chat with the person to receive the message. Find the icon that looks like a microphone. Tap on it to start recording.

2. Hire Your Chatbot to Get Things Done

You can install chatbots of other businesses. Find the Discover icon at the bottom of the Messanger app. You will see a list of businesses that offer their chatbot. You can receive latest news from media companies, order items, or call Uber.

3. Share Songs with Your Friends

If you have a music streaming app such as Spotify, you may be able to share a song with your friends. Go to the Spotify app and find the share button. You will be able to see the Messanger app for sharing. Select it and find the friend you want to share with.

4. Transfer and Receive Money

You can even transfer money to your friend using the Messanger app. To use this feature, you and your friend will need to link a debit card or PayPal account. When you split a bill for dinner or party, this feature can be convenient because you don’t have to leave the Messagner app.

5. Use Messagner as Default SMS

If you really love your Messanger app, you can use it as default SMS. This means that you can receive and send SMS messages using the app. This feature, however, is only available to Android phones.

6. Run a Poll to Make a Decision

poll icon

When you have to collect everyone’s option on some agenda, there is no better way than running a poll. The Messanger app allows you to set up a quick poll for your friends. To run it, create a new story and find the Polls option below the Text menu. There, you can add your question and limit the people who can see the poll by the privacy options.

7. Send Your Location

You have an appointment with your friends but you don’t know where you are exactly. The Messanger app has a feature that allows you to pinpoint your location on the map and share it with you friends. With this function, your friends and you don’t have to waste another 30 minutes to finally meet together.


We have learned how to retrieve archived messages on Facebook Messenger step-by-step. The instructions explained above, I believe, should be easy for you to follow. Also, I hope that you could find some nuggets from the 7 useful Messanger tips.

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