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Leadz.io Review



The most successful businesses are the ones that generate most leads from traffic. Is it true with your business? When many marketers saw the growth of Facebook marketing, they turned their backs on Twitter. It is a huge mistake. Twitter is still an effective marketing channel for businesses.

As on any platform, it is not easy to make money with Twitter. You need to adopt a method that gets your many leads from Twitter. Leadz.io is the application specialized on Twitter marketing. It is the one-of-a-kind app that allows you to connect with your audiences in a unique way.

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Leadz.io review: Overview


Vendor Andy Fletcher et al
Product Leadz.io
Launch Date 2017-Feb-14
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $37-$47
Sale Page Click here
Bonus Huge Bonuses
Niche Software


What is Leadz.io?

A study shows that Twitter users have some features below:

  • They are young: 36% of them are 18-29 years old.
  • Many of them are college graduates: 29% of college graduates have a Twitter account.
  • 30% Twitter users have incomes of over $75.000

These stats prove that Twitter is still a profitable channel for marketers to get more customers and earn more profits. Leadz.io is a web-based application that leads you to your potential customers and guides you step-by-step how to convert them into your customers.

Read on this Leadz.io review to see how it works.

What are The Great Features of Leadz.io?

We recognized that to generate as many leads as we could, there was a need to automate the process with software. However, if you’ve ever used Twitter, you’ve seen bots tweeting scammy offers – we wanted a completely different type of software.

​We wanted to attract the best prospects – and engage with them in a meaningful way which would prime them to be responsive to our offers.

So we agreed that completely automating the process of finding and engaging with prospects wasn’t the way to go.

On the other hand, we also knew it would be much easier to identify ideal prospects with software (because we could use it to find keywords used in their tweets and follow them.)

Then we could track the prospects we interacted with and systematically follow up with them . . . leading up to direct messaging with our offers.

After months in research, tweaking and testing, we had our software. When we put it to the test, we started getting incredible results like these:

Leadz.io helps you to identify prospects to your business.

You can find the potential customers for your business my niche and keywords. Engaging with people who have an interest in your niche is more likely to success. You can also see followers of your competitors and try to make them yours.

Leadz.io allows you to track the prospects you interact with.

You are able to see how deep is your interaction with your prospects. By seeing the progress, you will have the data to decide whether it is time to introduce your business and product to them or not. Timing is important in a relationship.

Leadz.io provides you with a systematical formula of how to convert your prospects into customers.

A formula of how to connect with your potential customers is important for success. Leadz.io provides you the proven method of engaging customers. All you need to do is to follow it step by step.

Scroll down this Leadz.io review to see how it works in details.

How Does Leadz.io Work?


Leadz.io works based on 3 rules:

  • People on Twitter like to play in the dashboard more than in their inboxes.
  • Many of them prefer using mobile devices for Twitter.
  • Twitter users tend to network with people with the same interests.

Below is the formula by steps.

Log in and authorize your twitter account.

The first step is to provide your Twitter account to Leadz.io so that it can help you. You can add as many Twitter accounts as you want.

Search for prospects

Leadz.io has a search engine to help you find your future customers. Use the keyword you prefer to find most qualified leads. This is how you can save a ton of time diving into the Twitter database to get some names.

View leads returned by Leadz.io

Visit the profile that best matches your needs, then follow them. You can add them to your list to manage better.

Enable easy engage to create semi-automated engagements with your leads

Here is where the main formula presents itself. All you need to do is to follow the instruction from the app. It is simple and easy to follow.

Once you’re done with everything above, your profit is on its way to your account.

Prices and How to Buy Leadz.io?

Leadz.io price

The front-end version of Leadz.io is available at $37. However, it will be likely to jump to $47 after the launching week.

Here are some offer and bonuses for my Leadz.io review reader:

#1 Leads Hijack upgrade – $27

It allows you to target an existing Marketing Expert, Guru, Thought Leader, High-profile Author, and a Celebrity. You then can cultivate the follower bases that they spent a lot of money and time to get.

#2 Pro Agency License – $97

This Agency License allows you to resell Leadz.io to other marketers and businesses who need it. All you earn is yours.

Leadz.io BONUSES

BONUS 1: Unlimited Accounts

This is the offer for people who purchase Leadz.io in the first week. It will cost much more than that after one week.

BONUS 2: Webinar

You will have access to a $500-per-hour-value Live training to learn everything you can from top marketer Simon.

BONUS 3: The VIP Facebook Group

It offers you the same bonus with bonus 2. However, the training will take place on Facebook. Use it wisely, you can get a lot of useful information.

Here is a list of bonus plugin and tools you get from purchasing Leadz.io. they are all powerful tool for your WordPress site. Buy Leadz.io and start exploring their wonderful features.

  • Affiliazione WP Affiliates Plugin
  • Automessage WordPress Plugin
  • E-Newsletter Plugin
  • Invite Plugin
  • The Private Messaging WordPress plugin
  • Social Marketing Plugin
  • Subscribe by Email Plugin
  • Ultimate Facebook Plugin
  • Simple Ads WordPress Plugin
  • Popup Pro Plugin
  • The Easygram WordPress Plugin
  • The Social Commerce WordPress Plugin

Why Should You Buy It?

I believe that Leadz.io demo video speaks for Leadz.io on why you should buy the app

If it doesn’t, here are some reasons I find:

  • Unique formula to get high-quality leads
  • The leads are free
  • The app has been tested and approved
  • You have a 30-day money back guarantee from the authors

Leadz.io Review: Conclusion

Any social network platform is profitable if you use them wisely. While everyone is focusing on Facebook and Instagram, do something different. Go back to Twitter and build your customer base there. Leadz.io provides you the method to it. It is time do get your free leads from Twitter!

While you are thinking about buying it, other people have bought and used it for their business which also means they are attracting customers from you by using exactly the methods in this product. Stop dilly-dallying !

What are you waiting for? Now is the best time to invest!

Get & Try it today Right Now and Claim Leadz.io & plus FREE Special Bonus from me!

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Thank you for reading my Leadz.io review!  I hope you see the light of hope as I did.


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