Ultimate Samsung un55ku6290 Review

Samsung is one of the world’s greatest TV makers without a doubt. According to the source, Samsung took the largest TV market share in the U.S. in August 2018. What does that mean? People love …

Samsung is one of the world’s greatest TV makers without a doubt. According to the source, Samsung took the largest TV market share in the U.S. in August 2018. What does that mean? People love their TV products. How about un55ku6290?

What you will see is not an individual opinion, but hundreds. No, I am not going to just list them all here, but use fun data science techniques to analyze their sentiment toward this product. Collective opinions are more trustworthy than a single person when we talk about user experience. Let’s jump right into it!

Overall ratings

I have compiled all ratings from two major retailer websites and calculated for the overall ratings. You won’t believe this. Samsung un55ku6290 4K UHD TV has unbelievably high ratings.

I collected the ratings from the Samsung and Best Buy home pages and averaged the ratings. 4.9 out of 5 is super high ratings. Just by looking at this result, you can be relieved that you are choosing the right product. The number of reviews itself, 15,009, is really high. The more reviews we use to get the ratings, the more trustworthy it becomes.

Now you have the overall ratings, let’s do more fun part!

Word cloud

Have you heard about the word cloud? This funny name is actually a good starter to learn how people think about certain things. With a word cloud, you can see specific words in different sizes. The larger it is, the more people used that word to describe it. For you, I will use this interesting technique to let you know what words people used in their review.

Can you notice what this word cloud tells you about this Samsung TV? IT IS GREAT! So, many people used the word, “great”, to describe this product. You can see some interesting words like “picture” and  “price”.

When I read through reviews, people frequently mentioned “picture quality” and “great price”. By now, you may have more confidence over this TV. I hope that my analysis has been interesting to you. Now, let me guide you one layer deeper than the word cloud.

Sentiment Analysis

Yes, this will be my final analysis using data science techniques. Here, you will be able to see what types of sentiment people had over this product. This section will give you more specific sentiments of the customers.

The word cloud was created by all of the review titles. For this sentiment analysis, I will use the contents of the reviews. As I combined them, it was really long. People talked long and a lot about this TV. First, let me show you to which sentiment the customers showed in their review.

Look! As expected, positive words, over 400, outnumbered negative ones. The total words used for analysis are 4,634. Customers used mostly “positive” words to review this product. There were not a small number of negative words of around 300, but right below “negative”, other positive sentiments such as “trust”, “anticipation”, and “joy” are following “negative”.

So, let’s sum up what we discussed so far. Samsung un55ku6290 UHD TV has received an outstanding rating of 4.9 out of 5 with 15,009 reviews. According to my sentiment analysis, positive emotions were much stronger than negative ones. If I decide whether or not to buy this product based on this, I will definitely purchase this.


Let me talk about the features. Samsung un55ku6290 model is 4K UHD TV with a flat panel. It is a smart TV and has a built-in Wi-Fi. The full HD display is equipped with UHD Dimming, PurColor and UHD Upscaling Picture Engine. What do these mean? UHD Dimming is frequently used in the LED LCD domain. It scans the entire zones of the image to adjust brightness that will deliver deeper darks and brighter whites.

UHD Dimming improves contrast significantly that you can enjoy picture quality. PurColor is a technology that allows expressing most shades of color as nature intended. Lastly, what UHD Upscaling Picture Engine does is filling the 4K resolution picture to the whole screen. Without the engine, a 4K picture will take only some part of the whole screen, leaving the rest blank. It is the engine that ensures 4k picture to fit into the entire screen.

With Smart TV feature, you can connect to live stream and apps in one place with Smart Hub. Also, you can watch a TV video on your mobile phone, or vice versa, watch your mobile contents on your TV using the Smart View app.


This model has three different inches, 40”, 55”, and 65”. Its depth is 2.5”. So, It has a flat panel and a plain simple design. I believe that you can put this TV anywhere you want not worrying about its design. It will fit into anywhere since it looks very simple and smart.


My sentiment and rating analysis tell you that actual buyers of this product have a very positive experience. Overall, they were satisfied with the price and features. It also has great features and good design. This will be something I can recommend to my readers.