Top 30 Ideas of Aesthetic Snapchat Filters

The goal of Snapchat app users is the same – attracting more viewers to make them followers. When people upload snaps on the app, they want to spice up their contents to stand out. Snapchat …


The goal of Snapchat app users is the same – attracting more viewers to make them followers. When people upload snaps on the app, they want to spice up their contents to stand out. Snapchat provides a way for users to decorate their snaps with aesthetic pictures and cool filters. Let’s learn how we can aesthetic filters and see some interesting good examples.

What is the Snapchat filter?

Snapchat filters are design overlays that you can add on top of your Snaps. When you add filters, you can also apply color effects, add venue information, show your Bitmoji, share what you’re doing, put some aesthetic pictures for your background, and more. A Snapchat filter is different from a Snapchat lens.

What is the Snapchat lens?

Snapchat lenses are different although you can use them to add effects to your snaps like Snapchat filters. When you use the Snapchat lens, you can turn your face into a scary monster or put some accessories on your face. Using the lens, you add extra effects to your face.

How to get Aesthetic Snapchat Filters in Snapchat App

You can create your own filter or use those that were created by other Snapchat users. Let’s find out how you can get aesthetic Snapchat filters.

Scan Snapchat Aesthetic Filters Icon

The easiest way to get an aesthetic Snapchat filter is by scanning a filter icon that looks like the below. We will assume you already have a Snapchat account and the app.

  1. Open your Snapchat app.
  2. Go to the camera within the app, which will automatically open once you launch the app.
  3. Try to scan the Snapchat filter code that looks like the one above.
  4. Once the Snapcode image is normally recognized, the aesthetic filter will be applied.

This is the simplest way to get an aesthetic filter. If you want to explore other options, check the next section.

Browse Snapchat Explore

Snapchat filters are the creations of other users. Some people have brilliant creative skills to create filters. You can use some filters for free, but there are tons of high-quality filters you can buy. To explore aesthetic filters, follow the steps.

  1. Open your Snapchat app.
  2. Tap on the smiley face icon next to the camera button.
Smiley face button
  1. There, you can find new and old Snapchat filters and lenses.
  2. Tap on “Explore” at the bottom right, which will bring you to the Snapchat filter and lenses. You will be able to find your favorite filters there.
  3. You can also search for specific aesthetic filters or lenses there. You can try to type “aesthetic” in the search bar.

You can find a lot of aesthetic and interesting Snapchat filters including face filters, funny filters, and filters with aesthetic stickers.

By the way, if you want to buy aesthetic filters, check the Snapchat website at and search for the filters that you want to buy.

What is Snapchat geofilters

As you research Snapchat filters, you will come across Snapchat geofilters. When you take a photo on Snapchat and want to record the location, you can use the geofilter to add location information to your Snap. The geofilters are not always the same. As you take a photo at a different place, the geofilter will also change. The best part of this is you don’t have to choose a different geofilter, but the app will automatically select it for you.

Top 30 Aesthetic Snapchat Filters

You can use your imagination to design your own aesthetic Snapchat filters or use those that were already created. To give you some idea of what you can do with Snapchat filters, here are the 30 best aesthetic Snapchat filters I could find.

1. Night 4k Lens by JABER

This aesthetic filter gives you the feeling that you are right next to a peaceful river.

2. Chicken Nugget Lens by Morgan

This hilarious filter lens puts your eyes and mouse inside a chicken nugget. This filter lens can be a great idea to share with friends and families.

3. Jake Twerk Lens by Jasnoor by Jasnoor Singh

This 3D animated filter lens dance twerk. This filter can be appealing especially to young people. It can be a great way to show your moves with a piece of trendy music.

4. Angry Spongebob Lens by Jaden Denzler

If you are a Spongebob fan, this could be one of the best facial filters than this. Your face moves inside Spongebob. It is funny to see your eyes and mouse move around.

5. Baddie Lashes Lens by Sia

If you want to have long beautiful eyelashes, this filter lens can give you what you want.

6. Red Hair Color Lens by Ayşe Özdemir

How about long red hair? Don’t go to a beauty salon to do your hair. You can turn your hair into pretty red hair.

