mahabis Slippers Review: Comfortable, Great Design, and Changeable Sole

This mahabis slippers review post will share the major features of the products and my analysis result about customer experiences with the slippers. You will learn if the consumers generally had a positive or negative …


This mahabis slippers review post will share the major features of the products and my analysis result about customer experiences with the slippers. You will learn if the consumers generally had a positive or negative experience with mahabis products. Plus, you can learn how people’s interest in mahabis has changed over the past 5 years. Let’s first find out the firm, mahabis.

About mahabis

mahabis is a fashion company mainly produces slippers and accessories. The firm is based in London, and it was founded in 2014. mahabis manufactures its slippers and products in Europe and China. In 2015, the firm was awarded with the Best Innovation in Footwear award at the Drapers Footwear Awards, according to Wikipedia.

One of the characteristics that make Mahabis slippers different from others is a detachable sole, which allows you to use slippers indoors and outdoors. The designs of their slipper products and soles were developed by cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing.

The company’s name starts with a lower letter “m” when they display it. So, you will see the same throughout this post.

Mahabis Slippers

Currently, Mahabis has five different types of slippers. Each model has unique features and design. Let’s have a look at each model.

mahabis classic

mahabis classic is the most basic model. You can choose one of the three colors for the upper part and one of six for the sole. The classic model consists of 4 major layers for your foot.

  • Upper – it helps to keep warmth inside and cold out. It’s made out of 61% wool made in New Zealand and 39% Polyester.
  • Wool lining – soft, warm, and high-quality fleece that regulates temperature. It is 100% Corriedale wool from Australia.
  • Foam footbed – adaptable footbed that contours your foot as you move. 100% open-cell PU foam.
  • Hybrid sole – durable sole that allows you to go in and out. It’s made out of 100% performance grade TPU.

The price of mahabis class is $99USD.

mahabis outdoor

While mahabis class is designed for both indoor and outdoor, mahabis outdoor was made particularly for outdoor activities. You can choose one of the four colors for the upper part.

The material characteristics and the origins are similar to mahabis classic. The upper is superlight and technically woven and the wool lining gives you comfort with 100% wool. Its foam footbed adapts following the shape and pressure of your foot. The durable sole has 100% performance grade TPU.

The price of mahabis outdoor is $99USD.

mahabis flow

mahabis flow gives you more flexibility in terms of designs and color matches. You can choose one of the seven color combinations. Among the seven options, you can have different or the same upper and sole colors, which gives you a unique look and feel. The materials of mahabis flow are also the same as the two slipper models above.

mahabis luxe

mahabis luxe is for the people who want to find a luxurious design and comfort in their slippers. To meet the luxurious needs, the model is made with a nubuck leather upper combined with 100% wool lining. The sole is multi-surfaces, which is suitable for your indoor and outdoor uses.

You can choose either black or beige upper matched with a white sole.

The price of mahabis luxe is $160.

mahabis kids

The comfort that mahabis slippers give is not only for you but also for your kids. The mahabis kids has four different upper colors and seven different sole colors. The materials are the same as the other slippers models for adults. It is only the size that’s different.

The price of mahabis kids is $32.50.

In this section, we’ve discovered the major features of five different types of mahabis slippers. In the next section, let’s find out how buyers felt about the products.

Customer Reviews Analysis

When you consider to buy a product or to use a service, you will wonder what experiences other buyers had. Investigating the reviews of other users can lead to a better decision, and it is a wise thing to do as a consumer. If people are dissatisfied with it, they will complain about it and won’t recommend it. If they are happy, they will leave positive comments and share their great experiences. If we can compile and analyze those reviews, we can have an assurance about the product or the service.

That’s what I am going to do for you. I used more than 10,000 reviews people left on TrustPilot and summarized those data to generate easy-to-understand graphs and charts. Those visuals will allow you to understand the overall sentiments the customers had toward the slippers. They are also extremely easy to understand.

Please note that those reviews are not for one specific mahabis model but overall products and services.

Positive mahabis Word Cloud

In a word cloud, some words will appear bigger because those specific words were more frequently used among customers. So, the bigger the more frequent, thus, if those big words are positive, it proves that most of the customers had a positive experience. Have a look at the word cloud of the mahabis slippers.

Positive mahabis Word Cloud
Positive mahabis Word Cloud

The word cloud above should have given you a good impression of their products. The most frequent word that actual customers used in their reviews was “great”. Other big words are also positive – “comfortable”, “excellent”, “love”, “good”, and many more. Just by looking at the word cloud, we can learn that most of the people were satisfied with their product.

Among the words, “comfortable” especially stands out since it describes one of the merits of the slippers.

