Is Superbeets Scam or Real?

This post shares my findings to tell if Superbeets – a health supplement made out of beets – is a scam or an authentic product we can trust. As you read through, you will see …

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This post shares my findings to tell if Superbeets – a health supplement made out of beets – is a scam or an authentic product we can trust. As you read through, you will see my data-driven analysis result on why I think the beets product is not a scam. Let’s start with the firm.

About HumanN

HumanN, a Texas-based firm, started with a different name Neogenis Laboratories in 2009. After two years later, Neogenis put its first health product, Neo40, on the consumer and medical markets. Neo40 was designed to support heart and blood circulation. The elements contained in the product help to product Nitric Oxide or N-O in your body. N-O is known to be good for your heart and circulation. In 2013, the firm release other N-O support product called BeetElite for the sports and performance enhancement market. In 2015, physicians named Neo40 as one of the top recommended Nitric Oxide enhancement products. It was 2016 when they changed their name to HumanN. In both 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, the firm was listed in inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in America.


As I researched the firm and the product, I found that HumanN had great records in growth and reputation as you could also find from the section above. Let’s talk about SupetBeets now. SuperBeets was HumanN’s 3rd product released into the market in 2013. According to their website, the year 2019 marked the sale of 4 million canisters. The reason why I mentioned the sale record is to stress the fact that consumers are smart and also cold. When they have a bad experience with a product or a service, people will not find it again. We may not need wordy explanations about the product. Quite often, numbers tell you the truth.

Nitric Oxide

It is no secret that beets are known to be one of the most potent superfoods from nature. The root vegetable has important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Above all, beets are the source of dietary nitrates. That element helps your body to produce Nitric Oxide that has many health benefits. HumanN explains that one scoop of SuperBeets is equivalent to three whole beets. Then, what benefits Nitric Oxide has for our body? This health blog shares five major benefits.

1. Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sex. L-citrulline is an amino acid that may treat ED by producing N-O more. According to the HealthLine post, L-citrulline was found to improve erection firmness among 12 men with mild ED. As I researched the customer reviews of SuperBeets, many reported an increase in energy and stamina. This positive benefit can be related to their experience.

2. Reduce Muscle Soreness

The L-citrulline element increases nitric oxide production. But, there is more benefit of L-citrulline, and that is relieving muscle soreness. Muscle soreness refers to an uncomfortable experience that normally occurs after strenuous or unaccustomed exercise. The soreness is usually is felt after 24 to 72 hours after exercise. The blog explains that in a study, randomly selected people among 41 were given 8 grams of citrulline malate or a placebo one hour before working out. The exercises they performed include repetitive flat barbell bench press.

Those given citrulline reported 40% less muscle soreness after 24 to 48 hours after the exercise, compared to those provided with the placebo.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

People who have high blood pressure are regarded as having a damaged ability to user nitric oxide in their body. High blood pressure happens when the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your arteries is continuously too high. The symptom can lead to heart disease and kidney disease over time. It has been proven that a diet high in fruits and vegetables reduces blood pressure, lowering the risk of disease.

4. Improve Exercise Performance

Nitric oxide helps to widen the blood vessels. This results in an increase in the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles during exercise, which enhances exercise performance. Thanks to these effects, health supplements containing N-O are popular among athletes and gym-goers.

5. May Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes

What is found among those with type 2 diabetes is that nitric oxide is damaged. This results in poor blood vessel health, and that, in turn, leads to conditions like high blood pressure, kidney disease, and heart disease over time. Thus, supplements that increase nitric oxide may have important effects on treating diabetes and preventing the disease.

We have discovered the major health benefits of N-O. But, let me emphasize that the effects that each person feels after consuming the product can be different. So, don’t think that SuperBeets is a cure for your low blood pressure or heart conditions. Now I am wondering how most of the people who bought and used SuperBeets felt about the product? Did they think it is a scam? Did they actually feel improvements in their body?

How Customers Think About SuperBeets

When you consider to buy a product or to use a service, you will wonder what experiences other buyers had. Investigating the reviews of other users can lead to a better decision, and it is a wise thing to do as a consumer. If people are dissatisfied with it, they will complain about it and won’t recommend it. If they are happy, they will leave positive comments and share their great experiences. If we can compile and analyze those reviews, we can have an assurance about the product.

That’s what I am going to do for you. I used more than 1,500 reviews people left on Amazon and summarized those data to generate easy-to-understand graphs and charts. Those visuals will allow you to understand the overall sentiments the customers had toward the health supplement product. They are also extremely easy to understand.

SuperBeets Positive Word Cloud

In a word cloud, some words will appear bigger because those specific words were more frequently used among customers. So, the bigger the more frequent, thus, if those big words are positive, it proves that most of the customers had a positive experience. Have a look at the word cloud of SuperBeets.

SuperBeets Positive Word Cloud
SuperBeets Positive Word Cloud

Understanding the word cloud is easy. Just follow your eyes and see what you see. You will see that most of the big words are all positive. This means that customers have had a positive experience with the service. People used words like “fivestars”, “great”, “good”, “taste”, “works”, and more positive terms to describe this product. Among the terms, “taste” was used in the context of saying the taste is good.

Customer Sentiments

The word cloud tells you what descriptive words people used for the product. There is another angle we can use to understand the SuperBeets customer reviews. That is by categorizing the reviews into a type of 10 sentiments. While I used the review titles for the word cloud above, I used the review contents for the sentiment analysis. The result is the graph below.

Positive Customer Sentiments
Positive SuperBeets Sentiments

The chart is also not difficult to understand. You can see that the positive sentiment is ranked number one. The first rank is followed by “negative”, “trust”, “sadness” and “anticipation”. It does have some negative opinions, but overall, people expressed more positive sentiments than negative ones. So my customer review analysis told me that many people have a positive experience with the health product.

Google Trend

As the final segment of analysis, let me share the trend of SuperBeets. I used Google Trend to check how frequently “SuperBeets” is searched on Google over the past 5 years. Google Trend is a useful tool to measure the interest of people. The more frequently people search on Google, the more popular or trendy it is. The Google Trend result below (may not visible on a mobile phone) for the product below shows that people have shown an increasing interest in SuperBeets over the period.

SuperBeets search volume change on Google


There was a research that proved the blood pressure-lowering effect by beetroot juice. HumanN funded other research that also proved the positive effect of powder-formed beet health supplements like SuperBeets. The level of effectiveness can differ depending on the form of nitrates (liquid or powder).


This post examined SuperBeets and its manufacturer HumanN to tell you if the product is just a scam or a genuine product. Based on my customer review analysis, it seems that the majority of the people felt positive about the product. This could imply that the product did improve their health. Plus, we discovered the level of people’s interest in SuperBeets over the past 5 years. All combined together, I believe that SuperBeets by HumanN is not a scam, but a real product that you could benefit from it.

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