Valued Opinions, how to earn gift card

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I’ve reviewed Valued Opinions here. I’ve finished a few more surveys, and I was finally able to exchange $20 into a gift card. I used the website on and off, just when I felt that I would like to do it. I used my spare time to earn this, and I now feel compensated for what I’ve done.

Again, earning money from any online survey website will not make you rich or will not be as high as your salary. It is just small and easy money. However, when you reach a minimum criteria, and actually change it into a usable gift card, you will feel great as I do.

The exchange steps were quite simple. You can just go to the REWARD menu and select a gift card you want to redeem. In my case, I chose a Coles gift card. If you redeem your reward for the first time, you will have to go through mobile phone verification. Once that’s done, you can check out your selection and get the gift card you chose.

Valued Opinions will send you an email with a link. When you click it, you will see the eGift card.

Will You Keep Doing This?

Well, it has been quite time consuming until my reward exceeded the minimum amount. I think I will try it from time to time. This will be just a time-killing money-earning hobby.

Sharing is caring!