7. HOT CARROT Lens by Eli

You can use a carrot to make an appealing posture. This funny filter lens lets your face on the carrot that is posed attractively.

8. Kisses Lens by Sia

Why not decorate your face with kiss marks? This face filter lens gives you marks and beautiful eyelashes.

9. Wave Dance Lens by Andres Salazar

Do you remember the curly mirror that distorts your body? This cool filter gives an effect that looks like a distorted body image dancing.

10. BW MAC HEARTS Lens by Vinayak Arshid

The Macbook Phone Booth filter has hearts and grey effects now. These effects give you a good contrast between grey and colorful pink hearts.

11. F A N Lens by Sunny Bahadurpuria

This filter lens puts your colored picture inside and the same grey picture outside. The same grey picture is horizontally opposite to the one that’s inside giving you an interesting look.

12. ICE Lens by Mehakdeep Singh

This filter lens applies a dark grey tone giving you a little bit of gloomy feeling. This filter makes your skin tone darker.

13. Triad Frame 3 Lens by idkapoor

This Snapchat filter has three frames inside each with your photo. Within an individual polaroid frame, you can add your picture. It does not give you a dramatic effect but it can be a nice way to share your Snap.

14. Heart Line Love Lens by Sunny Bahadurpuria

This moving filter adds the heart line in bright pink with your moving image behind.

15. Retro Cam Lens by Vinnn

This lens effect puts you on fashion sunglasses with a retro video effect. If you take a photo with a nice background, you can double the retro effect.

16. BW Film Lens by Under 25 Jnc

MW Film Lens filter gives you four sections that have a grey film effect. You can use a different picture for each section.

17. K-aesthetic BR Lens by Bharat R

Are you looking for a new look? This K-aesthetic BR lens gives you a Korean graphic vibe that is used in retro music videos.

18. SKIN THIEF Lens by Denis Rossiev

It is quite an interesting lens you want to try. You can copy someone’s skin including outfit and face and paste it onto yours. With another person’s skin on, you can move or make a posture.

19. Blue Butterfly Lens by Sia

There are tens of blue butterflies appearing on top of your head and your face.

20. baby Lens by almila

Baby lens puts you on a baby hat and a pacifier. The pacifier and the hat follow your head and the mouse gives you an animation effect.

21. Food Menu Lens by Brielle Gracia

The food menu lens takes Snapchat filters to the next level with augmented reality. This lens utilizes the technology to make virtual food menus appear. You can interact with the menus with your hand and you can spin around them.

22. OG MetaJacket Lens by RTFKT STUDIOS

OG MetaJacket lens gives you an effect as if you are wearing this virtual jacket that follows you and your motions.

23. blue sky Lens by Kunal Maida

There are many different ways to express yourself. But, sometimes you don’t want to try something crazy. Instead, you can use this calm and quiet filter. You can use the filter’s background to highlight an item. Using the blue sky lens, you can give a nice contrast you want to show.

24. Neon Heart Lens by Chawshen

You are going to have neon blue hearts on your eyes. It might make you look like a robot, but it looks cool.

25. Dance skeleton Lens by Leo

You will turn into a skeleton and the skin will follow your motion.

26. Pink Flower Lens by Snapchat

This beautiful and simple filter adds a pretty pink flower to your hair using this lens.

27. Sparkling Mood Lens by Snapchat

The filter gives a sparking effect to highlight your mood.

28. Dusty Pink Lens by Snapchat

The dusty sparkling pink filter can brighten up your mood.

29. Your Name Pink Lens by Sunny Bahadurpuria

Your name pink lens textured filter has four pink butterflies and lets you put your name.


The blue spooky lens filter adds cute spooky characters to your face.

Wrapping up

We have discovered lots of aesthetic filters in this section. There were funny Snapchat filters, cute filters, and some of them were default filters made by Snapchat. These various aesthetic filters can give you aesthetic looks when you take a snap.

Before using the filters, you may want to experiment by taking an aesthetic photo to check if that goes well with your filter. Some of them may work well with just a regular photo too.

On the Snapchat website, there is a page that shows popular Snapchat filters. You can find different aesthetic filters that suit your needs among a mixture of simple look Snapchat filters and fancy ones. Choose good filters to attract more viewers!