Is Swagbucks Legit in 2019

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Swagbucks! I’ve seen many blogs that mention its name. Whether it’s about a blog mentioning online surveys or introducing ways to earn money online, Swagbucks was always in their list. I’ve created my account and tested the website for about 3 days. And, I don’t think it lives up to its name. It will be quite painful to turn SB points into an actual gift card.

Things I Don’t Like

Small Reward

To compare with other survey websites, let’s have a look at their survey rewards.

In Swagbucks, 1SB is 1 cent. And you have to earn 2,500SB to get $25 Paypal. So, a 20 minute survey will bring you about 60 cents or 80 cents. I will say that the amount is smaller than what you can earn from Qmee or Valued Opinions. What’s worse, you will often get screened out by an initial screening survey. I am pretty sure that taking a survey in their site is not a good way to earn rewards, as it is not profitable and not effective.

Taking Very Long Time

As just mentioned, earning good amount of SB takes a long time. The website offers different ways of earning, but all of them seem to be not very efficient. Let’s have a look at their Watch category, which has a list of videos and when you complete the entire list, you get reward.

The page tells you how many videos you have to watch, and how many SBs you can earn. Yes, I can sense a disappointment from you. Watch 22 videos to earn 3SB or 3 cents. Even if you play them in the background, that’s a long time.

What about other options? They offer other ways to earn SB. You have to download some game app and must reach a certain level to earn SB. The image captured on the right is one of the play-to-earn mission. You can see that to earn 700SB, you must reach level 10. I didn’t and won’t try because I expect it to take a long time and lots of efforts.

Is this site ever going to be useful then? If you are a big shopping lover, then, maybe. Swagbucks gives cashback every dollar you spend at various stores. To get an idea, every dollar you spent at Myer, you get 2SB. At Ebay, you have to spend $2,500 to get $25 Paypal reward.


I don’t want to recommend you to use Swagbucks to earn money. It will be very slow and small. There would be many occasions that your valuable time gets wasted when you stumbled upon rejection from a screening survey. If you have some extra time before shopping, then Swagbucks can be an option to get cashback. Other than that, please don’t even try.

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