How to transfer Sweatcoin money to PayPal (with Video Guide)

You have walked enough to earn enough money and now you want to transfer it to your PayPal account. This post explains how to transfer Sweatcoin money to PayPal. Before I start, I want to …

You have walked enough to earn enough money and now you want to transfer it to your PayPal account. This post explains how to transfer Sweatcoin money to PayPal. Before I start, I want to tell you not to expect a convenient and straightforward way to transfer money to PayPal. I will explain possible ways but it is not like there is a button on the Sweatcoin app and send money by clicking it.

Let’s first learn what options you can use for the transfer.

How to convert Sweatcoin into cash

First thing first. Before you can transfer Sweatcoin to PayPal, we need to know if and how we can convert Sweatcoin into cash. Currently, there is one way.

If you look at the main screen that I captured from my phone, you can see that there is an option that allows you to convert 20,000 Sweatcoins into $1,000 cash. I browsed through other options and the rest were non-cash offers. These offers change over time so the $1,000 offer can later be changed or there could be other cash offers from Sweatcoin.

If I select that cash offer from the menu, the description said that the 20,000 Sweatcoins can be achievable with 24 months of steps plus invites. It also explained that $1,000 cash can be sent via TransferWise.

Being able to transfer via TransferWise means that you can send it to many major banks across the world. Sweatcoin pointed out that the offer won’t be available in Romania, Bulgaria, and Slovakia.

Can TransferWise directly send funds into PayPal?

We now know that there is a way to convert your Sweatcoins into cash and transfer via TransferWise. Then, can TransferWise support PayPal transfer?

The short answer is no according to this post, there is no direct way to transfer funds into PayPal via TransferWise. Instead, you will need an extra step – transfer to your bank account first.

Link your PayPal account to bank account

To transfer funds from your bank account to PayPal, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your PayPal account.
  2. Find the Wallet menu.
  3. Select “Transfer Money”.
  4. Select “Add money to your balance”.
  5. Choose one of the banks linked.
  6. Put the amount you want to add into your PayPal.
  7. Proceed with the rest steps.

Adding money into your PayPal from bank is easy. Although an extra step is needed to transfer from Sweatcoin to your PalPal via TransferWise, there’s still a way.

What else you can do with Sweatcoins?

We just learned that we can convert Sweatcoins into cash. As I looked through other options, I thought you might be interested in the offers currently available in the app. These offers are likely to be changed over time.

  • Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 3rd Gen
  • 75″ 4K Samsung Smart TV (RU7100)
  • $1,000 KLM Airways Giftcard

Each of them requires 20,000 Sweatcoins. They all are high-quality products so you may want to trade your coins with one of them.

How does Sweatcoins work?

It will be lucky if you have accumulated enough Sweatcoins to convert into cash. It is not an easy work. But, it is also not impossible. We all need to walk to commute or go to grocery shopping. The app will automatically track your walks and put Sweatcoins into your account. So, install it and forget about the app.

Another way of collecting Sweatcoins is to invite your friends into Sweatcoin. When the invited contacts join Sweatcoin, you will receive 5 Sweatcoins. If you can share an invite with your contacts and walk, it will boost the earning speed!

Video Guide

If you found the written guide above difficult, try to watch this video. This person, however, focuses on how to make Sweatcoins by sending out invites. This might help you to set up your account and start inviting people.


As I tried the app, I found that the app is interesting and can be a good side work. It will take not a short time to earn enough to convert Sweatcoins into cash and then into your PayPal. But, it is an interesting concept that allows you to monetize your steps. I’ll be happy to try this app for long period of time and see how it goes.