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How to ripen avocados quickly + video guide and useful tips

This post explains how to ripen avocados quickly step-by-step. For those who may find the written guides difficult, I embedded a video instruction to make sure every visitor can achieve what they came for.

Why do you want to ripen avocados?

It is known to be perfectly safe to eat unripe avocados. But, in terms of texture and taste, you can’t expect it will be soft and creamy. Sometimes, unripe avocados smell differently while eating.

How to ripen avocados quickly

To enjoy the creamy and buttery texture, you will want to wait until avocados become ripe. When you buy them from a supermarket, it is likely that they are fresh. When it’s unripe and fresh, the color of the surface is closer to green. Bring them home and try the steps below to ripen your avocados quickly.

  1. Prepare a brown paper bag.
  2. Put the unripe avocados inside the bag with an apple or a banana.
  3. Leave them for two to three days until they are ripe.

As I researched this topic reading through multiple articles, I found that this is the most effective and natural way. Some posts shared some quicker solutions such as microwaving them after wrapping like this Readers Digest article. If you don’t really have time, you can try those options. If you have some time, try the brown bag method as it would give you a more natural result.

Video Guide

Quite often, a video can explain better than words. Check this simple video on how to ripen avocados.

How to Ripen an Avocado Quickly ⎢Martha Stewart

I believe the steps are now straightforward.

I’m not embedding another YouTube video on ripening avocados here, but it tells you that using the paper bag method produced the best result compared to heating options using a microwave, a dryer, or an oven.

How can this be possible?

This science website explains the effects of ethylene – a plant hormone that affects many plant growth processes including ripening. The science paper points out that apples and bananas naturally produce the hormone that can accelerate the ripening process of avocados. So, when you put an apple or a banana together with avocados, the ethylene gases speed up ripening avocados.

What avocados do to your body?

Besides the rich texture and taste, avocados are known to have great health benefits. For my research, I referred to this health website.

  1. Help to maintain healthy blood pressure: avocados contain high potassium that most people don’t consume enough. This mineral supports blood pressure at healthy levels.
  2. Good for a healthy heart: the fruit and avocado oil contain high monounsaturated oleic acid that is known to be a heart-healthy fatty acid.
  3. Weight loss and healthy metabolism: avocados have rich fiber that is an important benefit for weight loss and metabolic health.
  4. Lower heart disease risk: the health website pointed out that many studies have proved that avocados can improve heart disease risk factors.
  5. Eye health: avocados have rich antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin that are important for your eye health, and they reduce a risk of macular degenerations and cataracts.

Can avocados be frozen?

You can freeze avocados by yourself at home or buy frozen avocados. What you need to know is never freeze a whole avocado. The best way to keep frozen avocado is by mashing or pureeing before you put it into your freezer. This how-to article, How to Freeze Avocados, explains in detail how to properly freeze avocados. In addition, when you want to use frozen avocados, you will not want to use them on top of a salad or grain bowl. Since they are just out of the freezer, they will not give you as buttery and rich texture as ripe avocados.


Avocados provide many major health benefits in addition to great taste and texture. By now, I believe you have mastered how to ripen avocados quickly. Plus, I hope that the tips introduced here can help you to wisely use the fruit.