mamaRoo Reviews: Comforting Motions and Soothing Sounds

This post shares the result of my research on the mamaRoo reviews by actual customers. Also, as you read through this article, you will be able to learn the key features of the product and …

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This post shares the result of my research on the mamaRoo reviews by actual customers. Also, as you read through this article, you will be able to learn the key features of the product and if mamaRoo has been able to maintain customers’ interest over the past years.


4moms is the company that designed and produced mamaRoo 4 – the latest version. 4moms has various products such as infant seats, high chairs, playards, and accessories. The firm was founded in 2006 in Pittsburgh, U.S, and 4mom has around 50 employees. There were two people behind the beginning – Henry Throne, a world-leading roboticist, and Rob Daley, a successful businessman. They met together and discussed their venture plan. They found that the juvenile market can provide them the biggest growth potential, and that’s how they jumped into the industry and founded the firm.

mamaRoo Key Features

mamaRoo 4
mamaRoo 4

mamaRoo 4 is 4mom’s trademark product that many people love. What’s special about this chair is that it moves as if a parent moves while holding a baby. Plus, you can change the motion to others that can give comfort to the baby.

5 Different Motions that Babies Love

mamaRoo 4 is equipped with 5 different modes of motion – car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave. You can use these modes to help your baby to fall into sleep or to relax. If you want to have a quick look at how each mode moves, you can check their website. Each motion can combine with 5 different speed controls. So, you can control 25 different variations of motion and speed.


To control the motion and even the sound, you don’t need an extra remote controller. You can use your smartphone and link it to mamaRoo 4. Using your phone, you can change motion, sound, volume, and music. The app has an easy-to-use UI, so you don’t have to make efforts to learn it. mamaRoo 4 Bluetooth is compatible with both iOS and Android. For iPhones, it supports iPhone 4s or newer on iOS 9 or newer. For Android, it supports almost all devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy and that are running on Android 4.3 or newer.

Built-in Soothing Sounds & MP3 Plugin

In addition to the comfortable motions, you can play soothing sounds that are already included in mamaRoo 4. Or, if there is another music you want to play, you can play songs of choice using the MP3 plugin. mamaRoo 4 comes with 4 builtin sounds. In a later section, I put links to play great soothing songs.

Adjustable Seat Reclination

The seat of mamaRoo 4 can be fully reclined back and forth so that your baby can have a good nap or play while the seat is moving.

Removable Seat Fabric

You will want to throw the seat fabric into a washing machine for cleaning when your baby spills something or it gets dirty. You can easily remove the fabric for cleaning, and yes, it is machine-washable. For your reference, you can buy extra fabrics for backup. As I checked, the mamaRoo extra fabric (2015 or newer) starts at $39.99USD.

Entertaining Toy Balls

Three Entertaining Toy Balls
Three Entertaining Toy Balls

mamaRoo 4 includes three interactive toy balls to entertain your baby while seating. The balls have different colors, and they do rattle, mirror, and crinkle. These balls. The image right shows how they will look like when you install them above the chair.

Being Used by Hospitals

It was encouraging for me to see that mamaRoo chairs are being used by more than 350 hospitals in the US. I believe that it is a testament to the quality of the product. Imagine how strict standards baby wards in the hospitals would have. They will consider the safety, the comfort, the actual reaction from the baby and the parents, and more.

How Actual Buyers Think About mamaRoo?

One of the biggest factors for your purchase decision is how other actual buyers think about the product. If they are dissatisfied with it, they won’t recommend it. If they are happy, they will leave positive comments, and if we can combine and summarize those comments, we will have a great visibility on the actual quality of the product. And, that’s what I am going to do for you.

I used more than 400 reviews people left on Amazon and summarized those data to generate pretty graphs and charts. Those visuals will allow you to understand the overall sentiments the customers had toward mamaRoo 4. They are also extremely easy to understand.

mamaRoo 4 Positive Word Cloud

In a word cloud, some words will appear bigger because those specific words were more frequently used among customers. So, the bigger the more frequent, thus, if those big words are positive, it proves that most of the customers had a positive experience. Have a look at the word cloud of mamaRoo.

mamaRoo Positive Word Cloud
mamaRoo Positive Word Cloud

The word cloud above should have given you a good impression on the mamaRoo product. The most frequent word that actual customers used in their reviews was “great”. Other big words are also positive – “love”, “worth”, “best”, “like”, “amazing”, “good”, “easy”, and many more. Just by looking at the word cloud, we can learn that most of the people were satisfied with the product.

