How to Unblock My Walmart Money Card

It can be frustrating when you can’t pay at a checkout counter due to a blocked card. Walmart MoneyCard offers many convenient features, but once it’s blocked, you cannot use it. This post explains possible …

It can be frustrating when you can’t pay at a checkout counter due to a blocked card. Walmart MoneyCard offers many convenient features, but once it’s blocked, you cannot use it. This post explains possible reasons why your Walmart MoneyCard is blocked and how to unlock your card.

Green Dot Bank

Before explaining the reasons and unblocking, you first have to understand that it is a bank called Green Dot Bank (GDB), not Walmart, that enables the use of Walmart MoneyCard. You can contact Walmart for service complaints and other purposes, but GDB is the card issuer and the bank can block your card for the reasons explained in the next section.

Possible Reasons for Being Blocked

Before unblocking your card, it can be beneficial to learn what may have caused blocking. When you contact the Walmart MoneyCard service team, they may explain the reason. However, you could make another mistake that leads to blocking again.

If your Walmart MoneyCard is blocked, it is likely that you did something against their terms and conditions. They define what you shouldn’t do under the General Limits on the Use of Your Card section.

  • In your Walmart card, you cannot have an amount that exceeds the maximum allowed amount of $7,500.
  • You shouldn’t make transactions that exceed $3,000 in sum per calendar day.
  • If GDB finds some security concerns, they have a right to limit the amount, type, and the number of transactions you can make with your card.
  • You cannot withdraw more than $500 from an ATM in a single day and $400 per teller transaction at a participating bank.
    • If indicated differently, then the different rules apply.
  • You cannot use your Walmart card at an ATM outside the U.S.
  • When you try to use your Walmart card outside the U.S., GDB may block transactions for security reasons.
  • You must not use the card at an unlawful gambling website within and outside the U.S.
  • You must not use the card to purchase illegal goods or services.

The items listed above are defined under the section in the Cardholder Agreement. The legal document also points out that GDB can block your card without notice.

In addition to these possible reasons, it might be you who intentionally have blocked your card because it was stolen or lost. For whatever reason, let’s now find out how to unblock your Walmart MoneyCard.

How to Unblock My Walmart MoneyCard

To unblock your Walmart MoneyCard, you need to visit the nearest Walmart store’s customer center or you can make a call to the customer center. If you want to find the nearest Walmart store,

If you want to make a call,

Before you do either of these, make sure to make your Walmart card and your ID ready for verification. Unblocking can take several days depending on your situation.

Benefits of Walmart MoneyCard

It is understandable you want to unblock and re-use your Walmart MoneyCard since it offers many benefits.

Cash Back

If your main grocery store is Walmart, you can take advantage of your frequent visit to the store. Walmart offers cashback program for Walmart MoneyCard. You can earn 3% cashback when you purchase items on 2% at Walmart fuel stations, and 1% at Walmart stores. Please note that the cashback amount is capped at $75 per year.

2% Interest on Your Savings

You can have a free savings account and earn 2% interest per month up to $1,000. You also might be able to win some prize.

Free Debit Card Account for Your Family

You can open more MoneyCard accounts for free for your family members. Since it is a debit card, it can be a great option for your teenager children.

ASAP Direct Debit

This is also a smart feature that Walmart MoneyCard offers. Using this, you can get paid up to 2 days earlier your payment from your employer or up to 4 days before benefits day.

Free Cash Load

At Walmart stores in the U.S., you can load cash using Walmart MoneyCard app without being charged.

Loadable From Other Banks

You can conveniently use the app to add money to your Walmart MoneyCard from your current bank account.

No Monthly Fees

When you have a deposit amount of $1,000 or more, you can get a waiver of monthly fee.

These are the major benefits you can enjoy from Walmart MoneyCard. They are quite attractive features for customers. Check their website to find out more.


I just mentioned that you will be charged none for your monthly fee if you have more than $1,000 in your account. What if you have lower amount? What are other fees?

  • Monthly fee: $5.94 (if your balance is lower than $1,000)
  • Purchase fee: $0
  • ATM cash withdrawal fee: $2.5
  • Cash reload: $5.95 (if reloaded using the app at Walmart store, it is $0)
  • Customer service fee: $0
  • Inactivity fee: $0
  • Overdraft fee: $0 (but, their Walmart says that other fees may apply)

The biggest fees among them are monthly fee and cash reload fee. However, as mentioned, they are preventable. If you can manage to have more than $1,000 and use the app at a Walmart store, you can save much fee.

How to Reload My Walmart MoneyCard

As we learned about the major features, we saw that there are two ways to reload your Walmart MoneyCard.

  • Use the Walmart MoneyCard app at the nearest Walmart store.
  • Transfer from your existing bank account to your Walmart MoneyCard account.


We have learned that how to unblock your Walmart Money Card and what may have caused it. Plus, the post listed the major benefits of the Walmart card. Knowing the reasons that can block your card and the benefits, you can make good use of the card.

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