Text Deliver 2.0 Review – The Most Powerful Text Message Autoresponder

Text Deliver 2.0 Review – The #1 Responsive Autoresponder is BACK…

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Since big brands are trying their best to expand their promotional campaigns on a wide variety of available channels, text messages have become an increasingly crucial part of a successful marketing strategy. Nevertheless, not many choose SMS as their core offering, leading them to miss out on communications with potential clients.

According to a recent survey, the read rate of text messages is 97% within 15 minutes after being delivered. That explains why you can be sure that your messages will be read almost instantly. Therefore, it is not exaggerating to state that SMS is one of the most direct and immediate channels.

On the other hand, not everyone is able to make the most out of this platform to maximize the profits from their marketing campaigns. Therefore, Text Deliver 2.0 is designed for helping users solve this problem.

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Text Deliver 2.0 Review – Overview

Vendor Cindy Donovan et al
Product Text Deliver 2.0
Launch Date 2017-May-02
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $97
Bonus Yes, CLICK HERE 
Skills Level Needed All Levels
Niche Software
Refund 30 days money back guarantee

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Text Deliver 2.0 Review – What is it about?

what is Text Deliver 2.0 review

Text Deliver 2.0 ReviewIt has been widely known for being a prodigious text message platform which enables users to create and handle their SMS promotional campaigns in the most convenient way possible.

As a matter of fact, the power of SMS has been underestimated for a long time, and marketing agencies tend to focus on other platforms to increase traffic and boost sales. Just take a quick look at these small facts:

Text Deliver 2.0 review the fact

Obviously, the facts and figures have already spoken for themselves. This product is created to help subscribers make use of these advantages by offering many stunning functions.

For more details, you can read the following content of my Text Deliver 2.0 Review.

About Author

Text Deliver Review author

Cindy Donovan may no longer be a strange name in the market. She is a masterful expert in the field of Information Technology with more than 20 years of experience. She is now holding the position of Chief Information Officer at IEC Electronics Corporation.

After many years of thorough research, she has compiled all of the Information Technology into her products in order to provide customers with the best tools to support their business. Her profound understanding is shown in her past successful launches, with some outstanding brands being Commission Sumo, Rank Hijack and WP Blazer.

I strongly believe that Text Deliver 2.0 is no exception and this software is going to be a huge success in the foreseeable future.

The Features and Benefits

Feature-packed SMS campaign manager

Feature-packed SMS campaign manager


First and foremost, Text Deliver 2.0 is backed up by a lot of major text message and email marketing platforms. Regarding SMS sites, It is supported by Twilio, CallRail, CallFire, Plivo, Weemo, Tatango, Trumpia and Wiggio. Moreover, this product also integrates seamlessly with email platforms such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Infusionsoft and so on.

This wide-ranging integration helps narrow the gap between senders and receivers, thus creating a brand new hassle-free software.

In addition, no matter how long your subscriber list is, this powerful product always delivers the text messages in the most professional way possible to each and every potential customer you are targeting. Consequently, this function ensure that you are able to significanly increase conversion rates, as well as earn huge amounts of online profits.

Another outstanding feature of Text Message is that this application permits users to conduct “Text and Join” campaigns in which people are encouraged to send a keyword to a number. By applying this method, you can automatically make them subscribe, making it easier for you to send them information relating to vouchers, coupon codes or links.

Brand new traits added

Brand new traits added

In fact, Text Message is built on the foundation of its previous version, but this time it has more useful functions. First of all, subscribers are fully capable of creating and adding custom fields to their opt-in forms, which has the ability to capture extra information about every client. Thus, you can set up an entire contact profile.

Furthermore, Text Message allows you to schedule any SMS that you want to. Whether you want to confirm an appoinment with your customer, send a birthday wish or offer a free voucher, Text Deliver 2.0 can be turned into a special reminder based on the chosen custom fields.

Besides other mentioned platforms, this tool offers buyers with a chance to make the most out of third party services by integrating with Zapier. Via this social media site, you will be able to take advantage of its resources to bring your products closer to the customers.

Keep reading my my Text Deliver 2.0 Review to get more surprising!

How does it Work?

Watch the demo Text Deliver 2.0 review video below to have a closer look at the incredible features of this product and see how it works.

Generally, you will feel extremely easy to get accustomed to this application since its interface is super friendly to beginners.

Who Should Use Text Deliver 2.0 ?

In my opinion, Text Deliver 2.0 is best suited for all types of affiliate marketers, as well as bloggers, product vendors and local businesses because this software is definitely a wonderful assistant for their promotional stratgies.

I highly recommend this amazing product to anyone who seeks for a life-changing opportunity in SMS marketing campaigns, thus skyrocketing sales and make enormous amounts of money online.

Pros and Cons


  • Training videos included
  • Searchable database providing users with fundamental tips and knowledge
  • Support desk works 24/7


  • Since I started using Text Deliver, I haven’t noticed any significant disadvantage of this product.

User experience

I also want to share my personal experience in this Text Deliver 2.0 Review in order to give you a more objective view of this product.

The first thing that I have to mention is the quick and simple process of setting up this application. Moreover, It is web-based, which means that subscribers can easily gain access to this platform from any technological device available.

What sets Text Deliver 2.0 apart is that it enables me to put my messages into the hands of other people easily. The clicks I have gained since then dramatically increase, and it is projected to continuously rise in the future. Therefore, I have to reassure you that Text Deliver 2.0 is the must-have weapon to help you generate tons of traffic.

Text Deliver 2.0 Review – The prices and How to buy it?

I have to emphasize in my Text Deliver 2.0 Review that for those who are keen on purchasing this software at this moment, please make sure to remember the launch date which is one May 02, 2017.

The front-end price is only $97 a year, which is much more affordable compared to other similar products in the market. Besides, you can purchase this product through Visa card, Master card or Paypal.

To be more specific, there is a wide variety of price packages available to be taken into consideration before you make your final decision to choose one of them. Last but not least, I suggest that you buy this product as soon as possible before the price starts to go up a few days later.

Text Deliver 2.0 Review the prices

For further information, you can go to this website and find out more about this software:

Text Deliver 2.0 Review click here

Text Deliver 2.0 Review – The conclusion

To sum up, Text Deliver 2.0 is exactly what you have to own this year!

The original Text Deliver product was a game changer for a lot of marketers and now with the release of 2.0, you can get all of the original features AND the new ones too

And start getting 3x more subscribers to see your marketing message…

OK, it’s time to take action

Get & Try IT today and plus HUGE Bonus Packages From Me!

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I hope that the information in my Text Deliver 2.0 Review will provide you with a better understanding about this incredible software. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact hakireview anytime.

The time is now to get more out of your subscribers!

Special Bonuses from Vendor

Bonus #1: 100 SMS Marketing Campaigns Exposed

Bonus #1: 100 SMS Marketing Campaigns Exposed

Bonus #2: The Anatomy of the Perfect SMS Keyword

Bonus #2: The Anatomy of the Perfect SMS Keyword

Bonus #3: SMS Marketing Jumpstart

Bonus #3: SMS Marketing Jumpstart

Bonus #4: QR Offline Marketing

Bonus #4: QR Offline Marketing

 Bonus #5: Point-of-Sale Editable Posters
Text Deliver 2.0 Review - Bonus #5: Point-of-Sale Editable Posters

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