Customer Sentiments

The word cloud tells you what descriptive words people used for the product. There is another angle we can use to understand the mahabis customer reviews. That is by categorizing the reviews into a type of 10 sentiments. While I used the review titles for the word cloud above, I used the review contents for the sentiment analysis. The result is the graph below.

mahabis Positive Customer Sentiments
mahabis Positive Customer Sentiments

I was able to run my sentiment analysis code to find out what specific sentiments people had over the mahabis slippers. As we could guess from the word cloud, more than half of the review contents were positive. Of course, people shared negative experiences. I haven’t seen any review that is all positive. Despite the negative reviews, overall, people left positive comments on the mahabis products and services.

Rocketbook Interest Trend

Another type of analysis I often use for a product review is using Google Trend. It is an extremely helpful service by Google that gives you a historical Google search trend. The idea is that if a product or a company can maintain or can increase its search volume over many years, it supports the quality of the product. If a product is bad, people won’t show their interest and eventually will never search for the product anymore. Then, how is the trend of mahabis? Plus, how has people’s interest in general been changed?

The blue line shows the changes in the Google search volume of “mahabis” and “mahabis slippers” over the past 5 years. Since the blue line is the brand name, it has had much more search volume. The trend shows that since 2015, the search volume had increased until April 2018. Since then, it seems like people started searching for the product less and less.

The reason may be related to the hard times that the firm went through. According to the Financial Times article, the firm was entered into administration due to insolvency. mahabis relied on direct-to-consumer marketing without retailers and distribution channels. Thus, online marketing played a critical role to promote their products.

Due to the financial difficulty, the firm might reduce the budget for marketing, and that might result in a slip in the search volumes over the period.

Note that this is a global trend that does not come from the U.K. only. If we break down by country, it looks like below. The biggest interest came from New Zealand, Luxembourg, Norway, Belgium, and St Helena.

As mahabis points out, the firm ships its products to more than 100 countries worldwide. If you live in a major country, I believe that you can receive a package without a problem.

Good Things about Slippers

We found that mahabis slippers got positive feedback from the customers overall. Why do people want slippers then? Is it just for comfort? In this section, I’ll share what I learned from the article, Why You Should Wear Slippers At Home?, on Slippers Owner.

Increased Productivity

The Slippers blog post explains that wearing slippers can increase your productivity. The author said that several studies showed that people become more productive when they feel relaxed. Wearing slippers can give you relaxation and comfort at home. Plus, when you do chores at home, it’s better to have support in your foot. Otherwise, it could lead to foot pain, which hampers productivity.

Cleaner House

I don’t have to explain that your shoes, after coming back from outside, are filled with dirt and germs. These uninvited guests can easily be moved to the floor if you keep wearing your shoes. Even if you cannot see it, your house will always be dirty. You can simply prevent this by changing your shoes to slippers at the front door. As soon as you wear comfortable slippers, you will feel that you are home now.

Preventing Cold and Flu

The author cited another group of studies to point out that cold feet can lead to catching a cold or the flu. When your feet are exposed to a cold temperature, it negatively affects the way your body fights against illnesses and diseases. Chilly feet lead to the blood vessels constriction in the body to minimize the heat loss. This decreases the blood flow rate, which affects the white blood cells that are supposed to fight infections.

Another interesting fact is that when you are exposed to cold, it reduces the functioning of the tiny nose hairs to block germs from entering. This increases the risk of catching a cold or flu during chilly seasons.

Reduced Risk of Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Most of us believe that home is the safest place. But, sometimes it’s not. The areas such as bathroom, toilet, and kitchen could pose a risk of bacterial and fungal infections. Wearing slippers can protect you from foot infections including toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. For your health, you may want to wear slippers at home.

Serve as Durable Socks

A pair of socks can give you a similar comfort as slippers do. They are warm and comfortable as well. However, compared to slippers, they wear out more quickly. You will have to buy new socks as they become loose and flimsy. If you want to keep enjoying the benefits of wearing socks longer, switch to a pair of slippers. Your joy can last longer.

Prevent Trips and Falls at Home

Socks can be slippery on tiles, linoleum, and wood floors according to the post. This can lead to unwanted accidents inside your house. Many slippers like mahabis’ have soles that have a grip that gives you some traction when walking on slippery surfaces. This can keep you and your family from tripping and falling, which can especially happen in the bathroom.


In this mahabis slippers review post, we looked at various aspects of their products and services. My customer review analysis proved that many people loved wearing mahabis slippers. Plus, we also learned the benefits of wearing slippers at home. All these factors combined, I believe that it can be a good idea to have a pair of slippers for you and your family.

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