What is Skylight Netspend and What are Benefits?

This blog post explains Skylight Netspend and talks about the benefits you can gain by using the service. To understand Skylight Netspend, you first have to learn Skylight PayOptions and Skylight One Card under Netspend’s …

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This blog post explains Skylight Netspend and talks about the benefits you can gain by using the service. To understand Skylight Netspend, you first have to learn Skylight PayOptions and Skylight One Card under Netspend’s Paycard solution for business.

Skylight PayOptions

Netspend provides a variety of services for individual users and businesses. As one of its business solutions, Netspend offers a payroll management service called Skylight PayOptions. The main purpose of the program is to send employee’s payroll directly to the Netspend’s prepaid card account. The name of the prepaid card is Skylight One Card. Using the Skylight PayOptions, you can send out salary directly to the employee’s Netspend account that is linked to Skylight One Card. When the employees receive the money, they can simply start using it with their debit card.

Now you will understand that Skylight Netspend doesn’t refer to a single service, but rather it describes the whole ecosystem covering from sending out payrolls to issuing the debit card. For employees to use Skylight PayOptions and Skylight One Card, their employer must use these services first.

Benefits of Skylight PayOptions for Employers and Employees

Skylight PayOptions offers a wide range of benefits to employers. Using this digital payroll system, businesses can enjoy:

  • Faster payroll process as employers become free from writing paychecks
  • By not using physical paychecks, employers can save $2.87 and $3.15 per transaction according to Netspend
  • Extensive support from Netspend including implementation, support, training, and marketing
  • Flexible options to distribute a prepaid card to employees
    • Being able to issue prepaid cards within an organization by using instance issue pack
    • Or, send employee details to Netspend to let them issue a personalized card
  • Becoming environmentally friendly since companies can save tons of papers

In addition, employees also can gain benefits from Skylight PayOptions including:

  • Instantly access your salary by using Skylight One Card without any fees
  • Being able to access your payroll system online to track and manage your payroll
  • Creating a personalized report and monitoring your account usage
  • More features such as:
    • Online account access
    • Mobile Android or iOS App
    • Cashback at point of sale
    • Text and email alerts
    • Budgeting tools
    • Prescription Savings Cards

Joining Netspend Network

Being able to use a Netspend debit card means that you can now join the big network of Netspend. Using your Netspend account, you can add money to someone else’s Netspend card. Plus, you can use 130,000 reload locations in the country to reload cash into your debit card. By using the Skylight One Card, you can unlock many more features that Netspend offers to its customers.

Skylight One Card Free Features

The Netspend Skylight card can be used just like any other debit card. When you use it, the following is free of charge according to the Skylight Paycard document.

  • Registration and initial card issuance
  • Maintainance fee for the primary account of current employees
  • Purchase at retailers using signature
  • Over-the-counter cash withdrawals at Visa or MasterCard member banks
  • Cashback at stores
  • Check account balance via automated phone system or online
  • Anytime Alerts through text and email
  • Skylight Checks from any U.S. Bank branch or participating ACE Cash Express locations.

Among the benefits, Netspend allows the cardholders at 50,000 ATMs worldwide and 38,000 ATMs in the U.S. To find the nearest ATMs, try one of the links.


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In this post, we discovered the powerful features of Netspend Skylight PayOptions and Skylight Pay Card. If your employer is planning to use Netspend Paycard or is already using it, Skylight One Card will give you the convenience and the flexibility to use your hard-earned money in a smart way.

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