Ultimate Samsung KS8000 Review

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Samsung is one of the world’s greatest TV makers without a doubt. According to the source, Samsung took the largest TV market share in the U.S. in August 2018. They keep churning out new TVs that people love. Will Samsung ks8000 be an exception?

What you will see in this post is not an individual opinion. I’ve collected more than 4,400 reviews from Amazon, Samsung, and BestBuy websites. With this data, I calculated an average rating and used data analytics techniques to provide interesting visualization to the readers. Let’s first start with the average rating of Samsung ks8000.

Overall Ratings

So, I’ve used more than 4,400 reviews from the large retail websites in order to generate an overall rating. Samsung ks8000 has got an extremely high rating.

Samsung KS8000 Star Rating

My average calculation gave it an average of 4.9 using the three sources. This rating factor itself already tells you that most of the actual buyers are loving this TV model. When people are satisfied with some product, the product should excel in many aspects such as features, performance, price, ease of use, customer service, and more. In that regard, it seems like Samsung KS8000 did really good job. As we find out the fact that KS8000 is highly rated, let’s have a look at how people like this product.

Word Cloud

Have you heard about a word cloud? This funny name is actually a good starter to learn how people describe items, symptoms, policies, and virtually everything else. With a word cloud, you can see specific words in different sizes. The larger it is, the more people used that word to describe it. For you, I will use this fun technique to help you to better understand this product.

For this, I extracted the title of each review and aggregated them as a big chunky text. My analytics code counted each word and generated the following pretty word cloud for your easy understanding.

Samsung KS8000 Word Cloud

I believe that you will be able to comprehend this word cloud result pretty easily. Most of the product users described the product using the words large in size. So, how does it look like? To me, it looks fantastic! You will be able to notice positive words in bigger sizes such as “great” at the center, “love”, “picture” for picture quality, “love”, “best”, and even “price”.

This word cloud proves that the buyers of Samsung KS8000 have had an excellent experience and left very positive feedback on Amazon, BestBuy, and Samsung websites. By now, you will have more confidence and clarity on HOW people liked about this TV. As the last analysis, let’s go a bit deeper.

Customer Sentiments

In this section, I will show you what specific sentiments people had toward KS8000. You will be able to see 10 different sentiments such as positive, negative, trust, anticipation, joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust – all ranked by frequency. While the word cloud has used the titles, this customer sentiment used the contents of the reviews.

Samsung KS8000 Customer Sentiments

If you see the chart above, you can see that the positive sentiment takes the largest chunk of all sentiments. It’s followed by the negative sentiment. Trust ranked 3rd, followed by anticipation, sadness, and joy. The “positive” and other positive sentiments together outweigh the rest negative words. So, it is positive.

So far, I shared my analysis result using customer reviews. In the next section, let’s talk about its features.


Quantum Dot Display

This powerful display feature reproduces images that are closer to realistic views. Quantum Dot Display runs on SUHD, which provides excellent and powerful display performance.

Ultra Black

This Samsung’s unique feature is designed to keep the super viewing experience even in bright conditions. The Ultra Black filter absorbs light at the screen to reduce glare and reflections while keeping beautiful images on the display.

Supreme UHD Dimming

Supreme UHD Dimming displays images with excellent contrast and clarity.

Smart Hub

KS8000 comes with Smart Hub that will give you great fun and entertaining experiences with endless supply of contents. You can connect a webpage, YouTube, Netflix, Stan, and many more contents providers. With KS8000, you will never get bored.

Smart View

With Smart View, you can bring whatever you are looking on your mobile phone to the display. Screen Mirroring feature allows you to see on your phone on a bigger screen.

One Remote Control

You don’t have to maintain many different Samsung remote controllers. One Remote Control enables control of multiple Samsung entertainment devices (limited to specific models) with a single remote controller.


When I researched this product, customers often mentioned about the design of KS8000. There were two major design features that Samsung promoted in frontline.

360 Design

The design of this model is flawless from back to front. From whichever angle you look at this TV, it will simply look beautiful.

Boundless Design

Boundless edge and super slim bezel make this TV look even smarter. I believe that this will give the viewers unbelievably satisfying experience.

Actual Look

Please watch this YouTube video to see an actual look.

Samsung KS8000 TV Review – Rtings.com


My customer review analysis told me that most of the customers were very happy with this product. The average rating from the three major websites was also sky-high. If you are considering to buy this product, it can definitely be one of your best candidates.