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Best practices in 2018 for content that SUCKS traffic

It’s time to hit the reset button on MMO and come up with something new for 2018, so that’s why I’m writing this Real Specific Review today.

As you know, there are seven primary ways to make money online: site ads, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, etc.

What I’m going to show you right now takes all 7 of those and puts them into your toolbox.

What if I told you the opportunity exists to build a REAL asset that not only sucks in traffic but also can

also earn you money in any of the 7 main ways you choose?

It’s called Real Specific.

They’ve supported thousands of customers and tens of thousands of sites with their software and know

exactly what it takes to get traffic. And as you know, once you have traffic you can monetize the heck out of it.

In a nutshell:

– Discover fresh, awesome content (manually or on auto)

– Post specific content to your blog and social accounts

– Force Google/Facebook/etc to send that free traffic

– Monetize it!

Their top user sees over 900,000 visitors a month across his network of sites. What would you do with that much traffic?? I can tell you he made $48,500 with it last month. (Full disclosure it’s taken him 9 months to grow to that point)

Now let’s checkout my Real Specific review so that you know exactly what inside.

Real Specific Review – Overview

  • The author : Simon Warner
  • Product: Real Specific
  • Release Date: 2018-Apr-25
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Product’s Price $37( Use coupon code 5offearlybird before the timer expires for $5 off )
  • Sale Page :
  • Niche: Software

What is Real Specific about?

Real Specific introduce

You spend HOURS and HOURS finding good topics, doing research, and writing our posts. And then it takes another chunk of time to make the social media posts to share it about.

That all changes in 2018 :

  1. Define your niche, set up your automated content curation jobs
  2. Hook up your blogs and social accounts
  3. See your traffic and engagement go up, often over double

Real Specific was created to make your life as a site owner INFITINELY easier.

Real Specific is a brand new 100% web-based software that helps marketers find the most popular global stories in your niche and around the world. Once you have found the right content, you can customize the content immediately to post on the site where open source is wordpress or any social media outlet.

It streamlines your blogging and makes your social media posting as hands-free as you want.

Delightful content discovery. Super easy curation… or full autopilot.

Just 30 seconds and you’re up and running.

It is the verified system so you can get a real-time result. The training videos and training sequences are very user-friendly so anyone can easily understand.

The training will walk through setting up a BRAND NEW web site/social accounts and how to use Real Specific to:

– Find amazing content in any niche

– Post content to WordPress and social accounts

– Monitor results and adjust

Keep reading my Real Specific Review to get more surprising!

About the Creator – Simon Warner

Real Specific creator - Simon Warner

Real Specific is the result of Simon Warner who has launched a lot of products before. The one thing I realize from his products is that it always focuses on end-users. With each product, Simon always tries to make it short and simple so everyone can get their hands on.

Some of the products Simon has launched are VideoRemix Local 360, Canvas By Dropmock, Mobimatic, GramKosh 2.0, Wishloop, and Flexy AI. You can check them on Google for more information.

Now, we shall move onto the next part of my Real Specific Review to understand what Simon offers in the package!

Real Specific Review – Features and Benefits

Real Specific features

Every digital product is a combination of many incredible features that help marketers do their work much more effectively. So does Real Specific!

Today in my Real Specific Review, I want to show you some of the main features of this Real Specific software:

  • Total Marketing Automation

Just pick what type of content you’re looking for, which of your blogs/accounts you want it posted to, and relax while our systems do the work for you.

  • Instant Results

Just pick what type of content you’re looking for, which of your blogs/accounts you want it posted to, and relax while our systems do the work for you.

  • Detailed Training

For those of you that are a bit more experienced, we have a fantastic help area that has step-by-step videos, FAQ, and a quick start guide.

  • Laser Focused Curation

Just want to stop the time-sucking research and content writing? We bubble up only the most viral and trending content for you to publish.

  • Detailed Reporting

Dashboard view that ENABLES you to see which website content and accounts are getting the most interactions.

  • Amazing Support

They’ve helped the customers use their technology and they’ll be happy to help you implement best practices so you can see success too.

  • Customizable Niche Content

When you have specific content needs, trending viral content may not always be what you’re looking for. Add RSS feeds of sites in your niche and we track at THOSE for the best content.

  • Super Easy to Use

This service is so easy to get up publishing content, you’ll be up and running in under a minute. Tweak posts to your liking and get your traffic and engagement growing FAST.

  • Viral Autopilot

Pick your topics, virality, and add where you want to post. Then we take over the rest and drip out amazing content on your schedule.

  • Your All-In-One Dashboard

Manage all your social and blog content from our one simple service. No need to juggle passwords, accounts and spread sheets of posting schedules.

  • Easy to Understand Reports

At a glance see what content is posting and what the engagement levels are. Easily adjust your content strategies based on actual results.

