Netgear C6300 Review, Fast and Reliable WiFi Modem

This Netgear C6300 review post will explain the major features of the Wi-Fi device and share how actual users think about this product. As you read through, you will learn technical specifications and best use …

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This Netgear C6300 review post will explain the major features of the Wi-Fi device and share how actual users think about this product. As you read through, you will learn technical specifications and best use cases with this router as well. Let’s jump right into the major features.

Major Features

I found that Netgear C6300 has a good range of features. When you use a Wi-Fi modem, the first thing you will ask would be “Is it fast?”.


We all want our Wi-Fi speed faster. We use a Wi-Fi model not only for Internet browsing but also for gaming and watching movies. Sometimes the slowness of your smartphone is not because your phone is outdated, but the Internet speed is slow. Speed makes devices faster and saves your time. C6300 can speed up to 680Mbps. Below is speed-related features.

  • Up to 450 + 1300Mbps
  • Fastest cable Internet speed by Channel Bonding
  • With DOCSIS 3.0, up to 16 times faster cable Internet speed than 2.0
  • Great for HD gaming and video with Gigabit Wired
  • Gigabit speed with next generation WiFi

WiFi Range

The next important thing after speed will be WiFi coverage. As you walk around your house or install a new device at the corner of a room, you don’t want to loose connectivity. You will want a single device that can cover upstairs and downstairs. C6300 has a broad WiFi coverage for homes either big or small with Ultimate Range.


What matters next is reliability. While playing an online game or watching a streaming movie, you don’t want to lose WiFi connection. It can be a frustrating experience that makes you distracted from what you are doing. This can often happen due to multiple devices sharing the same WiFi model interfering each other. This Netgear model has a feature called Simultaneous Dual Band that decreases interference for better connections to more WiFi devices.


I think this is a great way to share contents like videos and photos with your family. You can just plug your USB into the modem, and people connected to the modem watch and view the contents you shared. This feature is possible thanks to the two features below.

  • With DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), you can find and play contents using DNLA TVs and game consoles.
  • ReadySHARE USB Access allows you to share your USB thumb drives wirelessly via the modem’s USB port.

Easy Use

The Netgear model is designed to be easy. It has a Push ‘N’ Connect feature that you can add your devices by simply pushing a button. Installation on devices is also made easy since it uses a browser that all major devices such as iPad, smartphone, tablet, or computer have.

  • It is easy to set up for tablets, smartphones, and computers using Easy Install.
  • You can conveniently save power with WiFi and Power On/Off feature.
  • Push ‘N’ Connect allows you to link your devices by pushing the button.
  • It works with contents providers such as XFINITY from Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, and Cablevision, and more.


Netgear provides basic security measures against phishing or limiting access for kids and guests via Internet. C6300 has WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) /WPA2 in place for wireless security.

Secure Connection to WiFi
Secure Connection to WiFi
Photo by Petter Lagson on Unsplash

Good Use Cases

We just have discovered the major features of C6300. Then, let’s find out when C6300 becomes useful to us.


The Internet speed is crucial for the quality experience of gaming. C6300’s simultaneous dual band technology adds range and decreases inference for reliable connectivity to multiple WiFi devices. The modem’s QoS ensures smooth HD streaming which is perfect for gaming.


If you use WiFi for working, you will want WiFi connection that can reach every corner of your house. You will want to work at your desk upstairs or sofa downstairs. You may want to store your files and access them wirelessly everywhere in your home. The Netgear modem provides Ultimate Range and ReadySHARE USB for broad coverage and wireless file sharing.


The Netgear modem has a Gigabit Ethernet port that can be used for uninterrupted and high-definition movies and videos.


Netgear C6300 is currently being sold on Amazon at $158.79.

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How Customers Think About Netgear C6300

When you see product introduction from a company, you will always hear great things about it. No company will reveal any weaknesses or defects of the product, obviously. So, as a consumer, it is wiser to doubt what they say and do your own research before making a final purchase decision. In this section, we will learn how actual users think about Netgear C6300. How can we measure these? We can do this by using data analysis techniques called sentiment analysis.

