How to make $1000 online without spending a dime

The Internet has given us an unlimited possibility of what we do. The online world is not all about social media or Google. A great thing about the Internet is that you can actually earn …

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The Internet has given us an unlimited possibility of what we do. The online world is not all about social media or Google. A great thing about the Internet is that you can actually earn cash even without spending a penny. I personally experienced that.

For this topic, I did research online and boiled down to three that will not cost you any money. In the later section, I also included other options that you can consider. Now, let me explain how to earn money online and start earning it right away from today.

1. Freelancing

Are you a writer, a designer or a translator? Please take a moment and think about your skills. I know you have some skills! Depending on the demand for your skill and the level of it, you can earn more than $1,000 a month. I believe that among the ways of earning money without any investment, this will be the most reliable way. If you do it properly, then you can earn beyond $1,000.

In my spare time, I used to work as a freelancer translator using Upwork. It is one of the most popular online freelance marketplaces. When I carried out my research on this topic, I saw some people earning over $3,000 per month using Upwork.

You can also use Fiverr, probably the strongest competitor of Upwork in the market now. Fiverr has been well known among freelancers, and it is frequently mentioned when people talk about a gig economy.

There are several main differences between the two popular platforms. In Upwork, you can see open jobs right away once you log in. You can negotiate with clients on a project period and pay. In Fiverr, you set your pay tiers depending on an amount of work. For me as a translation, Fiverr required me to decide my prices per word counts. You will see more details in my Fiverr post.

Invest Time for Future Return

From my experience, although your expertise in your domain matters, you need to know how to promote your skills to your potential clients. This includes writing a good profile, applying for a job with a personalized letter (no copy and paste the same content over and over!) and preparing your portfolio. To be more successful, you will go beyond that. I’ve found the YouTube video that talks about really good points on how to become a star freelancer.

This video emphasized the importance of grit and marketing. Also, don’t ignore small chores like preparing necessary documents for your clients and taking a good-looking photo of yourself.

You may think that it is too complicated and taking a long time. But, if you earn something easy, that is usually gone easily too. If you are interested in short-term earning, you will like the next option.

2. Paid Survey

If freelancing sounds too complicated and overwhelming, taking a paid survey can be a good option. Earning from paid surveys is straightforward and simple. But you first have to find good survey websites that give you surveys constantly and pay you a higher reward. You can take paid survey anywhere if you have your phone in your hand.

I also use a paid survey app and a website when I commute and when I have to kill some time. I tried many survey websites, but only found two online surveys that have actually given me cash and constant supply of new surveys. One is Qmee and the other one is Valued Opinions. To maximize earning, I recommend you to register into both sites. If you can find other paid survey providers, then, it would be better to use them all to boost earning speed.

I’ve added the post links that I wrote about my experience with them. You will find them at the bottom. The gist of them is you need to finish your profile surveys so that those websites give you the right surveys. Otherwise, you could be screened out in some surveys.

3. User Testing

User testing to earn money can be more profitable than paid surveys. You can submit your application, but you may be screened out since their clients want specific tester profiles. The type of job will not be as simple as taking a survey too. You will visit a website or download an app as instructed. Then, you will have to answer certain questions using your microphone. The platform is the most known platform. The website says that you can earn up to $60 per test which is quite profitable.

WhatUsersDo is a similar user testing website that will pay you about 5 euros per test. In their website, it says that you can take 3 to 5 tests per month. UserTest is another website that I know in this category. UserTest will pay you around 8 euros per review.

If you can find a way to keep finishing user tests, I believe that this can be quite a profitable option.

4. Save Money in Smart Way

Saving is earning. Don’t ignore the power of saving. Then, how would you save wisely? When I researched this topic, an interesting app came to my attention. TRIM is an interesting app that saves your money by analyzing your expenditures.

They will look into your spending data especially recurring bills and subscriptions. When the app finds that you are overpaying for electricity, they will find a cheaper supplier. The app gained the popularity that it was covered by major news media.

This app is available to the users in the U.S only.

5. Share Your Groceries List

The concept of this is similar to that of paid survey. But, it can be much simpler than that because you will buy groceries anyway. Just visit and join. Then, you can use your mobile phone to scan the products you bought. NCP will reward you with various gifts and vouchers.

Conclusion & Lesson

The Internet can provide abundant sources for your financial success. But, you have to remember that everything comes with a cost. Not having to spend a dime means that you have to spend some other resources. They are most likely to be your time and energy. Whatever path you choose, just don’t give up easily. You will need to try several weeks to have some tangible result. When you spend your time and effort wisely, the return can be beyond just $1,000.

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