Ultimate Samsung wa45k7600aw Review

Are you considering to buy Samsung wa45k7600aw top-loader washer? Or have you already bought it and are you wanting to know what people think about this product? This post will give you the most collective …

Are you considering to buy Samsung wa45k7600aw top-loader washer? Or have you already bought it and are you wanting to know what people think about this product? This post will give you the most collective and comprehensive review.

You are smart. It will be wise to learn what others think before actually buying or selling some product. I will give you my analysis on this washer using simple data science techniques. Don’t be scared. I did the hard work, and you can just read through an informative and collective review.

I collected all the reviews and feedbacks from major websites including Samsung, Best Buy, and The Home Depot, and I ran my data science algorithms that gave me interesting findings. Let’s jump right into the overall ratings of wa45k7600aw.

With a total of 798 reviews, I calculated the average 5-star ratings. This product scored quite high ratings.

This Samsung product received an average of 4.3 out of 5. This means that in overall, customers are very satisfied with this washer. The following table shows you more detail numbers if you are interested.

As you can see that the majority of the customers chose rating 4 or 5 for this washer. What’s notable is 68 percent of the customers responded with 5 stars. By now, you may be interested in finding out how people described this product.

Sentiment Analysis

For this, I collected all the review text to generate a word cloud. Word cloud is an interesting way of visualizing how people think about something. The more people frequently mention certain words, the bigger the size those words become.

The word cloud above tells you that people used great amount of positive words. You can easily see that some positive terms like “great”, “love”, “excellent”, “easy”, “quite”, etc., frequently appeared in their response.

Using the same set of words, let me organize these words by types of feeling.

This graph above will further clarify the overall feelings of the customers. They used some types of negative words, but in the majority, positive and trust words were mentioned in their review.

For those who still think it is murky, let me give you one last simple chart.

Now, it becomes crystal clear that the customers have been mostly positive about this product.


One of the features that caught my attention was definitely the built-in sink. As a dad with two kids, I often see my wife trying to erase some stains out of blankets and clothes and throwing them into our washing machine. While carrying them, sometimes, she spilled water on the floor. It will be more convenient and super easy if you can do hand washing as a pre treat and just put them into the top load washer.

People also liked its faster speed that finishes washing in only 36 minutes with full load as Samsung describes. I will say that it is really fast considering my washer takes about an hour to complete washing. I think that this washer can be a good choice to quickly wash your laundry.


I have seen many top load washers. Many of them looked bulky and… just big. But, this top loader looks very elegant, smart and sleek. You can check its design here at Samsung homepage. Unlike other top loaders, with this washer, you won’t degrade the design of your laundry room.

Real Look

Please check these interesting YouTube videos to have a better look.

YouTube Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkOjBobgq6U

Top Loader vs. Front Loader

I understand that you have a broad range of candidate products including different brands and types. One big question people may ask will be what the differences are between two types of washers, top loader and front loader. Let me list pros and cons on top loaders


In most cases, top loaders have a bigger capacity compared to front loaders. Plus, they are faster! Their cycle ranges between 15 and 30 minutes, while front loaders can take up to an hour to finish a cycle. In addition, with a top loader, you don’t have to bend over your to put and take out laundry. If you are considering to recommend a washing machine for your elderly parents, this can be a good benefit.

I sometimes miss putting my kids’ clothes into my washing machine, because they just put their clothes anywhere! I would start my washing machine and find more clothes under my desk or behind a door. But, my front loader already started, and I can’t open the door! But, you still can throw clothes while a top loader is running. That is convenient and easy too.


Although top loaders have many benefits, they are not perfect. Since they have a larger capacity, they consume more water and electricity. Also, it is a bit noisier.

Price Comparison

In my online stores, this model has already been sold out, and they just do not display its price. But, I’ve found a very similar model with the different product code, wa10j7750gw1. In Australia, wa10j7750gw1 is $847 in the Australian dollar. For comparison, I referred to the Good Guys website.

Simpson 10kg Top LoaderSamsung 13kg Top LoaderLG 10kg Top LoaderSamsung 10kg Top Loader (wa10j7750gw1)LG 11kg Top LoaderFisher & Paykel 10kg Top Loader

Among its similar peers, that model is the lowest. The price can vary depending on where you live and when you search the prices. But, you can get an idea that it is a good value washer with attractive features and design.


My word cloud and sentiment analysis showed that people responded with positive feedback with overall ratings of 4.3. Considering its feature, design, and Samsung’s brand image, its price is also reasonable. If I need to buy a top loader, this model will definitely be the top of my list.