Customer Sentiments

The word cloud tells you what descriptive words people used for the product. There is another angle we can use to understand the mamaRoo customer reviews. That is by categorizing the reviews into a type of 10 sentiments. While I used the review titles for the word cloud above, I used the review contents for the sentiment analysis. The result is the graph below.

mamaRoo Positive Customer Sentiments
mamaRoo Positive Customer Sentiments

I was able to run my sentiment analysis code to find out what specific sentiments people had over the product. As we could guess from the word cloud, most of the review contents were positive. Of course, there were negative contents. I haven’t seen any review that is all positive. Despite the negative reviews, overall, people wrote positive reviews contents for the product.


Another type of analysis I often use for a product review is using Google Trend. It is an extremely helpful service by Google that gives you a historical Google search trend. My idea is that if a product or a company can maintain or can increase its search volume over many years, it supports the quality of the product. If a product is bad, people won’t show their interest and eventually will never search for the product anymore. Then, how is the trend of mamaRoo?

The trend line above shows quite a firm movement over the past 5 years. This proves that people have shown a consistent interest in the product for a long period of time. Notice that this is a global trend that the product has been loved by multiple countries. If we break the trend down by country:

The ranking shows that the biggest interest came from Canada followed by the US, Slovenia, the UK, and Latvia.

Socially Responsible

Thanks to the benefits that this device can offer to infants, the firm has been able to contribute to society. As we learned, many hospitals in the US use mamaRoo chairs for infants. Among several use cases, doctors and nurses use mamaRoo chairs to comfort infants with conditions such as congenital heart defect and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. For hospitals and health care centers, the firm offers a 30 percent discount on all of its products.

4mom also makes donations of their products (around 10 of them) to support families and not-for-profit organizations that have similar missions as they have. Furthermore, 4mom contributes to the society of Pittsburgh, PA via programs that help children and families in that area.

5 Best Classical Albums for Babies

It is no secret that classical music helps babies to relax and concentrate. According to this classical music blog, “Listening to classical music is a good baby calming technique”. The blog points out that playing classical music is a wonderful way to interact with your babies, and it has a soothing effect. In this section, I will introduce 5 best classical albums for your baby. For this, I referred to the same classical website.

1. Classics for Children

This album includes world-class performances from the London Symphony Orchestra and London Sinfonietta. The author introduced this album as a “run-of-the-mill baby compilation.” Even if it’s not for your baby, this can be a great introduction to some great classical music for you as well.

2. Baby Mozart

You may have heard about the “Mozart Effect”. It is told that when kids start listening to classical music from a young age, it improves their concentration and brainpower. Although it is debatable if this is true, still many people talk about positive effects. So, this Mozart album will be the perfect choice for the positive effects.

3. Catrin Finch – Lullabies

This album features soothing harp songs that cover from Schubert songs to Twinkle, Twinkle.

4. In Utero

The title of this album says it all. This classics collection is designed for your babies while they are in the womb. That does not mean you can’t play it for the babies already born. Being able to play to a baby in utero means it is very soothing and calm so it will be safe to play it for those in this world.

5. Eric Whitacre – Water Night

Like Catrin Finch’s Lullabies, this album is a great choice for your babies to fall asleep.

Spotify Playlist

The albums above were recommended by the expert. But, if you cannot find them or hard to play them on your phone, you can also use Spotify playlist, “Classical for Baby Sleep”. You can play the list right below. I hope that you and your baby can enjoy these.

Google list to be played on mamaRoo 4


Hopefully, you are reading the conclusion while listening to the Spotify list above and liking them. From my analysis of the customer experiences with mamaRoo, I learned that most of the actual customers have a positive thought about the product. Plus, my trend analysis proves that the product has been able to grab people’s attention for the past years, which indicates a good product quality.

I believe this is a great high-tech device that’s designed for babies. The price of mamaRoo 4 starts at $219.99, but you can use an installment plan of as low as $19 / month. For this, check their website.

Useful Link

A picture tells much more than a word. Check this YouTube video that reviews and demonstrates mamaRoo.