You don’t have to be scared by the technical term. I did the technical part and you can just look at pretty graphs. In this section, I will show you two types of graphs – word cloud and customer sentiment chart. For the analysis, I’ve compiled more than 2,200 customer reviews from Amazon and conducted analysis to summarize them. I will show you the result in a word cloud and a customer sentiments chart. And, lastly, I will share a Netgear C6300 Google trend result that shows the level of interest from people.

Word Cloud

Word cloud is one of the great and fun ways to understand customer sentiments toward a product or a service. In a word cloud, you can see specific words in different sizes. The larger it is, the more people used that word to describe the product. For this word cloud, I used the titles of the reviews, since people put the essence of their opinions in the title. The 2,200+ reviews allowed me to generate an interesting word cloud that let me reach a positive conclusion. Check it out!

Netgear C6300 Positive Word Cloud
Positive Word Cloud

Understanding the word cloud is easy. Just follow your eyes and see what you see. You will see that most of the big words are all positive. This means that users have had a positive experience with the product. People used words like “fivestars”, “great”, “good”, “easy”, “worksgreat”, “easy”, and more positive terms to describe this security device. Among these words, “fivestarts” and “fourstars” appeared when customers left feedback with a star rating, but without a review title.

Customer Sentiments

In the word cloud, we were able to observe what descriptive words people used to talk about Bloxels. As mentioned, the word cloud is based on the titles of customer reviews, but the sentiment analysis graph was generated by the contents of the reviews. In the sentiment analysis, we will see more specific types of feeling that people showed in their review. In the analysis, you can see 10 different sentiments such as positive, negative, trust, anticipation, joy, fear, sadness, anger, surprise, and disgust.

The technology behind the chart is straightforward. The analysis algorithm holds 10 different lists – each list containing words that are mapped to one of the 10 sentiments. When this algorithm runs, it checks and matches with one of the sentiments. When matched, it is counted as one and is categorized in one of the 10 sentiments. My analysis on the positive reviews appears as below.

Positive Customer Sentiments
Positive Customer Sentiments

The chart is also not difficult to understand. You can see that the positive sentiment is ranked number one. The first rank is followed by “negative”, “trust”, “anticipation”, “sadness” and “fear”. It does have some negative opinions, but overall, people shared more positive sentiments than negative ones. So my customer review analysis told me that the majority of the people have a positive experience with Netgear C6300.

Google Trend

As the final segment of analysis, let me share the trend of Netgear C6300. I used Google Trend to check how frequently “Netgear C6300” is searched on Google over the past year. Google Trend is a useful tool to measure the interest of people. The more frequently people search on Google, the more popular or trendy it is. The Google Trend result below (not visible on mobile phones) below shows that people have shown a slightly increased and continuous interest in this product over the period.

Please note that this is the trend from the world. If we break down the trend by country, it looks like below. The biggest interest came from the United States, followed by the Philippines and Australia. So, chances are you are searching about Netgear C6300 from one of these countries I guess.


To me, the Internet speed is really important for productivity. When my Internet speed was slow, I often got distracted to other tasks while waiting for files downloading and uploading. After I switch my Internet service, the speed got improved and so did my productivity. If you are looking for a WiFi modem, I think it is worth paying money for a good product.

Based on my research on the major features and the analysis on customer reviews, Netgear C6300 can be a great choice for your first WiFi modem or replacement for your current slow modem.

Useful Link

You might want to test the Internet speed with your existing modem. Please try the following link to check your speed.

For your reference, using the checker, I got 12.14Mbps for download and 0.81Mbps for upload. My primary use cases for the Internet include web surfing, blogging, and watching videos. For most of the time, I am happy with the current speed, but if Netgear C6300 can bump up my speed, I will definitely switch my current modem to that one.