  • SEO Benefits

Google loves fresh content and SEO is the key to turning a trickle of traffic into a river. Get that Google love by posting trending content and getting massively increased engagement.

  • Constant Monitoring

They’re always watching the top sites (AND the sites you add) to see what’s trending, getting engagement, etc. That lets you take advantage and hijack the benefits.

  • Calendar Scheduling

Quickly see what content is scheduled to go live, where it’s going to post.

  • Instant Results

Finding, repurposing, curating, posting articles and posts is actually FUN! Find cool points (and engagement) for sharing.


Real Specific comparison

How to use this Real Specific software?

I consider the process of using Real Specific is quite easy for you to install and start using. To make it work, all you need to do is follow 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Select the niche and customize the parameters for your automated content collection.
  • Step 2: Connect this software to your personal blog and social networks.
  • Step 3: Track the traffic and user interaction.

When you login on system, you will see a page count of your. It’s pretty simple, only contain the main directory list for your management. The dashboard has 4 main tabs: Discovery Tab, Publisher Tab, Engagement Tab and Tab Report.

Videos speak louder than words, right?  Watch Demo Real Specific Video to learn more:

Real Specific Review – Who should use it?

Real Specific is suitable for all online marketers. As long as you desire to create relevant content and authority in any niche to have the stable stream of traffic and sales; you need it. In my opinion, it will be a perfect choice for:

  • eCommerce marketers
  • Social media marketers and also managers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Website owners
  • Local businesses and consultants
  • Email marketers
  • Bloggers

If you do any blogging or any social media marketing, you NEED this tool.

If HootSuite and BuzzSumo had a baby, implanted cybernetics, and fed it steroids in the bottle, then you’d have Real Specific.

Go take a look and I’m sure you’ll agree!

This is one tool you need for your marketers toolbox.

About Pros and Cons


  • Getting unlimited content 24/7
  • Building authority and social following in any niche
  • Generate traffic for more leads and sales
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Easy to set up without installing anything


  • You need to install the software in the first step, so you can get small troubles if you have no tech skill. However, don’t worry because you have the help from the experts.

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Why Should You Get This Software?

Before discussing the product, let’s start with the reason why you usually fail with paid traffic. Many people spend a huge load of money on running ads on social media in the hope that they could attract some more customers. But what people usually neglect is the quality of the content.

The content is what the customers know about your brands. They want to dig every detail about your product to make sure they make the right choice. That is why you need Real Specific.

Well, if you have not learned any from my Real Specific Review, here is the key takeaway. Real Specific is an amazing tool that helps you create any content you want. With a load of benefits and feature, it only takes a few minutes before you have a complete post. Isn’t it much more convenient and efficient?

Real Specific Review - click here

Real Specific Pricing

You can get a package of Real Specific for just $37. And here is the special deal from the vendor. If you buy it soon, there is a good chance you will receive exclusive bonuses from the vendor. The number of bonuses is limited so you had better hurry.

Content is what decides how your business looks like in the eyes of customers. For that reason, it is completely reasonable to invest in a good content tool that can save you tons of hours yet still deliver stunning results.

Beside, Real Specific has 1 Front-End and 2 OTOs:

Real Specific funnel

Connect up to 10 web sites, 50 social accounts, and 5 custom data feeds. Includes bonuses “WP Bounce Rate Fixer”, a custom branded shortener URL, 3 viral WordPress themes, and 3 content related bonuses.

SCARCITY: This offer is a “ONE TIME PURCHASE” for the front end and will change to monthly recurring post-launch. Hootsuite, BuzzSumo, and other similar services have a monthly fee.

This upgrade is for “real” marketers who will actually use the product. It increases the quotas to 50 web sites, 250 social accounts, and 25 custom data feeds. It also grants commercial right so they can use the system on their client sites.

Equally as important, they throw in 1000 backlinks a day to your new content, run 1000 links/day through One Hour Indexing, and allow them up to 1000 spins per day for content that they post using Real Specific.

To maximize your value and speed up your learning curve, theyhave great custom-recorded training covering three main modules – SEO, Social Media, and Paid Traffic. They also have fast action bonuses that DOUBLE your account quotas and provide some great ‘over the shoulder’ setup training for those wanting to know how the experts do things. They’ll be sure to hold the hand of anyone purchasing this so you get up and running successfully.

Real Specific Review – Conclusion

In my opinion, Real Specific is perfect for all marketers who want to build trust in their content and social media marketing, without spending their entire day doing all manually. I hope that you find something useful from my review to support you in decision making.

At the end of my Real Specific Review, I want to say thank you for your reading. You can see that for the launch date, the price is discounted, so you should not ignore this big deal. Moreover, if you buy this software, you have many valuable products, and the 30-day money back guarantees to ensure your investment is risk-free. There is no reason for us to hesitate too long. Good luck!

Real Specific Review -get-access

Real Specific bonus

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