How to unsave Snapchat messages + top 3 unsaving tips

This post explains how to unsave Snapchat messages step-by-step. For those who prefer video guides, I also included a video instruction to make sure everyone can achieve the task. Let’s jump right into the steps to unsave Snapchat messages.

How to unsave Snapchat messages

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Go to the chatting room where you saved messages.
    • You may be able to find the saved chat from the conversations tab.
    • Or, you can try to find a friend or group using the search feature.
  3. Find the saved messages highlighted in gray.
    • You can’t unsave saved messages in bulk. Select each message to unsave.
  4. To unsave the message, there are two options:
    • Tap the saved message. It will unsave the message after showing you an “Unsaved” label.
    • Tap and hold the saved message. It will show you a list of options. Choose “Unsave in Chat”.

If you have successfully unsaved a message, it will not be highlighted in grey any more. When you leave the chat, the unsave message will be deleted and no longer be seen again even when you return to the chat.

Video Guide

If you found the written steps above difficult to follow, try to watch this YouTube video that explains how to unsave messages.

How To Delete Saved Messages On Snapchat

We have so far learned how to unsave messages. In the rest sections, I will share some useful tips and information about unsaving messages.

When to save Snapchat messages

Saving Snapchat messages can be useful to keep records of the messages. Your friend might share some appointment schedules, anniversaries, to-do lists, or other information you want to remember. As you could learn from above, unsaving is easy, so don’t hesitate to save messages you think they are worth remembering.

What happens if someone has already saved my messages?

Let’s say you are the message sender and someone in the chat has read and saved your message. What if you want to delete that message? Will deleting still be able to remove the messages that have been read and saved by someone else? The answer is yes according to this tech website. If you want to delete the messages that have been sent, go to the chat and find the message. Tap and hold the message and select “Delete”, which will delete it even if the persons in the chat have already seen and saved it.

Does terminating my Snapchat account remove the messages saved by someone?

For some reason, you want to terminate your Snapchat account. You might wonder if terminating your account will delete the messages saved by someone? The answer is no. Even if your Snapchat account is gone, your chat messages in conversations will still be kept. Terminating will only delete the conversations from your feed. In other words, if you have saved someone’s message in a chat and the person has terminated his or her account, you can still keep the saved message.

What happens to the saved messages if you block the sender?

When you block the sender on Snapchat, your chat messages will be gone although you can still access the chat history on your former friend’s menu. Those who have been blocked by you still can see the messages whether it’s saved or not from you. However, you will not be able to see the messages that have been saved by you. FYI, if you block someone, the person can find out.


We have learned how to unsave Snapchat messages step-by-step in written and video guides. Plus, we learned three more unsaving tips. I hope that by now, you have achieved what you wanted to do.